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  1. Dondark

    Even More Extinction Teasers!

    I guess near the bronto thats a Gasbag
  2. And not the tek trike coming ! Wildcard you suprised me now
  3. On the hype train there is no break 😂
  4. Realy, Tek parasaur? Wildcard knows people waiting Tek Giga,Quetzal,Mosa but they keep adding trash tek animal. Next Tek animal will be the trike just saying...
  5. They stopped making that TLC thing?
  6. Dondark

    Lost my charcter

    Hi ,few hour ago i just lost one of my char on Ragnarok 389 because of a huge rollback. I got almost all hard bossfight (except aberrtion). Before rollback i downloaded few breeded/imprinted mosa,basilo, transmitter for water animals etc... Any advice what can i do? 1 ticket already done in gameplay/lost survivor. After 8 day i probably lose all animal and got another ticket and nobody react that under 10 day....
  7. I dont really understand why added only 1 poor stego ?
  8. Its overpopulated and you cant farm boss solo/less metal farming place than center or aberration But yeah thats the best map , saddly in pve almost unplayable
  9. Every map got some weakpoint .Center has no wyvern/drake , less element for boss (and expensive), What u get from center? High wild level animals/good spawns , decent metal spawn, nice water world,wilderness islands etc...
  10. Hi everyone! I start looting the Artifact Of The Depths cave. Already find 6 spot(3 in the water,2at the start,1 in the end) where can be spawn loot. Anyobody know something about how often spawn loot or know more spot?
  11. Dondark

    Max tamed points you have seen?

    If i can give you a advice tame only in center Quetzals snow north/jungle south/snow south,swamp regions
  12. Dondark

    Vulture or Dimorphodon

    If i know good both got the same base stats ,maybe vulture is better because of meat timer.I got 361 base dmg vultures and they are realy strong
  13. Dondark

    dino life cycles to end pve dino hording

    This doesnt make sense. So 11 real life day too breed a giga whitout incubating. 150ingame day under 5 real life day.(45min realy life=1day ingame).
  14. Dondark

    Max tamed points you have seen?

    Yeah i do the same whit some animals. 1 more generation and i got lvl 280 born Quetzals whit 1550 weight
  15. Dondark

    Max tamed points you have seen?

    Im breeding Quetzals so can i ask possible too trade that Quetzal weight for something? (PC, PVE)