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  1. If any other server owners feel the same, you can feel free to upvote the suggestion now: thx!
  2. to modify the multiplier that allow server owner to increase / decrease that leveling speed only for flyers. This is not something new, this syntax exists already for damange and resistance. Thanks in advance!
  3. Its working now! The issue was to remove the startup parameter (?AutoDestroyDecayedDinos=true) altrought it is mention in wiki and patchnotes. However. I removed it, restart, working. i verified it with other savegames, works perfectly.
  4. First of all: Thanks to WC for this Parameter! I activated the flyers speed leveling but some creatures (mostly wyvern) are very fast now! Is it possible to decrease only the mutli for fylers? I found only this: PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[0]=0.5 But these effects also the ground creatures. Any ideas? EDIT: A other player has a good hint there is already parameter to control dmg and resistence, maybe WC can somethink add like this?
  5. Can you please try the following start commands? Ragnarok start "KIN- BRagnarok" /abovenormal "C:\ASM-Data Directory\Servers\Server1\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ShooterGameServer.exe" Ragnarok?SessionName=MyGenesisTestServer?listen?MultiHome= -ActiveEvent=none -ForceAllowCaveFlyers -clusterid=mytstclstrdir -ClusterDirOverride=C:/ClusterTestDir/mytstclstrdir/ -NoTransferFromFiltering -UseBattlEye -ForceRespawnDinos -USEALLAVAILABLECORES Genesis start "KIN- BGenesis" /abovenormal "C:\ASM-Data Directory\Servers\Server2\ShooterGame\Bin
  6. Greetz togther! I have troubles to automaticaly destroying claimable dinos on server start. My Setup Our servers reboots daily! Server-Launch-Parameter: ?AutoDestroyDecayedDinos=True GameUserSettings.ini DisableDinoDecayPvE=False AutoDestroyDecayedDinos=True PvEDinoDecayPeriodMultiplier=1.0 (No doubles in the ini-file or start-script, thats cleanm also tried DefaultGameUserSettings.ini) The Issue After some days the dinos from a tribe are claimable and any player can claim. But if i underthing this patch (https://ark.gamepedia.com/255.0) right
  7. Hey, i'm not sure if WC has this already seen but with the last update v319.22 on linux servers we cant see anymore the server in the client. Our other servers with 319.13 works fine.
  8. We have also Problems with random crashes on The Island. Others Maps in the Cluster running snooth for now. Logs doesnt include something Special, the Server crashes without any Message/Error. Only Super Structures, SuperSpyGlass and Editable Server Info Mod (but in all 6 Servers in the Cluster) only the Island hast that issue.
  9. Same issue here. Since the Update 311.88 (Linux, no RawSockets) i can't connect to my (steam) server. The other Servers with the version 311.87 still works and can join.
  10. This issue is not related to LinuxGSM. You have to update your ARK-Server. WC has a patch released an hour ago
  11. Just a friendly ping 2 WC ? Im looking also to have bigger Ceilings, Foundations Roofs and ofc Triangles. But the biggest focus is on Ceilings and Foundations. The savegame/saveworld lag would happen much less.
  12. Crossplay EpicGames and Steam Hey, im trying to test the `-crossplay` parameter for our steam servers. But we have a problem, the ARK in-game Server list is limited to 4500 servers probability that our server appears is really small. We found no way for now to connect via IP. Doesnt work Doesnt work too com.epicgames.launcher://apps/ARKSurvivalEvoled?action=lunch&ip=<your_ip:port> Any other ideas? In Steam was really easy: * adding server via favorits * or by steam://connect/ip:port
  13. I hope this is the right place... Please add new parameters to override the dino count for a specific dino or better a list of dinos like this: // a list of dinos with different count multiplier ConfigAddOverrideNPCDinoCountMultiplierContainer=( NPCDinos=( (DinoNameTag="Pegomastax"), (DinoNameTag="Dilo"), (DinoNameTag="Ichthyornis"), (DinoNameTag="TerrorBird"), ), (NPCDinoCountMultiplier=0.1) ) // a list of dinos with different count multiplier for a specific spawn area ConfigAddOverrideNPCSpawnEntryDinoCountMultiplierContainer=( NPCSpawnEntryDinoCountMultiplierContainerC
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