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  1. Guys you know everybody wanted some Ark 2 info. Why are you not telling us something?
  2. Just in time as always... Less than 1 day left and wildcard msg us...
  3. I hope u wont allow the transfer from other maps . Because after that the game in unballanced and not fun to play anymore
  4. Deep inside everybody knows this will happen. I hope really worth the waiting
  5. Oh guys ,do we mention januar earlier? Forget that no DLC will coming
  6. Next time make this announcement few day earlier
  7. We just done a red drop few min ago and 3 chinese just jumped there , eject items and stealing the stuff. Dear wildcard how is this even possible if you fixed this!?!? Orbital Supply Drop Can now be claimed by a tribe in PVE Only that tribe can disable shield, eject items, gather loot
  8. Actually pretty nice fixes , specially the PVE loot/vein defense
  9. Release date of Atlas dec 13 on steam. Now i know why so unfinished this dlc aswell .
  10. In the last year server cap is the main problem in PVE, actually it kills the game. I think the second is the 8 day hidden decay timer for dinos what actually really unfair...
  11. I guess near the bronto thats a Gasbag
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