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  1. Going on 2 days now that @Jen and the rest of the team have not responded to concerns being raised on their post. People are bringing forward great ideas and demonstrating that they’re willing to boycott ark completely (this means you’ll lose more players than you could even potentially bring in), but you still remain quiet. If you continue ignoring your community then to be honest your game deserves to continue failing.
  2. Take a page out of other gaming studios books and start polling potential update ideas with the player base. One vote per copy of Ark. 75-80%+ approval to pass. Then you won’t waste so much time on updates that 90% of players don’t want.
  3. Community managers need to be removed or step down as they clearly are not representing what the player base wants. In addition to not responding to any of the concerns and questions being made on their post. Sad!
  4. Whichever genius came up with the idea of removing conquest should get fired immediately
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