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  1. their is no where to put one platform on 640 due to people spamming platforms everywhere and not even building on them, their just dumped in every spot going. Then you ask if anyone is willing to remove one they wont unless you pay them in tek, its a joke, all i want to do is the missions. looks like i will have to make a boat
  2. I did alpha last night and it was 23 minutes. 3minutes extra lol
  3. Valguero boss timer Looks like they messed up adding time to boss fight. Now starts at 23mins not 30 like they said in the update. Suppose 3mins is better than nothing when doing it solo
  4. 40% reduction is stupid on shards. I've only just started on genesis so only just started farming it. I think people went crazy in the x4 event with it so everyone is gonna loose out that starts playing genesis now to the nerf. Think it's back to extinction until they nerf that too
  5. Astrocetus Taming hey everyone, just tamed one of these, a wild 145 but only got a few extra lvls, i used cannons on a skiff. anyone got any ideas on how to do it better. i used kibble too
  6. roach148

    Reaper queens spawn

    I've seen them do that and burrow into the walls and get stuck. Oh and lots of lvl 15 spawns every where. The funny one is where they appear for a second and disappear really fast but still follow you to a trap to despawn them
  7. I've noticed this too. All black and cream coloured. Time to submit tickets
  8. just to update yeah its fully raised now and it appeared, i will have to get mtself a gasbag just incase for next time
  9. Unfortunately it's not. It's nearly fully raised. Only got one imprint. I'm hoping it appears as a adult
  10. Baby reaper disappeared Hi all. My first baby reaper has disappeared. It's inventory is full of meat. I found where it is thinking it had fallen through the foundation I demolished them to find out it's still not their. I can access it's inventory and it's very much alive and eating it's just not visible. I've tried whistle commands and it won't follow. I've tried a karkinos to grab it. I'm all out of ideas, it was a really nice colour too.
  11. don't expect them to save anything 6 weeks for them to come out and put you back into tribe which is too late., ive just lost all of my dinos aqnd items due to a role back whick kicked me from my tribe and only me in in, lucky i have some good friends i have made on here and they helped me get going again on a different server
  12. i know your pain, the same has happened to me end of may is my appointment which is way too late, all you can do is wait for decay and take what you can and start again im afraid
  13. yeah 6 weeks for one of them to come out into the game to put me back into my tribe ????
  14. GM appointment time well i lost access to my own tribe, only me in it. all this due to a role back of server 5 minutes of me transferring in. submitted a ticket only to find out yeah they can give me access back but the next appointment is in 6 weeks time. this is a stupidly long time as by then i will have nothing left all my hard work gone, all top stat dinos gone and BP's that's ive gotten. im at a loss at what to do as ive only 9 days left before everything dissapears
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