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  1. Has anyone else seen instances of cryopods disappearing from cryo fridges that manage to get un powered for some reason for a period of time.
  2. Server didnt seem unstable but it crashed and has stayed down for at least an hour now.
  3. I have still been just good armor tanking. Did 3 color ones on our server yest
  4. That will likely happen too but with them spawning correctly multiple at a time there will be more chances to get to them.
  5. Except in pve it is against coc to do things that would lower dino count... Seriously..lol.. unclaimed giga aggressive wont do anything to tames
  6. They caan use battle metrics and see who the other ppl who could potentially do it would even be on
  7. it is an exploit bc you avoid the 6 hour cooldown. so they can kick respawn the titan early before the cooldown should expire. enabling them to time when it is available and chain tame it so others cant. makes other players think it is on cooldown and cant be summoned, but it it not.
  8. You also have ppl exploiting the fact that if you upload the titan the cooldown to resummon does not work. So if they have a titan almost starved and server gets unstable(always is now) they upload it and soon as it crashes they go re tame it bc they now the crash makes it re summonable despite what it lists for a cooldown timer
  9. This doesnt work bc they come in with whips also and they hide until u pop it. Plus when u whipping it up u grab 50 stone walls or 200 black pearls and ur stuck thumbing inventory while they collect all your stuff. And we cant go "share" with theirs because they cant do them. They just show up for free loot. We cany kill em. Owl cant freeze or stop them. It literally just promotes pvp theft in what is supposed to be pve environment minus the ability to do anything about it. Im rdy to just ignore coc and kite stuff to them anyhow but im trying to play right.
  10. Wildcard please give us a way to combat ppl stealing drops in pve. You put kiting in coc so we cant run ppl off the server who are messing with everyone. We cant attack them. We cant block them in. We have a box box tribe on my server that follows us everytime we are finishing a drop and comes with a whip and takes half the loot. Forcefield wont work bc the expolsion of the loot instantly breaks it. Taking the loot is not against coc yet this is clearly pvp behavior. This is forcing us to find ways around your coc to try to protect what we are earning.
  11. The ice and forest appeared to regenerate after the patch and no food loss at first. They did start starving though and reset finaly. The desert titan still seems to be stuck outside the map
  12. So nice patch titans appear to not eat now....and also dont lose food....and also passively heal... long live the titans...
  13. China tribes grabbing drops, viens, and titans it seems. No reprocussions either. And this is pve so the pvp boys dont bother saying just kill em or if ya cant defend it, it aint yours.
  14. And they think they are alpha tribe too i bet.....lol
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