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  1. Usually I sleep about 4-6 hours a night and than I have 1 day in the week or 1 day in 2 weeks where I sleep 8-9 hours in 1 night
  2. The fix for SE we all want

    So a well discussed issue by the community is the thunderstorms on SE and the lose of power during these. I haven't seen (unfortunatly) a reply from the devs yet regarding this whether they think about doing something to improve it or don't want to do it at all. Here's a solution that works out for everybody in my opinion. - Have manticore Hard unlock the Tek Lightning Rod. Or Tek cooler. This item can be attached to the electricity network which will prevent shutdown during thunder storms. The same for the Tek cooler that can be an add-on to the normal or tek generator which will prevent it from degrading. For PvP have a 1/25 chance during that either of these items will break and degrade to dust, for PvE have them permanent without degradation. Let me know what you guys think
  3. Do not agree with this in the slightest. I have a full time day job + a full time bachelor, so I'm quite busy too as you can imagine. Yet with time management I manage to raise any amount of wyverns (last record was 43 wyverns solo) with 70%+ imprint on all of them. On x2 if you start friday evening (after work) the wyverns will be done sunday evening and you'll be able to get back to work on monday without any issues. Changing this to 24h will just crash wyvern prices and make them obselete to breed for trades.
  4. Wyverns viewing distance

    Got confirmed that this was a last minute call because they coudn't get the performance issues fixed as how they wanted so they the render distance is lowered. Dino's that are out of render distance (of all players) freeze and do not move at all. If you leave render distance of a wyvern and you go back in you'll see it hovering the air idle for 1 second before continueing his path to fly (often with some teleports lol). There was 1 level 95 female fire wyvern above my base about 3 days ago. no1 flied in render of that wyvern (was high in tha sky) untill I did and it was in the exact same spot as I left it; didn't despawn either. Will probably get fixed when they have the original solution for performance issues out. Ofcourse after bringing it out once, failing with huge laggs and dc's (again) and than fix it like its supposed to be. A tip for the ones that are grabbing aggro of wyverns with longnecks: fly in render and wait till it gets closer to the side you are grabbing aggro from. Land fast shoot fast and get the hell outta there even faster (you can't see them anymore from edge if they are deep in scar)
  5. Upload item timers

    I'm not going to spend hours on getting proof for WC who is too lazy to come in the server and take a look themselfs. proof: "evidence or argument establishing a fact or the truth of a statement." proof regarding ark: "2.5 hour video from 8 different angles edited with all names floating alongside characters". A screenshot alone, let alone a full video, should be reason enough for WC or any GM (depending on the situation), to actually come in the server and check it out. We're out of beta mate, stop putting it all on the players
  6. Upload item timers

    We are out of the Beta and the game is Alpha atm. I coudn't care less if someone duped or not since I'm only playing PvE and yes there is more than enough proof of people duping that I know personal off. Woudn't it be logical for WC dev's to follow how fast people are growing on the new servers? Trust me not all them grow as legit as you think And even I did send proof, what would happen? I'd have to wait about 6 weeks for a reply, than an "investigation" will happen, and then i'll get an awnser with "theres not enough proof". Exactly the same as is happening now with this tribe blocking area's around my whole base. I sent in a ticket, 48 hours later still no reply and I don't expect a reply or any help for the upcoming 4 weeks out of experience. Its like ark is asking for help to catch dupers but when it comes to other things that are also against WC rules and those are reported there is always the same format awnser or no awnser at all. Its a 2-way stream my friend, not gonna paddle stream up by myself
  7. Wyverns viewing distance

    nope not at all, official servers (new ones). I'm hearing from more people that they have the same problem but with all dino's not just wyverns
  8. Wyverns viewing distance

    Lets start off by saying that I currently have 300+ hours in the scar in legacy and raised over 250 wyverns in total, so you'd think I know a thing or two about wyvern behaviour, the scar etc. Yesterday I was just flying on my pte above the scar and normally when you fly above the scar and look down you see wyverns, yet this time the scar was completely empty (or so I thought). The moment I went down 2 wyverns render in my face, litterly in attacking distance (1 light ofc.... and 1 poison). I survived and got away. When I went back I thought it was my own fault for not noticing them earlier, so I fly above the scar again and yet again completely empty. This time I went in very slowly and fully focused and noticed every time that a wyvern only renders in when he is in attacking distance. Now most of you will be like "narb ur playing on low viewing distance", nope I actually play on all settings Ultra/Epic with a few tweaks to get rid of that awful bloom and thats it. Please get this fixed or at least let us know whether it will get fixed or not, so I can implement my alter strategies fully.
  9. Upload item timers

    So its still not entirly clear to me as of why the timers has been introduced to Ark on items. At first I thought it was for the new official servers so that people can not transfer 1000 pillars when a new server is released and claim the whole map for themselves (which makes sense), but that wasn't the case. Than I thought it was that perfect example of how pve suffers of pvp updates that it was to prevent an alpha tribe of 20+ players to take control of all servers in pvp (which again makes kinda sense), but this wasn't the case either. It was for preventing duping. Now for all I know from a little bit of research is that the way people dupe is to upload items, then go ahead and crash the server on purpose with whatever build they made to do so and when the server comes back online they have duped it (or however that works). Does this prevent duping at all? Not at all, it just slows it down. That handfull of people that exploit dupes are not able to dupe as fast anymore but they are still able to do so without a doubt. All this update is doing currently is preventing trades to actually do some fast trades or transfer kibble from one server to another for a tame. By the time you are done uploading and downloading your kibble your tame is either killed, tamed by another person or woke up (this happend to me yesterday with a 135 doedic that woke up before I could upload the kibble..) Trying to prevent duping is a good thing but it shoudn't be something where the whole community suffers from it. The upload timers should be put on persons/tribes with "suspicious" behaviour or track down well-known dupers and perm ban them from official servers without any discussions. Most importantly name and shame them in public so that people actually can see what happens when attempting to dupe items in Ark. Making people fear the consequences would be way more effective than the current system and they would think twice before attempting to dupe. Moreover the community doesn't have to suffer consequences from those kind of rotten apples. You can even add a fun twist to it where the alpha alien guardian comes down and destroys every single structure/item they made and makes them his prisoners for eternity (to make the duped items discontinued). On another note I strongly believe that new servers should have a restriction on downloads for the first 2-5 hours of the server. Purely to prevent tribes like "rise 'n shine" from server 193 SE to claim half of the map just to annoy people. This should include character transfers, if you want to play with your levelled character on a new map you should wait untill the restriction is relieved to have a fair chance for everybody to get the most common build places. I hope that @Jat, @Jarvis, @Stark and @Jen get to read this and find sense in what I'm expressing here, keep surviving
  10. Something everyone tends to forget at the moment

    It always has been double standards with wildcard, they could implement things like botwatch and stuff (battleeye does not prevent these things) and enforce them on legacy too but doubt it too, the main question was about the forums, inbe4 the whole trading section gets deleted for new servers, that would be just a shame. The double standards will still stay on officials I reckon, you'd still have to be quite lucky to get a reply on any ticket let alone actually getting a reasonable response. So even griefing/kiting/claiming grounds will still be an issue on new servers I guess since as the replies on my tickets always said: "this is currently not against wildcard rules, closed." There is still so much that needs to be improved that I honestly dont feel the game is ready for official release. Just stop and think for a second: when was the last time ark had an update which didn't need an (almost) insant update to fix the things broken in the original fix? Release date ark will be offline because they dont prepare the servers for massive data flow and I'll bet you there will be instantly at least 2 things that will go wrong and will need fixing. I dont know, we'll see I guess. Just prepare ur topics, comments and tickets because as of 29th we are no longer the "testers" and stuff better be good
  11. Everyone is quite busy raging and ranting at wildcard for basicly "pulling the plug" on the legacy servers and deleting a lot of more servers than promised but there's something that everyone forgot to ask at the moment. what will happen to the forums, in particular the trading forum. Are we going to get a chaos mixed forum legacy + official + PvE + PvP? Or are there actually some plans in place to seperate these things? Another thing is if the legacy servers are no longer being supported by wildcard does that mean that wildcard rules still apply to those servers or will it become just a duping/cheating/griefing fest in there?
  12. When did Scorched Earth stop being free?

    well basicly SE is completly useless atm. Manticore has been added to ragnarok too so also rip that perk of having SE. The only reason you buy SE now is to get stuck in sandstorms and see your generators get blown up by thunder storms. Oh and when you do decide to go out and have some fun taming something or breeding something you'll realize that the levels of SE are basicly max 45 in stead of 150 and spoil time goes fast so down that you can forget doing mass breeding sessions without tek troughs (btw the TEK generator is also being shut down by thunder storms). Fun times
  13. can't pickup fertilized wyvern eggs

    same thing on my SE server Been past a couple of servers all servers are the same at the moment
  14. ARK Digest Q&A!

    First of all nice job on the last Ark Digest. 1) Will there be a Scorched Earth (paid DLC) rework with some unique features to SE which will have a positive impact. A.e not more sandstorms/thunder storms, but higher level dino's (in average) or new dino's that get added to paid DLC's only (like the upcoming phoenix, would love to see more of that). 2) Will there be a farmer rework (more crops, more options, more mechanics). A.e a bonsai tree in a plant pot that can hold 2 vultures when full grown 3) Will there be anything done about the dino taming limit per tribe? Currently tribes are being split up in tribes of 2 players whilst we'd rather play with all 8 in 1 tribe together but due to the taming limit this is impossible. A.e personal taming limit rather than tribe taming limit.
  15. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Lets type up a summary of all the topics that I've started in the suggestion forum up untill now, with some new idea's features. - Make Scorched Earth usefull As of right now (since the release of Ragnarok on pc) Scorched earth is a DLC that people have paid for to get no benefits whatsoever. Except for the fact that you can tame a Rock Golem. A bit pricy for 1 extra dino in my opinion. SE needs (imo) several fixes for it to be actually worth it to have a main base there and actually play/buy that map. In short: - Increase spawn of higher level dino's on SE (currently main spawn = level 35 max for a 'hardcore map') - Don't let the TEK generator be affected by thunder storms (tek tier for a reason) - Make it that on ragnarok max wyvern eggs are 150-160 and on SE more 150+ spawns (currently other way around where ragnarok has many 150+ spawns and SE many 100- spawns) - Give SE an unique positive feature (As example reduced breeding time interval because the heat makes the dino’s hot, or a dino that can upkeep your base (repair generator, pet dino’s, pick up eggs/poop, clean base - PvE only!)) - Give people worth their money on SE with unique cool features that also have positive effects which want you to go there. Another thing that many people are waiting for and is mentioned earlier in this topic, several times, is a farmer joe rework. Give our hillbilly farmers new features, new crops, decorations etc. (more specific: fruit tree’s, tree’s for wood, mushroom/rare flower patches, silk patches, fiber, araneo banana plant etc.) Furthermore an addition to tribe management would be nice. As example for the current traders or community tribes who have dino’s set to “personal” have to wait for the actual owner to come online to trade. It would be nice to see that you could make a “trade group” as personal owner which every tribemember (or admin+ depending on governance) can unclaim. Another thing would be the long lasting PvE vs PvP issues. It would be nice to actually see a difference and a clear line between PvE and PvP. The main reason for this is that PvE players have to deal with nerfs that are mainly ment for PvP. Simple example for this is the flyer nerf. This doesn’t mean that the flyer needs to be cancelled in PvE, but a great solution for this could be PvE only augmentations on saddles. Where you could augment +10%/20%/30% etc. speed or armour in the saddle for fair resource cost of course and a max number of augmentations. Other things I’d like to see in short: - More building mechanics for decorative bases - Decorative items for in your base (plantpots a.e) - A safe trading system at obelisk where you don’t have to transfer items (grand exchange) - Clearity on the progress of the kibble rework (is this still a thing or are we going to keep kibbles in game) - Quetzal not turning his head towards you blocking you in every way possible (very annoying, already burned 2 quetzals to death because they blocked me non stop) - The ability to pickup wild dinos with flyers in PvE - Fix on the glitched wyverns/glitched wyvern eggs - Ability to put tribe in “vacation mode” for solo tribes (ability can only be activated once per year for a duration of 20 days maximum, PvE only) - Put dino taming limit per person in stead of per tribe, currently it only promotes making 3 different tribes with friends in stead of actually playing together in 1 tribe. (the limit should be around 500 per person in stead of 500/tribe. So 3 people in tribe is 1500 taming limit in tribe) - Skin unlock in game when reached flak armour on forum, to improve and maintain activity - More snapping options for items (a.e. vaults/box’s next to eachother and snap on wall) I probably still forgot over half of the ideas I had so there might be a second post soon. Please leave a like if you agree with this. Zero Seconds