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  1. yes they said it would be a weeks notice, it also said 1 month, it has been over that month and tbh I would PREFER the timers back tomorrow as there are many many many structures which need to be gone, if you cant take care of your own stuff and reset timers in a 24 hour period that should be tough!
  2. how long until the decay timers are back up? just new players are joining servers, building things, leaving and they are not despawning which is effecting lag etc and with the 15 minute saves the lag is annoying enough.
  3. y breeding server capped out leaving the rest of the weekend as a reconstruction of what happens on my main server. Isnt this part of the issue? ALso as for rafts etc, perhaps they could count towards tribe cap but not server cap? That way it only has a negative effect on the creater
  4. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198120059621/screenshot/933814433137875770 this is my current situation :') twin feathers, one argy and triplet argy xd
  5. I have spent my morning selling an argy, making a deal on another argy, getting a featherlight egg and some more bred argy eggs! Got to do an essay now but hoping to get on later and hatch some more babies or make another building maybe!
  6. as far as I know you can, I put gas, metal, oil and hide in my ind forge and it does
  7. after a busy weekend breeding and with an assignment due in at university I am going to have half an hour on now to get meat and berries then do boring uni work haha
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