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  1. @Jatheishwhat kind of evolution event will be on the 25th of May ? Loot Drop Quality Increase?
  2. Next Evo Event pls buff Loot Drops for 50% at certain times like from 0:00 till 5 AM or so would be a nice drop hunting event
  3. Seriously if you make this Turret Change live and you will loose tons of players. hf of having a pve only game
  4. That means we will be never able to transfer gigas (non flyers) to aberration? Its a valid question cause of PvP Reasons. When Scorched Earth was release. there was the same. We couldnt transfer Island -> Scorched Earth but we could Scorched Earth -> Island. After a couple months we could do in both sides now. Will Aberration be 4 ever a one way street ?
  5. How long till you can transfer creatures off ? Aberation -> Island for example And when will be able to transfer stuff to both sides.
  6. Playsation exclusive DILO is going on wildcard. thats really unfair. hate this exclusive politice
  7. Any seperate kibble for "Ankylos, Doedis, Argentavis, Paracer" on SE ? I really dont enjoy to tame a paracer level 120 with mejo berries almost 12 hours. It damages my rl healthy. And whats about the "Deep Desert Loot Chests". It has the same Loot Table like the deep sea ocean stuff. Is it supposed to be like this ? I really would like to see the Desert Cloth in better quality than just primitive
  8. Hey can you pls check the vault bug in ORP

  9. When is the snail coming ? want this CP so badly and much
  10. Desert Biome at the red obelisik Red = Desert Blue = Snow Green = Greenland/Redwood Forest
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