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  1. Move your dinos away from it, put them all on passive. Have someone who is not in your tribe kite it away from a good distance. They won't try to melee something out of range. Not in your tribe is the key here.
  2. Very nice work!
  3. An eye for an eye I say.
  4. It does not work this way, unfortunately
  5. Imprints for accounts not specific characters Don't see how this could be a bad idea. Especially for those of us who have 1 character per server because of the recent aws outage. What do you think?
  6. If dinosaurs existed, why haven't we found evidence of obelisks yet? I'll wait.
  7. The ocean is a ridiculously hostile place to be right now! While i havent seen any eels yet (thankfully) we lost a 145 tame mosa today to the overspawning anglers and jellyfish that follow you for miles. They ended up inside the mosa and couldn't be killed. Almost lost two more fighting an alpha when we got swarmed by 500 anglers and 10 jellyfish. Might keep them parked for a while until this ends, or I tame a squid. Our lot of turtles and vault of black pearls is egging me on Side note, ended up taming another good mosa and plesi tonight
  8. Teleporting out of boss arenas So my suggestion is for the end of a successful boss fight. Everyone else teleported out successfully, all went to the obby rexes and all. However myself and one other tribemate were left behind in the boss arena with our expensive armor still on and no way to get it home. Tried reloading. Tried again. Wandering around I saw an obelisk console (where you go to upload items/dinos) in the arena. Why not make this terminal active so if that happens you don't have to kiss your expensive armor and weapons goodbye? Even if it only becomes active after a success. I'm not mad, my rexes made it out and for that, I am thankful. Thanks for your time
  9. I love the ocean. I killed two alpha mosasaur yesterday and got jm cloth armor from both. On the way home I spotted a 150 alpha squid. Then the nope came flooding in and I swam for my life. I like how they added survival to a survival game. To answer your question, black pearls are end game resources. I don't think they should have nodes. Just kill alpha mosasaur. As far as metal, I could live with there being more nodes underwater.
  10. Build a trap near an air bubble if you're playing on the center. Around 22 88 is a good spot. Mosasaur and plesi spawn there regularly. The trap can be a square of behemoth gates, stone pillars, and ceilings on top to cover the top so they don't swim up. Almost like a wyvern trap.
  11. You both have excellent ideas here. Nothing like telling a new person "hey sorry, you can't tame that dodo because other large tribes refuse to part with their massive kibble farms. Sorry!" Or on my server, we cleaned out our dinos after we hit cap, and then a massive tribe transferred in (or tried) with their large amount of dinos.
  12. So my suggestion is to have a meter that displays the amount of tames currently on a server when you open up the obelisk. It's be good to gauge how close/far you are from hitting the cap. Maybe also for platform structures? Thanks!
  13. Coincidentally, I may have some for sale on the cross ark server transfer forums. I'm on a pc pve server.
  14. Tamed 14 yesterday, 9 the day before, and 7 the day before that. All on official servers. They are very rare, but you have to be on a dead server.
  15. I'm going to be breeding tomorrow. 8 females and 4 lucky males. I am so excited! Also hoping to tame 10-15 more tonight.