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  1. Have you ever thought for a minute.... maybe it's you and not the tribes? I suggest try another server and keep your mouth shut for a while. I mean you made plenty of traders annoyed already so getting things via the trade system here will prob be tough.
  2. Most Underrated Dino

    The benefit would be the ability to run and gun, manuverability, and good direct dmg. I have taken a barry in the past and since it is % dmg i was able to tank a round even with it.
  3. Most Underrated Dino

    This right here. That is why i worked on a nice breed line of them. We plannin to try manticore and dragon with barrys as well.
  4. Re-worked Kibble System?

    just noticed the notification bc somebody reacted to it.
  5. Re-worked Kibble System?

    what it has to do is how long it takes before wc actually fixes things.
  6. Mosa stats

    Yes i am fully aware of the theoretical low end of good stats. I was more interested in the quality of stats floating around out there already. As in are there already some good mosa lines out there with 45 plus stats or better.
  7. Mosa stats

    What are some of the petter mosa hp, weight, and melee stats out there right now for pc pve?
  8. Main traders/breeders question

    It aint just rexes bud. Honestly we did all alpha everything with tame stat rexes. 11.2k hp and 414 melee including ascencions.
  9. Main traders/breeders question

    U reduce u possible mutation chance by half we are all aware of infinite stat stacking bud.
  10. Main traders/breeders question

    I currently have one thing i am breeding and im only selling non finished ones as a way for pll who want a base caving dino to get one. I trade to GET clean stats to finish my line out. I also tend to try to manage cap as much as i can on my own keeping a set of clean females to mute from and culling non essentials quickly. I think a big problem is a lot of ppl wont cull...they say hmmm i like this one bc of this. I pretty much keep one or so males if i have a color mute somebody might like and otherwise i progress with only ones who could produce a mutation to further the line. This being said i fully aggree in holding a dino til bred out, but the issue there is ppl tend to need resources to further build and refine breeding facility ect.
  11. Scorched earth 87 down about 30 mins already

    finally back up thanks
  12. Scorched earth 87 down about 30 mins already

    going on 45 mins down now @Jatheish
  13. Looks like almost all the server have went down and back up but scorched earth 87 seems to be staying down an exceptionally long time
  14. Boss Mammoths?

    rag boss has golems. which is what i said earlier that i hadnt tried the reaper on the island version yet and that on the drag and mant combo of alpha rag it melted the reaper and did not go to the ground by cocoon attack. On island have done hard brood and hard monkey taking the reap in and it was fine, not really anything better than rexes on those.
  15. Boss Mammoths?

    yeah it def hit like a truck and easilly killed the reaper. the other reaper i was on did tank the golems ez pz