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  • Community Crunch 174: Introducing... Classic PvP!

    Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch! :Jerbhi:

    Introducing... Classic PvP Game Mode!


    Classic PvP is a new competitive player experience for PC players which focuses on the PvP experience from the days of old. This new game mode will be available specifically on our PC PvP network on April 2nd. 

    The Classic PvP servers are a Snail Games initiative to shake up the current PvP meta. To kickstart this initiative, our existing Conquest servers will be repurposed for isolated Classic PvP clusters. Increased rates on these Classic PvP servers will allow tribes to get established fast, and rebuild after potential losses in the event that everything is lost.

    We are aware that over time content and creatures added to ARK have heavily changed the previous PvP meta, and there are many players who miss that experience. Some of the best battles came from those early PvP days!  Because of this, we will be looking to make more changes over the coming months that are tailored for PvP gameplay, including prioritizing inactive servers on the Official PvP Server Network to support this new mode.

    Classic PvP Breakdown:

    • Experience gain, taming, gathering, breeding, hatching, and raising rates have been doubled compared to our standard Official Servers (2x)
    • Tribes are set to 25 players max
    • Tribe alliances are disabled, though informal alliances are allowed
    • Servers have a maximum player count of 100
    • There will be 4 servers on each cluster, for a total of >25 Classic clusters
    • Each cluster will consist of The Island, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, and The Center
    • Server transfers are only enabled between the 4 servers on each cluster
    • Classic PvP servers are unaffected by Evolution Events
    • Tek dinos (Tek Parasaur, Tek Quetzal, Tek Rex, Tek Raptor, Tek Stego), Giga, Paracer, Quetzal, Tapejara, and the Titanosaur are not available for taming on Classic PvP
    • All Aberration and Extinction content is unavailable on Classic PvP
    • Scaling of weapon damage has been reduced
    • No TEK Engrams

    We have always been interested in the competitive aspect of ARK and are looking to try fun and exciting things to bring back the best memories of ARK in its early PvP days. As we introduce this new seasonal Classic PvP mode, we'll be looking for your valuable input throughout the duration. As these servers exist to shake up the PvP playstyle, it's possible that they may undergo change and seasonal wipes as the mode matures and we take in more feedback.

    Server Removal:
    In order to expand the Classic PvP network, we will be removing some of the inactive PvP servers from our PC network on April 2nd. The Isolated-Ragnarok and Hardcore servers now have one-way transfers enabled so that you can transfer off of your server and preserve your progress if you wish to do so. Please be aware that if you do not move to another server before the April 2nd deadline, you will lose your character, items, and creatures. Below is a list of servers that are up for removal. 



    We look forward to hearing your stories and seeing your adventures on the new Classic PvP game mode servers!

    Mod Community Updates!

    Don't forget that April 5th is the last day to submit applications for the sponsorship program for this selection period. Please be sure to get those in!

    Continuing on from last week, the latest episode of Wildcard Workshop takes our targeting list and puts in the implementation to actually direct our sentry creatures to attack specific targets.

    Happy Modding!

    Creator Feature - Jaime Gago!

    Jaime Gago is an incredibly talented illustrator who has been making artwork featured around ARK for quite some time. You may have seen his art featured on our Instagram account or over on our Reddit page. His style is whimsical and watercolor, with the ability to capture the grandeur of the ARK and the personality of every creature he paints. Check out just a few of his ARKworks below!







    Evolution Event!


    Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 29th of March at 1 PM EST until Monday the 1st of April at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes:

    • 2x Harvesting Rates
    • 2x Taming Rates
    • 2x EXP Rates

    That's it for this post!

    As always if you’ve got anything to share you can find us at:

    Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark
    Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark
    Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark
    Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark
    Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark
    Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110
    Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark

    All the best,
    Studio Wildcard

    Edited by Jen

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    "our existing Conquest servers will be repurposed for isolated Classic PvP clusters" Will this get rid of the current Conquest servers that have active population? @Jen @Jatheish

    Edited by Matsumoto

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    You know what the community would like then?


    I remember classic ark days. And FLYER NERF broke PvP


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    Um olden days PvP was when someone blew a hole in your base took some loot while only killing the creatures that attacked you and left a note. Also if there was a tribe trolling the server the others would band together a d take out that tribe. No .Eva wipes or nothing. So plz enable alliances and make it so you don't not allowed to entirely wipe a base unless they r a troll tribe or the need to. And make sure that you are actually going to supervise the servers and make sure they are cleared of trolls. Also r thread servers coming to consoles


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    Yes get rid of the flyer need. that was what made olden days Ark so good. U guys screwed up so bad adding that in.??????????

    Edited by Kodking194

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    please make your servers cross platform entirely. Then delete the 6 man servers, legacy and inactive servers.

    Edited by cuerto94x
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    So you've invested 4-5 months into breeding and building lines into conquest.

    Then you get a 1 week head's up that all the content you've been working on is going poof?


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    I can't believe you guys are just deleting conquest servers, that is so messed up

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    I hope this is a extremely stupid april fools joke.


    No vote, no consideration of the conquest community. just a massive raptor you to everyone

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    lmao replacing conquest with garbage 4 server clusters

    200iq snail games

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    How can you guys be so out of touch when it comes to your game? I get Snail Games is somewhat an independent company that has you guys under control, but wow...those servers are going to be a disaster.
    - There is nothing competitive about having isolated clusters
    - Caves and Cliff bases will be essentially unraidable without paracers, quetzals, or cryopods.

    - You are killing an entire game mode people have worked hard on without any real warning.

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    I remember ark in the Island , No transfers , No tek.... the best moments of the game. 

    I have 15k hours of ark survival  and, I stopped playing ark bc this new dlc Ext.


    Titans can tranfers? Lol  i dont believe wildcard raptored this game


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    when server PVP solo duo ? ...RIP    ark mana evolved 

    Edited by gravel

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    “Console players we heard that you’ve wanted conquest mode for some time now so we’ve teamed up with Snail Games again to add another mode you can’t play”

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    Whichever genius came up with the idea of removing conquest should get fired immediately

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    It sounds good but I foresee this being another flavor of the month map mode.  

    • small tribes has a 24? hour timer before you can recruit someone else.     conquest every big tribe had log out rooms and no penalty so they could fill slots and maintain mega tribes.   There needs to be that small tribes penalty.
    • no cliff platforms.   Thats the one Item I would include to open up building in different locations.
    • caves need to be blocked from being built inside, or increase the damage in caves even more.
    • disable 'Note Runs" I was lvl 70 twice in a matter of minutes on ARKpocalypse last night. Force people to work the early levels.
    • ban streamers using .ini on twitch


    and rhinos will be the ground meta, especially if weapon damage is reduced.

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