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pve [PvE] [WickedNinjaGames] - [12 Maps] - [NO MAP WIPES]

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Our PVE ‘No Wipe’ ARK Cluster consists of all 12 official maps and is open to new and experienced players - Starting from scratch or want a new challenge? Whether you want to experience ARK from The Island beginnings or live your best Viking life on Fjordur, we’ve got you covered!

Maybe you want an additional challenge that Vanilla ARK just cannot scratch? Well, we’ve got you there too with our easy Dino Overhaul X Cluster (With Tiered Megas) consisting of Ragnarok and The Center.

Sounds like your cup of tea? Take a look at some of the features we have below!





Structures Plus - Automation, New Mechanics, Starter blocks and more.
Lethal's Reusables - Tired of having to make a new parachute every time you fall from a cliff, or even making multiple grapple hooks just for them to break?
Castles Keeps & Forts: Remastered and Science Fiction - Whether you want you create a castle, viking themed or even science fiction base, CKFR is your friend.
A variety of decoration options - Decorate your bases with ecos decoration mods, or Rainer's Planter mods to keep your base looking fresh
Dino Storage V2 - Soul Balls replace cryopods on our cluster to ensure we can keep your dinos safe.
Kraken's Better Dinos - Kraken has revolutionised and expanded upon existing creatures to give them bit some sweet TLC.
ARK Collection: Dino Additions - New, fully developed Dinos from the Modder Garuga with new taming mechanics and exciting abilities.
Corpse Recovery - No one likes to lose their items to a stupid death, or lose their corpse when they are AFK. We got you covered.
Flyer Speed Levelling - Tired of stretching across the new, larger maps, well flyer speed levelling will keep you speedy!
ARK Shop and Federation Shards - We use a custom currency, called Federation Shards, which can be exchanged for resources, dinos, skins and more!
Playtime and Vote Rewards - Be rewarded with a random dinosaur when you vote for our cluster, and build up your federation credit bank.
Cross Cluster Tribe and Global Chat - Our cluster is a community and to symbolise that we want everyone to keep all of our chat united in one place!
Dino Tracking - Lost your dino? We have a tracking system to keep you informed of all your dinos locations so you don't lose your favourite pet.
Improved Supply Drops and Loot Chests - Don't you just hate not being able to find that one saddle you want? That's where our custom drops come in.
Custom Engram Progression - We want you to be able to obtain as many engrams as possible without bringing your game to a stand still.
No Map Wipes - We use an advanced decay system to keep our maps clean, allowing you to play for as long as you desire!
World Bosses and Events - We have custom items that are only obtainable through our custom world bosses, are you worthy?
Player Backups - We all know that ARK likes to eat our items, that's why we use an advanced recovery system to keep you covered!



Experience x 5
Harvesting x 5
Taming Speed x 5
Mating Interval 35-90 mins
Breeding x 5
Custom Stack Sizes
Wild Dinosaur Level: 150
Max Player Level: 205
Increased Player and Tame Weight
10 Person Tribes
Genesis Tek enabled



Story Maps:

The Island - steam://connect/is.wngplay.com:27015
Scorched Earth - steam://connect/se.wngplay.com:27015
Aberration - steam://connect/ab.wngplay.com:27015
Extinction - steam://connect/ex.wngplay.com:27015
Genesis - steam://connect/ge.wngplay.com:27015
Genesis 2 - steam://connect/ge2.wngplay.com:27015

Non-Canon Maps:

The Center - steam://connect/ce.wngplay.com:27015
Ragnarok - steam://connect/ra.wngplay.com:27015
Valguero - steam://connect/va.wngplay.com:27015
Crystal Isles - steam://connect/ci.wngplay.com:27015
Lost Island - steam://connect/los.wngplay.com:27015
Fjordur - steam://connect/fj.wngplay.com:27015

Overhaul Maps ( Seperate from Main Cluster )

DinoOverhaul X Easy (Ragnarok) - steam://connect/rad.wngplay.com:27015
DinoOverhaul X Easy with Tiered Megas (The Center) - steam://connect/ced.wngplay.com:27015



Download and install the mods before connecting to the servers

Main Cluster Mods - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1782839664
Dino Overhaul X Cluster Mods - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1916919557





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