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  1. HighDBoom

    Why nerf Dolphin?

    Instead of Nerfing the Dolphine you could make something like a Forcefield that slows dinos but it only works for underwater and works when the dino for example ichy has a certain speed level where the turrets wont shoot for example... so they get slowed in a good distance to normalish / trackable speed.
  2. @Jatheishwhat kind of evolution event will be on the 25th of May ? Loot Drop Quality Increase?
  3. Next Evo Event pls buff Loot Drops for 50% at certain times like from 0:00 till 5 AM or so would be a nice drop hunting event
  4. HighDBoom

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    Raft only Kappa
  5. I really counted on more patch notes like TLC 1 had
  6. a base has 5 sides. u forgot the roof ^^
  7. HighDBoom

    Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    @invincibleqc you probably didnt farm 15.000.000 Metal Ingots and other stuff to understand it... you cant simply just change stuff like this during the active "season".... all the bases are build... to rebuild stuff will take more months and you will be under heavy attacks to. so that not fun at all. I am talking about the current official pvp server. I played 7.000 hours ARK.... i am not just a "casual" who wanna play on unofficial and build greenhouses.
  8. HighDBoom

    Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    KayD thanks for your explaining. But know pls listen to us "PvP" Community. Everyone rather would play on your 2.5 FPS Servers than having 100 Turrets in your base.. As a bigger group of people you cant protect your thousend of thousend hard work. All your bases you will build are raidable in 15 mins. One Stego 30k HP 75 Armor saddle plus 10 veggie cakes can easily outdrain 100 turrets and blow inside your (small building. because you cant build bigger building anymore because 100 turrets are for a small 5x5x4 base)... this game is not an early access anymore. its pretty much unfair to make such big game breaking changes after the game is official launched. people already build massive dino pens or other nice building which we cant protect anymore... people will just crosstravel with 1 Flak Set (1500 Armor/1500 Dura) medbrews and a beer. run with high movementspeed inside your large base complex and blow up your crafting areas (destroy the forges benches smithys fridges etc.) .... if a griefing group of 2-3 + can raid all bases now easily.. We cant properly defend our hard work... The grind is useless ... people will loose motivation and quit your game because its like "RUST"...such a failgame. And if your enemies are coming with 10 brontos or 10 paracers they will just raid a base in 5 mins.... grinding for thousend hours stuff which isnt well defend cause the game mechanic doesnt allow it .... you will loose it in 5 mins... isnt that demotivating. all those 100% imprint dinos.. people wake up during the nights even if they have to work on the next day and imprint the dinos... they will just get meat runned easily because you guys WC doesnt allow us to buil proper defences. I agree the lag is horrible too. but 99% of the community (expect the PVE ppl cause they wanna see the salt) prefers the lag until you found other ways of adjustments.
  9. Seriously if you make this Turret Change live and you will loose tons of players. hf of having a pve only game
  10. HighDBoom

    ARK at TwitchCon 2017!

    That means we will be never able to transfer gigas (non flyers) to aberration? Its a valid question cause of PvP Reasons. When Scorched Earth was release. there was the same. We couldnt transfer Island -> Scorched Earth but we could Scorched Earth -> Island. After a couple months we could do in both sides now. Will Aberration be 4 ever a one way street ?
  11. HighDBoom

    ARK at TwitchCon 2017!

    How long till you can transfer creatures off ? Aberation -> Island for example And when will be able to transfer stuff to both sides.
  12. HighDBoom

    ARK Digest Q&A: Aberration Questions!

    How large will be the new Map ? Do we have a way to farm Element ? Bossfight ?
  13. HighDBoom

    Welcome To The New Forum!

    Well nice design but the ironie is that you cant kill medium and hard bosses for getting those TEK "items" which are shown in your design but overall gj
  14. HighDBoom

    Need more ragnarok servers

    they dont see that they would gain even higher playerbase if they would support more ORP PvP Servers. Many people are just waiting for more servers. so sad atm @Jat @Jen
  15. HighDBoom

    Need more ragnarok servers

    we need ORP PC Server for the current cluster pls.