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  1. Our legacy rag 4 server was out for over a week, it just came back today! Our base was still there, I hope your server comes back soon! It took a long time though for it to come back
  2. Yes, everyone I’ve talked to from rag 4 hasn’t been able to get on for a week. Not showing up for anyone. Super frustrating. I’ve submitted outages as well but I haven’t gotten a response on anything
  3. @lilpanda legacy server pve Ragnarok 4 has been missing for a week now. A bunch of us have been reaching out for answers. We’ve submitted outage reports but we can’t see that anything has been done. I saw that you; lilpanda, was the creator of the “known server outages forum”. Do you know anything about this? Or can you put us in contact with someone that can help us? A lot of us have all of our stuff on that server and we all would be taking a huge loss if it’s just gone. Please help!!! We would be so grateful!
  4. Baby voidwyrms are pretty slow meat eaters. Baby shadowmanes eat a lot, but I also raise like 5-8 at a time. So maybe if you were only doing 1, it wouldn’t be so bad. Hope this helps!
  5. It’s a legacy server, but we still had a decent amount of players on it. And all other legacy servers seem fine as far as we can tell. This one just went missing.
  6. I’ve reported an outage but can someone please look into server rag 4??? It’s been missing for 6 days now. No one can get on, and there’s no one we can contact to get any answers.
  7. I’m getting so worried about the server. We had everything there. I submitted an outage ticket. I don’t think it’s ever been offline this long.
  8. My main base is on rag 4. I’m hoping the server is down and not erased. I can’t find anything to say that they deleted it. One thing you could try to test is go to another map and in the character creation, click on download survivor and see if it shows up? But if they really were going to, I am sure they would have posted about it so people have a chance to get their character and Dinos to another map.
  9. Thanks for all the responses guys! Still no response from WC. I will have to try the diplo idea
  10. Thanks for the response. That makes me feel a little better that I have a chance of them fixing it. Thank you!
  11. I am on the receiving end of a player who has decided to grief a bunch of players on our server. It is a PVE server. He brought 18 brontos to my base using a duplicated character and threw them out all over my base with their tails and bodies glitching into my walls. This came without any warrant. I had never spoken to the player before this happened. I have asked him nicely to remove them and he just laughed and kept telling me no. Because he used a duplicated character, there is no offline damage to the brontos so they will be stuck there for weeks until they starve (if he doesn’t feed them)
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