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  1. When I logged in, I cannot see any of food/water icons, hotkeys, or anything, all I can see is my hands and the ceiling. I can't move or get up from sleeping pod. So, I disconnect and reconnect. To my surprise, I ended up in the character choose screen. Just like that, POOF, my lvl 132 Gen2 45 missions achieved character on OFFICIAL Hardcore, GONE. I just take it as life lessons, Thank you.
  2. Anybody else experience this? Any tips/solution on how to deal with it? I cannot launch the game at all.
  3. Well I hope this event is a New Year Surprise event and pleasing for players. Not a new year killing frenzy.
  4. I like to tame some colored X-otters, but to my disappointment they don't spawn on OFFICIAL, Any ideas when will they be back?
  5. Today I died to this same error while fighting alpha tuso, pic was from 315.5, made a post, like weeks ago.
  6. I solved the problem (servers not showing), I tried connecting with my mobile data, all servers show up again, so I realized it was an error from my ISP, I called them and they fixed it overnight.
  7. The body might be teleported back to where you last dismount a dino or a bed before you used a re-fertilizer.
  8. Sometimes a problem does not come alone, after all the errors I listed above. . . . When Extra life event update comes, I got the above cloudflare error. Which I couldn't even played the game. But after I restarted the router, the msg gone, but since then I cannot see the OC servers from the list. So, when the event finished, I verify the game files and hope it fixed, but now . . . all the NA, OC and ASIA servers disappeared from the official list. In steam server list, all OC and NA servers show "<server not responding>". Its really annoying and disappointing, I don
  9. After the Extralife event, I was unable to see OC Servers from the official list. And after I verify game files, now I can only see EU servers.
  10. Looks like nobody had a clue and yet I have encountered another problem. This time i cannot even connect any official servers. Anybody has any idea on how to deal with it?
  11. I've got this error and game crash a few days ago, and now its more and more frequent. I've encounter this on Official Island, SE, Gen1, Rag and Local single player. So its basically everywhere. Does any of you know what or why could've caused this?
  12. Killed by Re-Fertilizer Straight to the point, I used a re-fertilizer and didn't know I stand on a place where a big stone was used to be. The stone reappeared and I was stuck inside. Within 3-4 seconds, my character was killed. Didn't have time to react, couldn't have enough time to break stone. I was away from ark more than 8 months, so i don't know if anything changed. Instant Death within 3 seconds when stuck inside tree or stone, is that intentional? Phew! now my lvl 90 character on hardcore is gone.
  13. Please give us hardcore pve players an extinction map.
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