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  1. ZeroSeconds

    SE Thunderstorm changes

    - Electric Storm only affects tek weapons, tek turrets, tek saddles, and tek shield generators It only affects tek shield generators, not tek generators itself. The whole issue with thunderstorms was that it turns the tek generator off which would cause you not being able to use certain tek tier items on SE.
  2. ZeroSeconds

    SE Thunderstorm changes

    Been asking for this update for years, now that I actually quit playing ark as a main game they come out with it lol.
  3. ZeroSeconds

    Stop telling me how to play the game I paid for

    I'm having more and more trouble seeing people that just don't get it. You either get it or you don't and last few years I only meet and see people who don't get it. There two types of people playing Ark (in generalisation): - The PvP'er: (over/hyper)active, drama seeker, willing to risk it all (play hours), has to be superior over someone to feel good (no matter who). - The PvE'er: Simply not gonna invest 2.000 hours into a game for a poophead to destroy it all, wants to have fun and enjoy his/her time, doesn't want to be bound to mandatory online times if something happens. But overall, who gives a damn? Don't spend energy on people who don't deserve your energy. This includes negative energy (getting mad is exhausting lol)
  4. ZeroSeconds


    In PvP? yes.
  5. ZeroSeconds

    Alpha manticore

    I vidded the whole fight where our wyverns died, its 6-9 that are constant stuck in the animation. I can't place the vid on forum yet because I was swearing quite a lot When I remove the audio and put some music or w/e as audio I'll post it. After 8 mins fighting alpha the wyverns didn't even do 25% damage, whilst it should've been dead
  6. ZeroSeconds

    Server cap, main reason, fix it

    Its true that its no longer an issue (in theory). But the point that I was trying to make is that they can't remove them as not being counted towards tames because that is for the PvP aspect (so you can see who "killed" your raft in log). In PvE it doesn't really make sense since on land you can build as many structures as you like but you can't have as many rafts as you like (for example 20 rafts that you build into speedboats to have a fun race with friends). Not that it matters
  7. ZeroSeconds

    Server cap, main reason, fix it

    1. was announced a year ago that they would do a kibble rework, a year later nothing, don't get ur hopes up. 2. rafts. Reason being that these are tames is because of the wonderfull PvP servers that WC actually does listen to 3. Tribe tame cap. Depending on how many people you have in the tribe 500 is next to nothing. As for me as a trader, you always have an inventory of things to sell or to produce fert eggs. 4. account tame cap. Not gonna work, you'll only get megatribes
  8. ZeroSeconds

    Alpha manticore

    Tapejara has a better AI vs manticore too. Problem with argies are is you can't do several runs in a row (I believe). For wyverns we (used to) do 3 alpha runs in a row without healing/forcefeeding or w/e. Problem with bringing in shotty is that we are at a maximum of 3 players and usually are solo or duo in manticore, so not enough dps with the shotgun to rely on that. Quite funny how first day flyers are better against boss than end game flyers.. What stats do u use for ur argies for alpha? I might give that a try soon too
  9. ZeroSeconds

    Alpha manticore

    Yeah that was my suspicion too. Typical Wild Card update. Solve the problem of them flying circles by making them not fly at all. Where is the logic in that -.-' Doesn't matter really I've only been coming online to refresh and feed every once in a while, I spend more time here on forum than in game lol
  10. ZeroSeconds

    Coder help or advice

    What is your question exactly?
  11. ZeroSeconds

    Looking help with killing bosses

    You need to be able to acces trading forum and trades are only allowed in trade forum section. See this topic on how to acces trading forum:
  12. ZeroSeconds

    Alpha manticore

    Did any of you who do the alpha manticore for boss fights noticed any changes lately? We've been using lightning wyverns for manticore (550-790 dmg) but in the past week we actually failed due to all the wyverns landing over and over again in stead of attacking. When they land they get stuck in the "land, fly, land, fly, land" motion. Yesterday we did beta manticore with our second boss squad (500-755 dmg) and they did the exact same thing. We did manage to finish the fight as we took some measures beforehand to be safe. We did find the problem but I was just curious if others had the same issue. Edit: We did 2x beta fight with 8 minutes and 6 minutes left in the boss fight, the boss fights before that we did alpha with 16 minutes left. its to big of a difference for it to be a "bad run", deviation shoudn't be more than 2 minutes at extreme.
  13. ZeroSeconds

    New Map - Oceania

    This would beat the complete purpose of tek structures that are ment for underwater building. It wouldn't fit in the lore as well, since the Extinction is the last map in the lore which would complete the cycle. I do like the concept tho, but I think its essential to have at least 20% land. Basicly same rate land/water as the island but than opposite values. But before we get in to that lets fix the current maps first and than think about new maps. There is still a lot of work to do on the current maps and I'd rather have WC focus on fixing the all the issues that are currently at hand in stead of building a complete new map which would take months.
  14. ZeroSeconds

    Fertilised eggs hatch with no dinos!

    even on tribe cap the eggs still hatch but you just can't claim the dino. Can you provide a screenshot of you breeding area where you hatched the eggs? It does happen multiple times that on hatch a dino falls down to the ground, whether its through ceilings to a level below or through foundation where it will be stuck in the foundation