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  1. It will only enable it in single player mode. not on servers unless enabled server side.
  2. Every season pass you buy tells you what it includes, the newest one says it give you the dl in december (lets see n the date) and the second one in 2020, so season pass now will get you that. I know that you are not happy but, deal with it!"!
  3. NO, unless you are on unofficial and they have a rule thaa t you cn do it.
  4. i cant realy see what colors it has, but been told that they are rated by how many health point they have at start
  5. At the time when they made this thing real, i think it was because on now legacy servers, some GM gave some who lost their dinos a wrong lvl dinos at some redicules lvls, something about adding an extra zero or two at the end, and no one cared before some reported that some with a "example lvl 4000" giga had raided their base
  6. Still staying on legacy servers PVE, becourse i cant leave me babies.
  7. You will see in some tames, like griffin, they can have 5k health before tame and end up with 1k even perfect tame, gigas is another tame that will get lower stats on tame, i gues that every tame you get will only show your right stats when tamed, even a level 50 ptera can have ghreat stats im stam or what you need, j ust breed them together and get the best
  8. Bullshi*, Tanks are hight health and big armor. As a Tank in a MMO it keeps agro, in ark otherwise i would surgest talking of Tanks, is it for only turrets then go for golem, trike, stego, or any high healt good saddle and herbivore to heal with cakes. Else Tanking dinos, depends on situation, or latest patches, as gameupdates try to not make one dino best for everything. Witch brings up another problem, trying to get a lower tame population on servers so servers do not meet tamecap, and tribes not capping as well, awfull dilemma.
  9. Dodo's are very good for learning breeding methods, but be carefull, as the enforcement team will wipe you if you get to many, so never have more than ?? or they will wipe you, nothing mentioned where the border goes.
  10. Still se dinos spawnign with event colors, and easter eggs beeing pooped. after the patch
  11. The kibble are gone, pego eats it.
  12. I think the calculation would be something like this. Bow base dmg is 55 times 1.557, so your Journeyman bow will output 85.6 dmg pr shot Crossbow base dmg is 95 times 1.34, so your worst x-bow output 127.3 dmg pr shot
  13. When the developers start looking into the new feature in the game suggestion forum, please you forum sharks and bullies, try to make ark better, just dont do your thing! Let us be realy objective on what you upwote, and just dont make it upwote on easy mode, i know some tweaks are going to be better with our input. It is realy great, the developers finaly are starting to listen to us users of the game, "i think its about this time they are getting ready to release the game out of EA" hope for the best, but looking at what unofficial servers bring, i am afraid, that will be just easymode, qick farming easy breeding, but get real and make the right choices.
  14. If you have old kibble, you just take all you the different kibbles you have and toss them on the on you like to tame and hope for the best. no matter what color it has, it isnt realy doing it, just tamed a pteran, use it choose the old bronto kibble "Edit:Yellow"and had max taming effiency. just my experience.
  15. Saved me several times after the troodons got out, when running for drops at night, get knocked out and troodon circles you forever, Dimorph kills the DireWolf, then good to go again
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