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  1. Till which dino enrages and kills all their dinos? until the other players giga enrages and tries to fight the titan then the titan kills that players whole bae. it isnt griefing anymore per the gms replys they are responsible for protecting their dinos
  2. Since players are responsible for making sure their tames are protected i guess that means we can go back old school where we stand on a giga with a titan til it enrages and kills all their dinos...... bc they are responsible for protecting their dinos.
  3. There is no recourse at all for GM abuse. It goes on a lot. there are ppl getting away with hardcore mass amounts of griefing bc they have gm friends. You have people claiming they were pillared in by building by somebody's pillars then the gm's use a blanket script deleting all 2 piece structures including ppls tek b gates ect bc the gm's are too lazy or not given enough time to appropriately analyze the situation to see what should or should not be deleted.
  4. Im on one of the servers those users are griefing and know the person who put in the ticket with 4 undeniable videos of griefing and these griefers still running around no repercussions. Laughing it up in mockery in global. I assume they are friends with GM Giga or something i know they boasted in global as to having a friend on the ark redit admins. So there is no keeping it in check they can do whatever they want and WC wont stop them.
  5. Ideas on protecting cryos Apparently some ppl have found a way to get admin and go in and take stuff out of cryo fridges. Locked and pin coded. One player had a player come in and empty 9ne and threw out all the cryos in front of them. So i am curious another player suggestions on how we can protect ourselves from this in pve
  6. bigfishrob

    Reaper King

    lol yeah... got about 3 with base over 320 out of about 25 over 135
  7. bigfishrob

    Reaper King

    they are fun with wyvrns. drug about ten into my tek trap and just walked in there with one and went to town
  8. bigfishrob

    Reaper King

    now if only we could get 18 like that then we might be in business
  9. bigfishrob

    Reaper King

    By far the best reaper i have seen on official yet. This one is my tribemates.
  10. bigfishrob

    Reaper King

    tried all methods of gland transfer. my poor level 271 reaper still sitting on an obi unclaimed...RIP
  11. bigfishrob

    Reaper King

    Drake will fit hit box or not. but as waz said it wont port to boss. Reaper wouldnt fit any form or fashion. The rex is clunky getting through the entrance already which is why it is difficult to actually get 50 in there in the time you have to enter. I have to say i am big time disappointed reaper wont fit, thought it would be useful for something aside from pvp. Brood eats it, dragon will melt for % hp, really has nothing it excells for unless you need to tank some junk somewhere like long periods tanking rock eles for no.... good reason.
  12. bigfishrob

    Reaper King

    Tried everything from whip to jumping to bury and follow.
  13. bigfishrob

    Reaper King

    Nice little gotchya....reaper wont fit tek cave. Gg usefulness
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