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  1. WaightZer

    Aggroed Wife

    before you try anything new, quit your job first. It'll be great.
  2. WaightZer

    Bad things

  3. WaightZer

    Rex eats titanosaurs and gigas

    So, I'm curious, what is the highest stats rex on non-legacy official? Is it just cake to get such rex?
  4. people claim that, ON OFFICIAL 65k+ HP and 3000%+ melee rexes are achievable and that feat is just cake. how do you respond to it? A big chuckle? Scratch the head? I've read a lot of topics regarding rexes mutation/breeding, boss rexes stats, and never seen that kinda numbers on official.
  5. Chitin. Sulphur.
  6. WaightZer

    UNBAN H.O.D gaming

    nothing to see here. I just wanna write something. Like a guy mumbling nonsense in a noisy crowd. I wish I could wear a Melania trump jacket while doing that.
  7. WaightZer

    True Classics Mode

    here's the screenshot from june 2015 on official server. Level 1 trike, meaning max lvl was 30.
  8. WaightZer

    True Classics Mode

    Am totally fine with what you proposing. Was just saying, because you put TRUE classic mode. In fact, its just your fantasy mode. Not Classic mode.
  9. WaightZer

    True Classics Mode

    Back in 2015 Flyers were a thing. They were always there. On June 12 2015 I was grabbed by tamed arge and dropped to death. Back in 2015, there was no bola, raptors didn't know how to pounce.
  10. Please give us hardcore pve players an extinction map.
  11. WaightZer

    Tamed Giga Stats

    Are you saying killing wild giga with a tamed one? or bred one? Cause tamed gigas don't have imprint bonus.
  12. WaightZer

    Tamed Giga Stats

    160% to 320% in 20 levels? I'm pretty sure OP is in the boosted unofficial server. So, normal official standards won't apply to that giga. I guess that giga can fight wild giga just fine.
  13. WaightZer

    fishing with primitive rod...

    Chance of getting BPs with a primitive rod is extremely if not close to impossible low. Even with MC rod 395% efficiency, I sometimes still got crap tier loots with no BP on 1.3 salmon with leech blood.
  14. WaightZer

    Help contacting devs

    Apart from the so call "ticketing system" which isn't working most of the time, No, there's no way to get their attention. So, if you have hard evidence on cheaters and how they cheat, just submit a ticket and cross fingers. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/categories/202563177-Report-Abuse