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    It think, you need to interact with other peoples here and find this button on your profile page
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    No beacause they are affraid when i approach them !
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    Bienvenue sur le forum officiel, infos, vente/achat et discussions diverses te sont maintenant accessibles.
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    Once again Thanks ! Merci !

    In one case as in the other, the problem remains whole! I look at the list of servers "TheIsland" and "TheCenter", 8 servers for the first and 3 for the second in Europe ... Of course, or at least it seems obvious that they will add new servers from closed "Legacy", but what to do in the meantime, continue to play on a server which we know perfectly well that it will be closed and that all time spent building will be lost? It seemed to me more relevant to install myself as an official because eventually it will be the only option that is offered to us, so optimize the time and do it now ... Knowing that a good part of the players "Legacy" will react like me and migrate quickly to "Official", the population on the official servers will increase, I watched today the attendance in new players on the official servers, c They are very clear progression compared to the ordinary, 2x or 2x more than in normal times since last Saturday! I just traveled the small island that is north of "Lava island", there is a very small base and the rest of the island is lined with pillars! Impossible to lay a foundation even in the water ... There is a paradox in this, players do not want to have neighbors, want to preserve the most space around their base regardless of size but do not want solo player?!? If it's to monopolize the map, just play alone in his corner, otherwise you have to keep in mind that you have to share with other players ...
  5. Wilcard announces the closure on March 9th of servers "Legacy" on the 3 platforms, 2nd wave of closures, and others will certainly follow until the complete closure of all servers "Legacy" ... The ways of Wilcard being impenetrable, only they know what sauce we will accomodate when we taste! : p Anyway, despite hours of playing on a server "Legacy", I resign myself and I convinced myself to abandon my base, my dinos and all the hard work done since all this time .... But a new challenge awaits me when creating a new character on the servers! And yes, it is now a question of finding an Official server that is not caped in taming Dino!?! : o Believe me, having tested a dozen servers, this is very specialized work for this dear Ethan Hunt! So, once again thank you Wilcard for all these marks of consideration and all this precious care brought to your dear customers ... Not signed "Furax", but a passionate player for an exciting game so badly surrounded and managed
  6. Vykan

    Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    But now, it's like x2 all the time for breeding, but only the between imprint ! And what will happen when breeding this dinos on event x2 or x3 ?
  7. Vykan

    Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    We all know the benefit of imprinting, we all know that when it's possible, getting it to 100% is a great performance boost on the Dino it applies to. Not only does this add 20% to statistics (except oxygen and stamina) but it also applies a damage bonus and 30% resistance when the one who raised the Dino ride it. In the pre-275 system, the interval between each requested action could be from 3 to 4 hours, today, apparently, it is 8 hours without fluctuations. I wanted to do a test before doing this post, even if a simple calculation allows to realize that it is now impossible to arrive at 100% imprinting. I started to hatch Tuesday evening a Pteranodon egg that I had already pre-hatched (there was only 1 minute before hatching). When the baby Pteranodon is born, the game has indicated ("Pteranodon baby wants Vykan to take care of him in 7:59:59"), this is twice the maximum time that was previously allocated (between 3 and 4h). So I found myself in front of my PC at the appointed time and I realized the action requested, I was not late, I waited in front of the baby that the timer ends! So, the next timer was also 7:59:59 and the other 3 ... Either 5 intervals of 8h each imprinting actions to get a 100% boost. The problem is that now in the last interval, the baby is at 85.6% maturation and displays "Bonus imprint: 86%", he asks for a delay of 7:59:59 for the next action and that of any Obviously he will be an adult before I can realize it?!? To support my point, here are the times as well as the gains: Baby born on 12/12/17 at 23:05:00, asks the imprint in 7:59:59; Imprinting bonus 22%, total 22%, maturation ~ 21.8% Imprint does on 13/12/17 at 07:09:00, asks the imprint in 7:59:59; Imprinting bonus 22%, total 43%, maturation ~ 44% Imprint done on 12/13/17 at 23:23:00, asks the imprint in 7:59:59; Imprinting bonus 22%, total 65%, maturation ~ 66% Imprint does on 14/12/17 at 07:26:00, asks the imprint in 7:59:59; imprinting bonus 22%, total 86%, maturation 85.6% How do I do to make the last imprint while obviously I do not have the 22% of maturation necessary to do it ??? According to the wiki, the time needed to bring the maturation of a Pteranodon to completion is 13h22m11s or 2222m (no real importance for the 11s). The time required to complete the 5 imprinting actions (4x22% plus the balance to reach 100%) is 5 x 8h, or 2400m! There is a deficit of 178m, almost 3h! balance
  8. Bonjour, je n'ai pas pour habitude de râler et je joue tranquillement dans mon coin ou avec les autres joueurs avec lesquels je partage du temps. Parfois las des différents bugs, lags, plantage qui occasionnent la perte du stuff et ou des pets, mais ayant conscience que la perfection n'existe pas et qu'après tout les développeurs ne sont que des hommes... Tout de même, j'ai eu l'immense joie ce matin après cette énième magnifique MAJ majeure, lors du rapatriement de mon personnage principal sur son serveur habituel de respawn sur l'ile de la lave au lieu du lit que j’avais précédemment sélectionné ?!? Inutile de préciser que cette fois je revenais avec des BP mythiques et que malgrès tous mes efforts il m'a été impossible de retrouver mon cadavre ! Pourquoi ? : - ma base la plus proche de l'ile de la lave est à 4mn en pet volant - le point indiqué comme étant le lieu de mort n'a jamais eu aucune précision - et pour couronner le tout, il y a eu une autre MAJ à la MAJ de la MAJ, donc redémarrage serveur !!! Je me suis fait une raison, je ne retrouverai pas mon stuff collecté au prix de multiples efforts et de beaucoup de temps de farm, ni les BP qu'un autre joueur m'a aimablement prêté afin que je puisse fabriquer les objets correspondants, mais reconnaissez qu'à la longue, cela devient lassant !! Surtout en fait, lorsque vous faites une MAJ, soyez un peu professionnel, faites les tests nécessaires avant de passer en production; franchement, 257.21 (3 ou 4 maj mineures) à peine 4h00 après avoir sorti la 257, ça fait baltringue, vous passez pour de sérieux rigolos, limite voir même pour des incompétents... Ce jeu est très bon, c'est toute la gestion autour qui est déplorable !