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  1. v271.0 Boss Changes-What's the damage?

    ive done med brood, manti, monkey and dragon. so far using rexes for all still. Also did alpha monkey. All on Official new servers. I am interested in the theri idea and working on getting some theris. i tamed 5 yest and still nothing over a base melee of 299 all were over 140 tames with kibble.
  2. Server Caps

    wouldnt have mattered they wiped 400+ and gave 90ish back. They cut their costs to make even more money removing servers.
  3. i dont know ho wppl think this wouldnt help. i just added 5 more dinos for the sheer purpose of kibble for taming certain things and will add another 5 for taming another dino i want to tame a lot of neither of which i would have bothered with otherwise.
  4. SE servers now being bombarded with dino storage boxes. they will be capped soon as well. NEED MORE SERVERS. GG.
  5. best way for kill the medium monkey with dinos?

    tank and spank. monkey does not one shot riders with rock. pc-pve official med monkey done easilly
  6. Why no 2x raising?

    you want 2 x breeding to not hurt the dino cap????? then do away with kibble dinos and the easy imprint methods requiring time to sit and click. Kibble dinos are the main reason for dino cap not 2x breeding.
  7. Why no 2x raising?

    not "hard" time consuming for ppl with nothing else to do. there is the whole misconception ppl want to think it is "HARD" bc it takes time. Im already farming med manticore, med brood, med monkey, but i cant get good imprints bc i have a day job.... tell me again how it is "hard" to sit on a pc all day to make imprints with kibble from 16 sets of dinos which u are always on so u get lots of eggs. Let em shorten the imprint cycle so it takes less time and put the kibble in the hard water cave or ice cave... see how many ppl get good imprints then... i bet i could then bc i can do the actual "HARD" content. LOL then some these nolifers would be going to single player bc they cant do caves ect.
  8. Why no 2x raising?

    The no lifers want breeding to be only for them bc they have the time all week to do it... then they can say "you have to be more dedicated" or " you have to be a better player for more "difficult" stuff like breeding"
  9. Why no 2x raising?

    server cap is bc wc wants to be cheap as heck and not provide adequate amounts of servers for the player base they have.
  10. Why no 2x raising?

    difficult to obtain sure..... impossible in some case is retarded. For example it is virtually impossible for a 9-5 er to do a 100% imprint on a a giga or squid without taking off work and relying on a good long 2x breeding event. I play about as often as possible around my job including morning before work and lunch breaks and even with a 2x weekend i was only able to get a 91% imprint. that was an alarm on the dot every dang 3ish hours and zero missed imprints during the entire 2x weekend. then imprints as absolutely fast as possible on the morning and lunch breaks. Is it fair that if i was a no lifer i could simple do the 2x weekend as the 9-5ers get then i have one week and easily get 100%. Heck i was ahead of maturation by the time the weekend hit. Same thing for quetz, Giga, basi, ect. And you cant just have a tribemate imprint for you so this is not a "need a group" event. Ohh and then wc lost my char in a transfer and all that extra work and effort on that squid went poof.
  11. Why no 2x raising?

    most of my tribe is working class 9-5ers. it aint an issue of not working together it is simply time and it is given a benefit to those who can simply log on more frequently bc they dont have other places to be. Make it hard enough that time is not the constraint. But many will oppose this mainly those who have it easy right now bc it is ONLY a time issue and not a difficulty issue. It should be well within reason for a group of ppl to do it if they can pass the difficulty threshhold without having to log in ever 3 hours. Do the imprint in a 4-6 hour window with a task involved that a GROUP is needed to do. then you raise the difficulty, u make it doable by ppl who are not the nolifer class, and you still limit it from being an easy happens all the time thing. It is broken bc for nolifers it is an EASY task but for working class who cant log on every 3 hours it is. So this is biased and thus broken. Maybe an alternative would be certain things imprint better than others so a group can get on in their limited time organize and get what is needed to imprint more quickly, or on the same time you could use the being on all the dang time as ur so called difficult mechanic to get a better imprint. To be clear the time component absolutely does not "require group cooperation" just requires nothing else to go do and sit around and play. no skill, no difficulty, best chance of doing it is..... being unemployed
  12. Why no 2x raising?

    Bud you are very mistaken here.... it is absolutely NOT "Higher difficulty" for good imprints or rare tames even. all it really is is more TIME. It is easy as heck to get a 100% imprint on a giga even if you dont work and all you have to do is get up and log on and imprint/feed dino. That is my biggest grief is the whole misconception of "better players" or "more difficult" bc is absolutely zero to do with being better players or more difficult and 100% more to do with having enough free time to do it. I guarantee i can keep up with difficult game tasks and mechanics with most any of these "better players" who have all day to imprint dinos. You want it to be more "difficult" then add difficult mechanics not time constraints. Make it less kibble and open time frame but make it be kibble from killing a certain difficult dino, or a source in a cave. then you would be making it more difficult and not just a time constraint.
  13. Why no 2x raising?

    doubles, an tripples occurred. wasnt intended to have so many esp so many worth a crap. sucks cooking a 11.2k hp, 367 melee rex you could be farming more bosses with, bc you know you cant feed em
  14. Why no 2x raising?

    Wyverns ez pz. 5 mins kill an alpha or knock out a couple verns. I got some of those going too.
  15. Why no 2x raising?

    50% eggs man didnt anticipate that many good ones in the bunch. And i flat out ran out of TIME to famr meat. I did have some extra in fridge which bought me enough time to get more int the morning. Iwas anticipating 5-8 decent rexes and got more with the stats. I should have piked those extras last night instead anyhow just seemed wasteful to be piking a 263 rex. And i should have my tek troughs in the next week anyhow. Going to do my transmitters first until we do a few more manticore farm runs.