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  1. nah quetzal = broken, hatchframe quetz wipe all towers
  2. Make New Servers Classic PVP 6-man Smalltribes with No Teaming!
  3. @Jen Please make your servers cross platform entirely, and no (25players) Big tribes again =/ There is basically no point for Official style PvP on 4-server clusters.
  4. Please wildcard , rollback this game for the best moments. 3 years after....
  5. I remember ark in the Island , No transfers , No tek.... the best moments of the game. I have 15k hours of ark survival and, I stopped playing ark bc this new dlc Ext. Titans can tranfers? Lol i dont believe wildcard raptored this game
  6. I lost all defense 100 heavys with 480k bullets in seconds
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