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  1. Prime fish

    Looking for any other good sources for prime fish aside from fishing(slow and sucks) or sickle also slow and sucks with low drop rate. Id like to tame more barrys but need the prime fish and an event to even do decent at all.
  2. Do rock drakes always want to cuddle for imprinting?

    SHHHHHHHH dont make em break it...... they really suck without imprint..
  3. Cannot re claim reaper

    WC deleted my char again. SO i had to go re level and get tek grams back. I went to a brood fight with some friends and joined tribe with my reaper to do the fight. Got done and i was going to unclaim reaper and drop tribe and reclaim my reaper to take home later. Well since i didnt birth the reaper with this char after i unclaimed it, the reaper became unclaimable to me or my friend. The option was there but greyed out.
  4. Reaper King

    i have at least 5. and none of them had even over 300, they were actually all the lowest ones. The remaining of mine were 145s minus 1 which was 135 tame. But if you wanna go that route i suppose you have about 25 150's to find which is a nightmare on official.
  5. Reaper King

    dude you have dodged the questions. sample size with a standard deviation can make very effective predictions. since you standard deviation appears to be very low it is a higher probability that your stats are fairly normalized and an effective sample. I dont remember the one last digit. it was 310-319. I can go SS it for im sure it has about22% imprint at the moment. i popped it hopped out and carried on about my business doing other things like killing Alpha Rockwell, and re leveling from 0
  6. Reaper King

    How is that a plausible explanation? Wouldnt your theory affect both SP and official thus not explaining the different results you get vs what we get. The stat was 3 something. could have been 315 i dont remember the exact number just that it was not over 320
  7. Reaper King

    How about you explain the question asked to you a long time ago about how you have such a huge difference in stat rolls for 25/25 reapers comparable to what anyone on official is getting. bc so far you have no valid explanation and simply claiming "just lucky i guess" Another 5 more reapers this weekend nothing over 319 base melee. so we are almost at your 25 number and have 2 over 320, everything else 250's to 300 only.
  8. Reaper King

    If the increases are minor buffs you will not see the dif as easily with low levels and few points bc of rounding when displaying the stats. And if this is so easy.... get the other screenshots and prove it.
  9. Reaper King

    please screenshot equiv on OFFICIAL. and add about 5 points in a stat on each and screen shot again.
  10. Reaper King

    All three are single player. Reasons all three list day 1....LOL
  11. Official abberation 216 alpha rockwell dead

    We used a good mc bp with crafter bonus. Shotties were all in the 250+ range
  12. Reaper King

    One spawn makes sense dude. 25/25 absolutely does not. Sp is dif code man. Dif code. When it tells u ur code version.... that is ur client version doesnt mean jack about ur sp. Now i have a new problem since wc deleted my char. I joined some friends on a server to get my tekgrams back. Went to leave and unclaimed reaper left tribe and reaper not claimable. Claim option greyed out so i guess bc this is a new char and the parent char is deleted this reaper will just go poof. And by the way alpha brood rekt the reaper. I wasnt even in the front and almost died.
  13. Reaper King

    Lol man i am a DBA for my job. I was a web developer prior to that i fully understand what client server is. The facts are sp serverside if u will is not the same exact code as official servers. They have other flags turned on and off. Also xbox and other versions are dif code thus dif releases on patches. For somebody who sounds like u understand code a bit, kinda odd u dont aknowledge that 25/25 wouldn't happen without something being dif. Be hard headed if u want. What reaper results do u have on official?
  14. Reaper King

    Maybe it is your system bc clearly official does not get the stat rolls u claim. All u have is a bunch of theory. You have provided no evidence that there is no hard coded increase or stat allocations that go on in sp. You want to think and claim it is just like official so u dont feel like u are cheating in an easier environment. Maybe the higher numbers u are getting are bc of ur system type. Clearly there are hard coded things programatically dif in sp than official. Come do it on official man and u can see how much easier sp is then. I have played both already and left sp bc it was too easy (with so called default settings)