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  1. Scorched Earth Ascension to Aberration?

    Lets start with actually making the game work properly before giving them other ideas
  2. @ArkStaff/Devs

    Hey guys, Guess what, like most players atm I'm quitting Ark too. for the devs and staff send me an mail when all of the following problems have been fixed, I'll come back than -- See you in about 8 years. - constant 255 ping on every weekend on EU servers (SE193 a.e.) <--- Main issue - Dino cap by tribes who own 20+ rafts (if you wanna mess with servers just throw down 50-100 rafts, easy cap reached. make sure to build on them) <--- Main issue - Upload timers - The ninja boss updates which keep changing but not appearing in log (manticore) - your attitude towards the player base - PvE / PvP difference (if you don't want to support PvE than close it and lose another 40% of your player base (again)) - Scorched Earth -> check forum, enough posts about everything thats wrong with this map - Cap on servers 70/70, just make a damn queu. copy the code from the web if you have to - Russians / Asians joining EU for kibble farms, ban that poop I can keep going on for ages, but not worth it. Just fix those first, you'll surprise the living poop out of people if you actually do fix them. Thats how "high" our expectations are of WC lol. @Jatheish @Jen @Jarvis @Stark @Zane @Casanova @Eli If any1 is up for PUBG duo/squad, hit me up on steam Road to top 10 begins
  3. Premium Official Servers

    Hi guys, My island server just reached its cap (again) which makes x2 weekends useless basicly. I was thinking on how to solve the problem (other than plowing a titan trough someone's base full of dodo's), so I thought why doesn't Ark have premium servers. Premium servers which you have to meet certain requirements to be able to join in (not paid!). For example servers where you can only join in if you have 1.000+ hours, 1.500+ hours and 2.000+ hours. Or servers which require you to have unlocked certain achievements (on official not in solo with cheats). That way we'll actually get servers with people of about the same skill and knowledge level. Mainly for PvE this update, don't really care for the PvP issues. Time for a PvE only update in stead of always PvP
  4. Greetings fellow survivors, So there are a lot of issues regarding the weekends and how the multiplier is currently in place. Here's a planning (format) that will easily fix this problem for everyone in their plannings and not be overpowered at the same time. - x2 events with taming, harvesting and XP (no breeding) should be kept up every single weekend. - X2 events with breeding, maturing, incubation, taming, harvesting and XP should be held once every 6/8 weeks. - x3 events with breeding, maturing, incubation, taming, harvesting and XP should be held once every 6 months (with a hype up and communication at least 4 weeks before the weekend). - x2 events with breeding, maturing , incubation, taming, harvesting and XP should be held once every 6 months with a small twist. In stead of having it only on the weekend put it on for a full week (10 days). prefferably during holiday season like most other games do. I think the most important issue and fix with the schedule above is that we actually get a planning and communication about it beforehand. Currently there will be the community crunch posted on saturday which tells what kind of event we will have whilst we are already 15+ hours into the event (doesn't work well). Let me know what you guys think
  5. Hey guys, So I've breeded a rex line quite fast which I multiplied in a group with a yuty which should be able to take down manticore without too much problems. Little did I know that Manticore had a unpdate (not in the patch notes, no communication about it). So before you attempt manticore on the new server and lose 18 rex's and yuty like me here's some things to take note of: - Manticore can no longer be trapped - Manticore doesn't land as often as it used too (in the 20 minutes we were in there it landed about 4 times) - Manticore was hit by a rock golem on the head and now he flies into a wall and keeps flying up and down there (vid will be online soon) When you have a group of rex's that have legacy amounts of melee (1000%+) you should be able to do manticore in the same manner, it will just take you 8x as long as it used to. I still need to test if you are able to trap manticore with more people (like for the dragon you need 6+ people to trap it). If you have any other suggestions/idea's on how to do the manticore, feel free to share experiences and ideas
  6. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Here's a question that most player don't have YET: Why were there changes made to the manticore but not listed in the patch notes? Just lost the majority of my rex line, thanks WildCard you are doing great as always (sarcasm). Here's another question you won't awnser: Why do keep "fixing" stuff whilst all you are doing is breaking it to have at least 2 other patch notes to fix the things wrong with the initial fix. Here's another question you won't awnser: Why is the AI of the manticore that stupid at the moment that it keeps flying in a wall and lands a total of 5 times in 20 minutes? Here's another question you won't awnser: Why are you releasing a new DLC when the old DLC's are still broken (not small bugs, actual huge stuff) Here's another question you won't awnser: Considering with all the bugs in the game and the negative feedback from the community, do you feel like this game is alpha worthy? Here's another question you won't awnser: What will you do to prevent the server crashes during the weekend and the 255 ping weekends? Here's another question you won't awnser: Why are the devs or community representives not listening to the community? Here's another question you won't awnser: With the changes made to the manticore can you name 1 thing that SE (paid DLC) has over the other maps that is positive? And don't say phoenix, because that too is still broken. Here's another question you won't awnser: Will the new DLC be ready when it will be lauched? --> ready as in no huge flaws, no huge bugs, no huge laggs, enough servers so they aren't crowded. To put the question in more simple words: Will you test, for once, your stuff before you actually bring it out? (not that i'm going to buy it, not another penny going to you guys untill you learn how to spend it well) Here's another question you won't awnser: Why is there an official forum if official things are not communicated through the official forum? I can keep going with these questions you won't awnser for about an hour more, thats how sad it currently is. But I have better things to do currently
  7. Just another rant

    I doubt they do rubberduck update: So as predicted it was (ofcourse) not Wild Cards fault. It had to do with the servers in germany and appearantly there are no backups whatsoever. Still no word from any of the staff members on how this will be solved regarding lost dino's etc. and insurance this won't happen again
  8. Just another rant

    So Ark is fully released, woohooo! Yeah, no.... just no. We've had an interesting weekend, we started the weekend off by having constant 255 ping and dc's, unplayable. But we saw that coming because the devs felt the need to "fix" performance again. Keeps bugging me how they still haven't learned that if something doesn't solve an issue, DON'T touch it cause you'll BREAK it. happend about 95% of the time atm with the "performance fixes". Now during that 255 ping period it was virtually impossible to get meat, where the first batch of babies died (of which a thylacoleo 234 with best stats of both parents + a mutation which I'm still pissed af about). Than for the past 12 hours EU-PVE-Official-ScorchedEarth193 has been offline. Some of you probably have seen that the only reason I'm able to breed so much or raise in batches because I plan everything ahead. For a fully released game I think it isn't weird to expect that 1. the server will be live during the weekend and 2. that the devs don't drop the ball bigtime (again, and again, and again) by making the game litterly unplayable. This weekend was fully dedicated to my rex bloodline and I currently have 19 rex babies who should've been on 60% mature at the moment. In stead they are currently 26% matured, meaning that they will die tomorrow. So we've got a couple of issues here and I'm just wondering how Wild Card is going to set this straight. The first issue is: people have lost a boatload of dino's due to the pingissue at the start of the weekend. The second issue is that some (not sure which and how many but 193 is one of them) servers were unplayable for about 75% of the weekend up untill now. Does this mean I get my 19 rex's back? And what about that Thyla? What about the time lost on x2? What about the ko'd dino's before the server went offline and the people that can't make it back in time? Do we get compensation? Do we get any kind of refund? Here's whats going to happen: Wild Card is going to blame some one else (Nitrado) for the server being offline and it wasn't Wild Card's fault. Because after all it is not their game so not their responsibility. For refunds YOU have to contact THEM just so they can make you wait for aprox 4-14 days before you get a response. And in that response there is 1 of many awnsers, but a fair solution, nope. Above is ofcourse not going to happen, they're not even going to bother to reply to their player base, why should they. We already payed (educational: You can ask for a refund up untill 1.999 hours played, just make sure to note these dates of servers offline and insane pings down). I really am curious whats going to happen next, but most likely and as always nothing.
  9. v271.15- Further improved performance of ?bRawSockets servers by eliminating threading "critical sections"- Added -nonetthreading option for bRawSockets servers to only utilize a single thread for networking (useful to improve performance for machines with more servers than cpu cores, especially on Linux) Can you stop "fixing" things. Every single time there is a fix on performance we have to deal with huge laggs the first few days before another patch 271.17 or 271.2 comes out with "fixed what we just fixed to fix the things we intended to fix". Its an endless cycle, just leave the performance as it is or do some more testing before taking it live... The game is alpha, not beta anymore where the players are the testsubjects. From the moment x2 started server193 has been unplayable, normally we'd have 40-70 players online at this time, currently 10 in game because the lagg pisses everyone off... @Jatheish
  10. Imprints are every 3-4 hours, each imprint round takes about 30 minutes. So that means over the weekend I spent a minimum of 6 hours in game over a period of 48 hours. On a regular weekend I spent about 10-15 hours in game, I woudn't say thats very addictive its time-management and making the most of every minute in game
  11. Usually I sleep about 4-6 hours a night and than I have 1 day in the week or 1 day in 2 weeks where I sleep 8-9 hours in 1 night
  12. The fix for SE we all want

    So a well discussed issue by the community is the thunderstorms on SE and the lose of power during these. I haven't seen (unfortunatly) a reply from the devs yet regarding this whether they think about doing something to improve it or don't want to do it at all. Here's a solution that works out for everybody in my opinion. - Have manticore Hard unlock the Tek Lightning Rod. Or Tek cooler. This item can be attached to the electricity network which will prevent shutdown during thunder storms. The same for the Tek cooler that can be an add-on to the normal or tek generator which will prevent it from degrading. For PvP have a 1/25 chance during that either of these items will break and degrade to dust, for PvE have them permanent without degradation. Let me know what you guys think
  13. Do not agree with this in the slightest. I have a full time day job + a full time bachelor, so I'm quite busy too as you can imagine. Yet with time management I manage to raise any amount of wyverns (last record was 43 wyverns solo) with 70%+ imprint on all of them. On x2 if you start friday evening (after work) the wyverns will be done sunday evening and you'll be able to get back to work on monday without any issues. Changing this to 24h will just crash wyvern prices and make them obselete to breed for trades.
  14. Wyverns viewing distance

    Got confirmed that this was a last minute call because they coudn't get the performance issues fixed as how they wanted so they the render distance is lowered. Dino's that are out of render distance (of all players) freeze and do not move at all. If you leave render distance of a wyvern and you go back in you'll see it hovering the air idle for 1 second before continueing his path to fly (often with some teleports lol). There was 1 level 95 female fire wyvern above my base about 3 days ago. no1 flied in render of that wyvern (was high in tha sky) untill I did and it was in the exact same spot as I left it; didn't despawn either. Will probably get fixed when they have the original solution for performance issues out. Ofcourse after bringing it out once, failing with huge laggs and dc's (again) and than fix it like its supposed to be. A tip for the ones that are grabbing aggro of wyverns with longnecks: fly in render and wait till it gets closer to the side you are grabbing aggro from. Land fast shoot fast and get the hell outta there even faster (you can't see them anymore from edge if they are deep in scar)
  15. Upload item timers

    I'm not going to spend hours on getting proof for WC who is too lazy to come in the server and take a look themselfs. proof: "evidence or argument establishing a fact or the truth of a statement." proof regarding ark: "2.5 hour video from 8 different angles edited with all names floating alongside characters". A screenshot alone, let alone a full video, should be reason enough for WC or any GM (depending on the situation), to actually come in the server and check it out. We're out of beta mate, stop putting it all on the players