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  1. Killed by Re-Fertilizer Straight to the point, I used a re-fertilizer and didn't know I stand on a place where a big stone was used to be. The stone reappeared and I was stuck inside. Within 3-4 seconds, my character was killed. Didn't have time to react, couldn't have enough time to break stone. I was away from ark more than 8 months, so i don't know if anything changed. Instant Death within 3 seconds when stuck inside tree or stone, is that intentional? Phew! now my lvl 90 character on hardcore is gone.
  2. @Cedric as I mentioned you countless time on Twitter, the reason I stayed on legacy is HARDCORE PVE.
  3. I'm on the same cluster as OP I too have and thousands of hours work on the cluster (tames, breeds, unique creatures). But I always kept in mind that one day this moment will come. If I can find the save files, will I be able to contact you? I don't have no other unofficial choices, but I do see you here a lot, so I put my bet on you that your unofficial chain will be thriving.
  4. Please give us hardcore pve players an extinction map.
  5. Chance of getting BPs with a primitive rod is extremely if not close to impossible low. Even with MC rod 395% efficiency, I sometimes still got crap tier loots with no BP on 1.3 salmon with leech blood.
  6. On island, if you build a replicator, you can craft scout and enforcer. So dust can be very useful for those. My official cluster doesnt have extinction, so I can say for sure I never learn them and dust have small use on the island.
  7. Yes, really do enjoy the pods, but it's kinda sad that I have no access to cryofridge. Hope I found the cryofridge BP before the WW ends.
  8. I got all the above you mentioned. But only got enforcer once. And yeah, gachaclaus drop kinda trash, the best I got so far is Mc riot. Lvl 64
  9. Well, last night I got an enforcer from raptor Claus gift on island. The official cluster I played on has no extinction servers. So I am surprised and glad that I got one. Wonder what kind of items are on the hidden list and one might get from raptorclaus drops apart from regular junks like ghillie, pike, pistol, Xbow and etc.
  10. Yes, I have thoroughly read this thread since may, and a bit curious whether they're still viable. Planning to take on dragon on hardcore but cannot find updated/recent video doing dragon.
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