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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. How much ingots do you have stored?

    Usually I play like 2 hours a day and in the weekends depending if I'm breeding or not a bit longer. The difference with most is that when I go on a metal trip I'd get per metal trip around 8k ingots (16-19k raw) and I do 3 trips in a row which is not longer than 1 hour in total. Other than that I've gotten quite some stuff out of trading too, just get a line that you privatly breed and tame all the stats for it and eventually after months of small bits of work you can generate an income with your work. It's not about putting in the most hours to get the most stuff, its about chilling with music on and being efficient with knowing what to do and how to do it.
  2. How much ingots do you have stored?

    Fiber I don't hold because you can do tens of thousands within a few minutes with a good theri, so there is no need to keep that stored for me Hide I keep because the moment you are going to make asc rex saddles with high armour you'll need a few 100k hides depending on how much saddles you want to make, which you can't farm within a short period of time. Asc saddles for rex's quickly cost you 12k hide each. I just store the hides in kibble dino's, they can hold 60k hide each so its easy to see how much you have in storage. Other than that I'm breeding quite a lot so I do a lot of meatruns where I get loads of hide, if I store that hide that I get on meatruns I don't have to put in extra effort to farm hide.
  3. Plain and simple, how much ingots do you currently have in storage? I currently have: 230k pure ingots almost a vault filled with metal structures (beh sets, walls, ceilings, pillars and foundations) which comes down to 350-400k (too lazy to calc exactly ) Edit: - Also have 270-280k hide in storage - 20k crystal + greenhouse building matts - 60k+ CP
  4. Forum tribes wipe

    lol april 2017, I just saw 28 april My bad haha, thanks
  5. Forum tribes wipe

    @Chris: Dit this already happen? I've just made a new tribe like 5 minutes ago, so the ability is on again or is still upcoming? Have a lot of topics and typing to do there so would like to know before I actually put the hours in Thanks
  6. LOL, thanks They had a few tough questions sitting there for a while now which they skipped the last 2 digests and now they're stopping the whole thing xD. Might be better tho if they live by the words "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything".
  7. Post #20.000 When is Q&A community crunch coming again?
  8. Market Trading Value

    Crossark trading there is a general conversion yes that basicly is the same as legacy which is base on how hard certain things are to get or how much efforts it takes. as example 1 ingot is 0.5 poly. The big difference now is that there are almost no people left who take metal ingots as payment, as for myself I only take small amounts of metal ingots in orders but anything above 7.5k I won't accept ingots anymore since they are useless to me. you don't have to be that advanced to be able to do 50-200k ingots in a x2 weekend. without playing 24/7 ofcourse. Now if I do 50-200k ingots a weekend and someone offers me 25k ingots for a level 329 base thyla for example thats just utter bs since that is litterly 3 solo metal trips for me in exchange for 6 months+ of breeding. So for that payment you look at other options (tek, other dino's, rare bp's etc.) General things you're able to buy with metal only, higher things usually not anymore. Here is my conversion list:
  9. Electricity in the desert

    build bottom 5 pillars with metal, rest up with stone, make a platform under cable and snap it, if it doesn't snap go 1 unit up/down. or move the cable 1 unit up/down as for the generator that can be inside your base snapped to your network, I'm guessing that you have all the cables set up 1/8 units into the top of ur foundations? generators will still snap on that
  10. Electricity in the desert

    make sure its in a 100% area, place 2 in stead of 1, when glitched go out of render and come back. Put the cables in your base first and than snap the windmills and generator on the cables, not the other way around
  11. Tribes adjustment

    Can we have a private place for forum tribes to have a chat, discuss things or make topics in the tribe area which only can be accesed by tribemembers themself. Main reason is I want to discuss some things with the main breeders and traders from PvE without everyone seeing it due to privacy reasons.
  12. General Chat

    As we all know there is a huge annoyance if it comes to global chat. Is Ark thinking about the option to either mute single players / tribes that you don't see their trash in the global chat or general guidelines/rules regarding the general chat. Currently we have serveral region servers like NA, EU, OC etc. How about we get on a short term basis some general rules regarding the global chat and no I'm not talking about a profanity filter. I'm talking about that if you're on a NA server, where the native language is english, that you actually talk english in global chat and not [][][][] [][][] cyka [][] 34 [][][]? For EU servers you can give options to either speak french/german/english and whatever language you want in tribe/local/alliance. Same goes for all the other region servers that there are some general rules about it and that there is an instant penalty (for example first offence = 1 week unable to use any chat at all. 2nd offense 1 month, 3rd offence 6 months, 4th offense global ban 1 month etc.) This should solve a lot of griefing problems to start with and free up lots of time for the GM's to focus on more important things.
  13. Electricity in the desert

    place a 1 generator on the cables and you'll have infinate powered cable lenght. the generetor doesn't have to run but I like to put gas in it and put it on the option where it will kick on if there is no other source of electricity
  14. What did you do for your community this week?

    Been hosting alpha manticore for the server where people only have to come with their character and I provide all dino's and what not. Helped several people free their rex's from under the map since they didn't want to wait 1.5 month for a GM to reply been working on a secret cross server event which is a buttload of work but it will be worth it in the end. Did a promo last weekend on the eggs I have for sale with 50% discount on the 2nd egg for the more newer players Have a "SALE" tab in my trading post which contains high level stuff for cheap, mainly targetted at newer players that need to get set up Gave away a few wyverns and dino's to people who lost their wyverns/dino's due to lagg/glitches/bugs or just unfortunate timing
  15. Why not make Storage Servers?

    You sure I havent? Well professor since you did a full out in depth research, enlighten us. Edit: hint: there is an instatution that does the research on the gaming industry, including in depth data regarding griefing in the industry as a whole, not just ark. I'll leave the publishing of the data up to you mr. Professor