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  1. WaightZer

    Fun with Gigas & Wyverns

    Yes, I made a giga enclosure out of 10 behemoth gates near Trench on SE and put 5 gigas and 3 rexes in there. And there I go and steal 1 egg to get attention. The whole group of wyverns like 15 to 20 individuals follow me to their demise. Those wyverns won't last even a minute.
  2. WaightZer

    Capture argentavis

    I don't know what OP means. So whenever I see post like this, I quickly go to Google and translate it into some random language. Then to another, and another. After a few attempts I put it back to English. This time English - French - Tamil - Dutch - Somali - Norwegian - Burmese - German - Japanese - English. Here's the result. " Her brother does not have enough Argentinian brothers Dino to raise the fact of being bored. Instead, he wants to compete. This is the reason for generating information sources."
  3. On island, if you build a replicator, you can craft scout and enforcer. So dust can be very useful for those. My official cluster doesnt have extinction, so I can say for sure I never learn them and dust have small use on the island.
  4. WaightZer

    Valentines drop rate

    On pc, I breed 5 therizinos and got 3 drops. Then breed 12 therizinos and got 2 drops. Then I breed 18 rexes and got only 2 drops. I guess that just chances.
  5. I couldn't put freshly cooked meats into fridge straight away. Cause it will ruined the food so I waited out awhile to cool them first.
  6. WaightZer

    Extinction Hardcore

    Forum moderators/admins also please, help us spread the word to whoever (Eg., Devs, Server admins, Server technicians, etc..) has the capability to manage official servers. If there's even any of them seeing this and looking into it or talk about it, we have increased the chance of us getting New canon DLCs into our hardcore cluster. We genuinely want to enjoy the features of new DLCs in our Hardcore PVE cluster. Please help us.
  7. WaightZer

    How was Earth destroyed?

    If you haven't, just go to wiki and read the Explorer notes, especially Helena, Mei yin, Rockwell, Nerva, Diana and Santiago. You'll have the immersed feel and brief understanding of what's going on in Arkverse. Theres no official version of collected/narrative lore or story of the Ark as far as I'm aware of. However there are many fan created/speculated stories out there.
  8. WaightZer

    Giant squid dead

    Yes you can survive. In fact I survived 2 times dismounting while tuso was being pinned down by the angry mobs. Once in lost hope and once in lost faith. But sadly, tuso died in both occasion.
  9. WaightZer

    Extinction Hardcore

    When WC announced Exctinction information on Nov 6, quote "The legacy network will get a few servers, however they will be in small supply." , I had high expectation that out cluster will be included in that small supply. But it was a big let down when I found out ext was not included in our cluster. I thought we would get extinction because our cluster is the ONLY Hardcore PVE left on the entire offcial roster (be it new or legacy). And then boom! No extinction. Even Legacy PVP hardcore got Abbr and Ext. However, those servers are deserted. Most of the time 0/70 or 1/70. But why not PVE hardcore which has more players than those PVP. So I suggest PLEASE add Abbr and Ext to Official Hardcore PVE cluster, show us some love and let us know we are not completely abandoned. We got some love when SE was release though, in fact we even got 2 SE servers. We wish to venture on Abbr and Ext like everyone else. Some of us even got multiple accounts because of the HC mode. Dear WC, PLEASE add canon DLCs to Hardcore PVE on legacy.
  10. WaightZer

    Question on cryopods and baby dinos

    Yes the baby won't die. It will come out the way you put in. But theres one catch though, imprint timer will reset to 8 hours regardless of the time left when it was put in. But it keeps imprint progress %. So I suggest to put babies in pods right after an imprint.
  11. WaightZer

    Valentines day

    Any words or news about special breeding event on coming Valentines day? Hope we get at least 3x breeding mating and maturing on V day.
  12. WaightZer

    Water tame

    Tuso, slap everything insight and nothing can dismount you or grab you.
  13. WaightZer

    What Tek Saddles would you like to see?

    Megalodon: ability to walk on land.