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  1. Continue the great work, i am a supporter of your efforts.
  2. hold down you whistle selection key and choose show hlna, this works on pc
  3. Watched the screen and hoped for the best. But after event ended, i still have 30 to 120 seconds no response time every server save. And not to mention the spikes inbetween. else just looking and trying to plan how ill go forth and minimize whaty i loose if i try something in game and get hit by the unintenden game mechanichs that the server gives me.
  4. Its been like this since they made the new "ai" for dinos a long time ago. I think if the agresive dino (rex, raptor and so on) has met another encounter where they tried to bite and i could not hit because of rock or anything game mechanic wise it will go into the flee mode, its hard to get it out of flee mode you have to get in bite range (not flying) and to lure it to a trap you have to constantly let it have a bite on you every few seconds. Hope it helps understanding the broken ai on wil dinos.
  5. Times up, or?? You know when you set the alarm clock to 4 in the night because you have eggs hatching and you stand there waiting on a 0:00 timer on hatch, after 5 minutes yoiu pick them up and throwthem again just to see now the eggs are now in timers from 10 to 50 minutes, or when you bred 20 female rhinos at the same time and the baby's pop with unjknown interwals timers stopping at 1 sek left. give you experience in the matters
  6. The giga is leveled but not imprinted to me
  7. Extincion Red drops Would i be able to do red drops on extincion on official pve with this.? A Giga NOT imprinted solo. stats are 35000 hp and 1100 dmg.
  8. Killed 19 rex and 1 yuty, because alfa valguero manticore would not land, tried going on the spawn platform under the cliff outhang, this is bullying from the designers. If the manticore wasnt going to be a foot/land based boss, then why put it in fights where you cant bring flyers.
  9. mine is working, ill try to figure where i got it, and tell you, just have some problems with mine where txt overlaps but it doable.
  10. while in the inventory vindow, press "g" that togles it on pc.
  11. Hi. Playing PC Official PVE EU. The last couple month i lost some random gear, i dont realy remember if on ul. or on dl. not a big deal, BUT just lost 2 cryoed rexes (Breeding pair) ul. fine from Val. server 512 but on dl. on Ext 464 server, cryos never got in inventory on char. And yes i take the precaution to wait atleast 5 seconds and do a drag not a doubleclick. slow and easy. Transferred other items in the same go and this is just bullying from ARK that it was the cryos. Edit: Just to add info. Checked timers before it started and ul. timer was around 7 minutes,
  12. Make a double floor with conditioners in them one on each foundaation would be enough for the most cases, but in realy cold nights maybee you need to double up, they can be stacked pretty close
  13. If you do you will have to start a new line from that point.
  14. you are on the right track, but look at this youtube it explains it very good
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