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  1. wait some the genesis creatures are chibi forms
  2. Congrats are yall making it to e3 i wanna know so i can get a day off to watch it
  3. i did the swamp cave 3 times with several red drops and go a primitive daedon saddle as the best gear so far is the scale of the swamp cave just that random
  4. best island cave for drops v2 I'm struggling trying to get good boss bp's for the isle i am doing a ultimate ark style so im stuck on the isle but i need bp's for bosses any help in which caves i should be running for lets say rex saddle bp's and guns?
  5. plan to fix the nest for wyvern and rockdrakes nest so they dont stay when spoiled
  6. kinda sad its just a odd mod hopefully its just a step to something more meaty
  7. my titan was not near the drop till the very end when everything else tame wise was dead
  8. so we tryed with a forest titan alpha and 8 breed tek rexs and 7 bred non op velos and lsot at the very last wave of red drop and we had a tek shield they dinos would glich past the shield
  9. what are good stats for breed gigas for the red drops ive had no luck finding any giga above level 50 also is the tek shield any use for drops and meks to for that matter?
  10. i want good tips for red and purple drops i have no idea how to deal with these i got 4 players maybe that could help. any tips?
  11. mine also work happyly without a mate just fyi
  12. LankyKun

    Reaper King

    yea they need a buff for sure
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