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  1. Current official reply to ticket on PVE. ppl brought stuff in glitching the game.... and we aint gonna do anything. so all those ppl with gigas rexes, bugs ect rest safe wild card will not take them away from you so go enjoy them dont bother hiding them. If they aint going to remove the ones who did it then just open transfers up and let us all have our things there. It is a bull crap typical lazy wildcard call to leave that stuff on scorched. i have played this game since legacy and always the same thing. tribes with tons of tech meanwhile having to grind for days upon days just to even get a replicator it encourages me to look for glitches and take advantage of them in the future instead of playing correct within coc. Do better wc either open transfers up for all of us or strip the cheaters toys.
  2. Already reported with the outage thing which feels like it goes no where at the moment. Our server 965 along with apparently server 972 have been down for 12 hours already. is there anyway to reach somebody and maybe get a reboot command sent or something. the cluster node is prob just sitting there ignored at the moment and needs a good ole button push.
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