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  1. It is not only player inventory but also for external, like fridges and dinos etc. My OCD cant cope with this.
  2. kpc

    ALL Dinos on Ragnarok?

    I have seen Titan walking ragna map, and death worms, are called i think ice worms and are in the ice cave
  3. kpc

    Over 15 hours of constant DC

    but why start an evo event now when it is impossible to log into to servers?
  4. prob, the same we are going thru on official servers, thanks for replying to a post. would be great ifg you made a locked thread where you told what you are working on! where i could look to see if you are allready adressing a bug/problem, before i get into the bug report forum.
  5. Official servers are unplayable atm. used 6 hours irl time to feed my beasts on SE if nopt getting the unable to connect or the other non saying msg's on connect i am so tired of looking in this loading snapshot_16 or 10 before dcing
  6. kpc

    Server Wipe

    There will be no need for a server wipe on official, as they just make all "loyal" players not able to log in for 15 days, like they are doing now, i just used 4 hours to get logged on to the official server on SE and get my rex to bite and get some meat for the tames and get it into the feeding through. been looking at dc msg all day will eventually make me quit playing this game, what a pity as i love playing ark but i allready startedd looking for another game with perhaps the same theme.
  7. kpc

    PSA - check your beehives

    LOL. i know they got spoi timers now, but last patch where they fixed flowers and mushroom behavior all mu shrooms where gone from cabinet, i just started collecting them again, now is it like that i cant get into server again as my char is on eu rag 35, and it is down, so cant get back to my main sever to feed dinos and take a look at my rare flowers, it all such balls but what it is only a early access game, so far away from release. WC will fix all the problems before realease.
  8. kpc

    Separate Keybind for Mount/Dismount Dino

    afaik as i know, when mounting it clears the keys stroked, when mounting, so maybee you are hitting the mount key after you mounted. i have this happen to me when i get low frame rates below 20, as it gets hard to tell if you start mounting or not. but you are right something needs to be done, several beasts you cant mount from many possitions, most anoying to me is the bear witch allways turn its head against you and you get stuck on its nose unable to mount, or the pteran you cant mount from the side if in uneven terain and have to go back and around between its wings from behind to mount. This was juust the first couple things that got in my mind but several others are there. Just a side note question, is the 262 update failure a way to get us active on forums since the game got unplayable?
  9. had an angler or a piranha pin my mosa to the top ceiling of a cave, every time i tried to dismount i would get inside mosa unable to move anywhere and just had to sit and wait for respwns to get the mosa and me killed, collisions and hit boxes need a big workover.
  10. Had to uninstall ARK and then install it again to get the update. Without ARK installed i have around 160 Gb free space on my SSD, after install i have close to 55. but the 55 isnt enough to update.
  11. But your never realy know when the patch is going to hit, due to lack in communication from the devs.
  12. Playing Official servers, have a little hut on Ragnarok, Scorched earth and Center, i normally transfer my char between those with no problems at all, thats good. But of yesterday i transferred to center from ragnarock to get some kibble for a tame, i noticed that i had a extra set of armor on me, thourght it was a nice bug ;), then i picked up all i needed to go back to ragnarok and transferred, when i spawned in bed all my equipment and inventory was lost :(, only thing in inventory was 2 implants withch both are active and can not be dropped. Just now i transferred from ragnarok to SE, and lost all items once more, same again 3 implant both active, if i transfer back it will reverse the 2 implants to one but all items are lost.
  13. kpc

    FPS counter

    as i see "stat fps" shows exactlyt the same as the steam suported feature. but it allso displays ping witch i havent a possibilility with steam
  14. kpc

    Things fixed but "not"

    ohh i forgot to say that this wont be read by devs i think i need to make a screenshot that is somehow a beauty and post it on twitter or some oither media