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  1. Freaking annoying as hell to spam click login for 2 hours just to try to play this game. it gets to 65/70 then instantly jumps back to 70. you need to implement an actual que so ppl have an idea how long til the get in and actually get in based on how long you sat in que this is one more case of poor crap management in the decisions of how to set things up in the game.
  2. Till which dino enrages and kills all their dinos? until the other players giga enrages and tries to fight the titan then the titan kills that players whole bae. it isnt griefing anymore per the gms replys they are responsible for protecting their dinos
  3. Since players are responsible for making sure their tames are protected i guess that means we can go back old school where we stand on a giga with a titan til it enrages and kills all their dinos...... bc they are responsible for protecting their dinos.
  4. There is no recourse at all for GM abuse. It goes on a lot. there are ppl getting away with hardcore mass amounts of griefing bc they have gm friends. You have people claiming they were pillared in by building by somebody's pillars then the gm's use a blanket script deleting all 2 piece structures including ppls tek b gates ect bc the gm's are too lazy or not given enough time to appropriately analyze the situation to see what should or should not be deleted.
  5. Im on one of the servers those users are griefing and know the person who put in the ticket with 4 undeniable videos of griefing and these griefers still running around no repercussions. Laughing it up in mockery in global. I assume they are friends with GM Giga or something i know they boasted in global as to having a friend on the ark redit admins. So there is no keeping it in check they can do whatever they want and WC wont stop them.
  6. just minimize how many rexes take the breath each landing. IE send in one ridden rex and tank him direction away from the rest. take the breath and then whistle your attack.
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