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  1. Hello Server-Owners and Wildcard. I tried now a lot, to become the overspawn under control but i have no more ideas, also since the Mod-Support is after the update again broken. Hunter Cave-1 Hunter Cave-2 Hunter Cave-3 Ice Cave-1 Ice Cave-2 Check this out! This is The Island on Big Ice Cave and Hunter Cave. It since the release a bug and becomes (felt) with every big patch more worse. We re-start the server every day, with "-ForceRespawnDinos" and also 3 manual wipes are needed. Since two days we installed a mod which cleans the caves for us to different times. But this cannot be a solution. And the screenshots was already taking after destroying wild dinos in range. So sometimes we have around 8k per cave and 75k total on map. Has anyone other ideas? My last idea, and i really dont like this, is to allow building in caves and putting structures into to prevent spawning dinos...
  2. Just wanna say THANKS Since idk the last 2-3 versions ago of ASV and if wildcard does a big patches, no issues with ASV to load the savegame anymore like in the past. Great Job! New dinos work also already.
  3. UE5 dropped the support for window server 2019 and earlier versions. You need to upgrade to 2022
  4. He is really too fast, with patching/fixing things, i really like his motivation! Its rare today.
  5. Would be help, if others (server owners and of course players too) could also say something, that maybe wildcard takes care about this really annoying issue. Today a foundation disappears from a players base, on top was a generator. Everything was now unpowered (think about the cryofridges and what could happen).
  6. This 50/50 bug exists now also for Scorched Earth. @WC Devs please add this to your todo, player losing their dinos and structures. Its not longer that those items/dinos getting copied. EDIT: New problem on SE! After i destroyed all structures at 50/50, the player (which has his base 2km far away from the 50/50 bug) screams and says hey, you destroyed our stuff which was on the foundations. So that means the bug becomes more worse then before because it looks like the structures still connected.
  7. Hrello, can someone please provide the new engram classNames?
  8. Dear Wildcard, can you please offer your Community and Server-Owners how does the train and tracks will work? How can we imagine, does it not blocks spawns, prevents other players from building and at the end: do we will have again a graveyard but with tracks instead of pillars? Same for the new dino: The new dino looks so huge, any information to that? Can we control the count of tames? Please start sharing more information... and also not in the last hours before releasing stuff
  9. Interesting. But sadly no. Storage isn't the problem in this case.
  10. Dear Wildcard Team, the 50/50 bug, which we all know from ARK:SE and only The Island, becomes more and more worse. Its now also there in ARK:SA and also on those maps: The Island Scorched Earth What we know Players, structures and creatures can be... cloned not a big deal, we just destroyed them in the past ported from their origin location into 50/50 admins need so check, is e.g. this dino/structure/player cloned or ported? That costs time and players getting annoyed new since scorched earth: structures/dinos/items which are on 50/50 still kinda connected to their origin location after we removed e.g. a foundation on 50/50, this foundation does not disappear in the origin base, but the structure on top of it (e.g. a fabricator) getting destroyed this is really a problem! That could affect huge player bases, items and dinos What we tried Blocking this 50/50 zone with own structures doesn't help -UseItemDupeCheck doesn't help Some pictures
  11. No problems here so far. But we have no mods installed from 3rd creators. Only the official ones like love ascended and the new gigantoratpor temporary mod
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