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  1. Kyluxox

    What is yalls favorite abb tame

    Drake for move and karkinos for farming
  2. Kyluxox

    Favorite dinos

    Spino, Rock Drake, megalo in aberration
  3. Kyluxox

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    We hatch high level theri
  4. You can download the language pack for Ark but good luck, we cant copy paste for translate
  5. Kyluxox

    Unknown error

    Maybe banned ?
  6. Kyluxox

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    We farm Element on aberration and make transmitter
  7. Kyluxox

    Which Wyvern is the Best?

    I vote for the lightning wyvern
  8. Ok... laggy weekend... I think i will play on the tame capped server ! I don't know...sell outfits...skins...bonus for 24 hrs... and add new servers....
  9. Kyluxox

    1 more day for 3x event please

    No way, really too much lag.
  10. Kyluxox

    Region lock

    The new Fresh NA aberration is invaded by players from OC. They can't talk French, English or Spanish. Its really hard when a conflict appears. Please just lock the server for North American players before it's too late. Thx