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  1. A RAID-1 can't help in this case, you only better READ not WRITE. I think this server is from hetzner, you can't select other RAID Option, you have to choose "Rescue System" and use their Image-Installer if you don't like the RAID 1. If have done multiple tests done with NVMe (Single vs. RAID 1 vs. RAID 0 vs. RAMDisc) and can agree Larksfields suggestion. The I/O is with NVMe not an problem while saving. You have already a 100GB cloud drive, when you rent this server from Hetzner. This is good for exporting the backups.
  2. 6GB? Maybe you guys mean map "Genesis" not "Gen2"
  3. Greetz together, somebody else noticed that the webalerm doesnt work after Gen2? As you can see, the last POST comes with the patch (we directly installed this patch) Line 1914644: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - - [03/Jun/2021:20:00:23 +0200] "POST /xxxx/webalert.php?server_key=xxxx HTTP/1.1" 200 3155 "-" "game=ShooterGame, engine=UE4, version=4.5.1-0+UE4" since this update, no more POST in the access.log
  4. Yes, its consitent. Starting the Server, after release ~13.7GB RAM usage and after ~1min 14.7GB +/- 100MB
  5. Btw. Wildcard closed my ticket which i opened about the RAM-Issue. So, i think we can only hope they will patch it silent. Not really cool that WC does not share transparent infos about that.
  6. Did you tried a fresh installation? My 8 servers running smooth, except the memory issue on gen2. If you changed Default config-files, you have to check them too. DefaultGame.ini and DefaultEngine.ini has been changed. Means if you added mods via DefaultGameUserSetting.ini you could have troubles because of missing Mod-Installer via DefaultGame.ini. I cant find the post right now, but one of the WC-Devs posted on twitter (sorry, i have no twitter or remember their names, instead i would provide links) you have to change your locale on server to en_GB. EDIT: found it
  7. Gen2, started on release, 10 active players, 14.7 GB real memory, its so sad I cant give you a formular, but my experience after 2 years ARK hosting on Linux. I'm hosting 8 servers, here some ram diffs: Ragnarok (since end of 2019) RAM current 9,8-10,2GB (initial 6,6GB) Fjördur (since may 2021) RAM current 7,7-7,9GB (initial 5,3GB) Initial means empty map, no players. Most maps, if you have good auto-decay settings get +3-4GB more RAM over the time)
  8. @MirageUK looks great! No Error after 2h (cron running every 15mins)
  9. I know REST-APIs and their purpose but for who one you plan this feature? Was a suggestion? Thanks that you work with the feedback, the argument switch is no problemo if it helps you Yeah absoulutly. We have also Dino-Finder, Tribe/Player Overview and Tames. Working currently on small Breeding Tool. For our admins i have too a admin-tab, with some special infos, too.
  10. I'm using the UI like 10% e.g. when our admins and me goes over all maps and cleaning. So, in my case i use most time the command line. I built a full web app for our community. They really like it. For me: dont bring too much fancy poop in your tool for CMD. The Pack/Json files was not needed i think (?) and brings more issues than output No offense. Your first export version was for me already enough (ASV.exe all "output" "Savegame") Dont need to get more, we want also programming For me you dont need to spend time into a REST API or this Pack/Json
  11. Tried your latest version without success. 1) with json config { "mapFilename": "C:\\temp\\ARK\\Viking_P\\Viking_P.ark", "tribeId": 0, "playeId": 0, "filterLat": 50, "filterLon": 50, "filterRad": 250, "exportTribes": { "jsonFilename": "C:\\temp\\tribes.json", "imageFilename": "C:\\temp\\tribes.png", "addStructures": true, "addStructureContent": true, "addPlayers": true, "addTames": true }, "exportStructures": { "jsonFilename": "C:\\temp\\structures.json", "imageFilename": "C:\\temp\\structures.png", "className":
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