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  1. What are the guidelines on this? Where is the limit between Intentionally filling the server and actually using the dino's (for example 200-400 dino's that are bred at least once a week) Is this something the GM team will do pro-activly or do we have to report people first before GM's take a look at it? I got about 10 tribes divided over 4 servers with 450+ tames each which mainly are jerboa's/vultures/wolfs/sabers/rex's/dodo's etc. and all low level. And my last question: What will the sanction be for spamming? Is it going to be again like first 15 warnings before removing the tames or is it just a message up ahead with "you have 24 hour to fix yo poop or we'll fix it for you". and giving away 30 day bans for repeating offenses (all structures decay including tek). Its a good rule and I'm happy with it but it will be no benefit whatsoever if it isn't enforced.
  2. Currently the new servers are on par with legacy servers except for rex/giga stats. The rest new server has on par or even better. If you're a bit of an effiency player you can get to the point where you are at right now in legacy in the new server well within a month. You know what to do and where to build yada yada. Still I don't blame ya
  3. Lol ur obviously a fresh soul. "Quick" is something we do not know here unless its pushing out incomplete updates
  4. So in the next 2 weeks we'll see (possible) solutions for the cap issue that has been going on to long and the pillar spamming in the community crunches? Things to keep in mind: - Dino gates protect resources and cost more than pillars (less likely to spam) - Since it is not possible to grab wild dino's with your flyers there are a lot of traps in PvE. Let traps decay faster as they're usually only used for 1 tame. Talking about the 2x2 foundation with ramp trap, not wyvern trap or w/e - To prevent waking up to a rock elemental party in your base you have to secure it with either dino gates or beh gates, don't let these decay faster. - Pillars are not only used to protect spawns but also to protect main roads. With the current code of conduct a dev will always tell you to take a detour since that is possible even tho it is litterly 15 minutes more walking, or he'll tell you to fly over it . Really annoying for the meat runs. For the cap: - Pixelgreedy people always have sheep or jerboa's for example on wander in base. Not 10-20, but litterly 400 of them in an allianced tribe. - Cap per person/per tribe is not the solution. Too easy to work around this. - FRESH servers is not the solution as they are capped before you can even transfer things in. - Ragnarok is by far the most capped map due to spoil timers (improving spoil timers of all the other maps already helps, including SE from 0.33 to 0.66-0.85 for example. - Raft spam is real In general: Be pro-active with enforcing your rules in stead of going through the report proces which easily takes up 2 months+. Make a random list of 3 servers per day for the GM's that they have to inspect (can easily inspect a full general server within 30-45 minutes with the GM features). Or have once every 2 weeks 2 full days of inspections and no appointments. Actually start banning people for abusing the rules and show it to the community that WC finally grew some kohona's.
  5. I've said it with the last update and I'll say it again about this update: The only way this is going to work is if the enforcement team is actually gonna get their poop together and start banning people that clearly grief. Stop with the lazy fix's that is not going to solve anything at all. You guys have proven yourself over and over that coding something into the game that actually will work because of its complexity is something you can NOT do. Stop trying... seriously.. All you have to do to fix this problem is have a 1 week banning marathon on all pillaring assholes and put it in the code of conduct and than actually enforce it. Stop wasting time in developing failed mechanics and start using it usefull to actually solve the problem. @Jen You know what I have to say as I've said it before to you and now I won't say it again. If you don't know it by know, you'll never know.
  6. @Jatheish Is it an idea to allocate all the upcoming *FRESH* servers to PvE to attack the taming cap problem? Main reason is that if you have to many PvP servers you will divide their players too much which will result in no actual PvP being done, which than in time will result in people quitting because there is not enough action. @Jen For the upcoming event if you want to have faster approval from the community with new events post some statistics for people to see, communities always like that. As for example the kings harvest event, post the amount of resources gathered on average on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and than after the event post how much was gathered during the event. Same for cooking, post how much burgers and drinks are made aprox. daily/weekly/monthly and after the event post the numbers of the event. Thats how you actually pull the community towards you and have a way higher approval rate.
  7. Yeah dat true gp, but lets be honest this wasn't the best Evo Event to start with. Start with one that will be fun 100% without impacting servers, for instance x2 damage output with x2 harvesting and x2 xp. Than you already have acceptance from the first event and the following events you'll get way better feedback. Now people are already disgusted so no matter what comes its not going to be good enough. Weak decision making by whoever that decision was honestly
  8. What the hell are we supposed to do with this? The only way this has a positive outcome is with the message: This weekend we are doing something different in the Evolution Event! In preperation of reworking the whole kibble system we'll host x3 crop growth in this weekend's Event! Make sure to make all of your eggs into kibbles as we have more surprises coming soon! You're a community manager @Jen, you've been around long enough to know what will have an impact on the players and what not. Things that do have an impact and you know people will start about on the forum it might be a good idea to use some communication skills to bring the message in a positive way so that it is accepted. Maybe start caring a little more about the players who actually play the game
  9. I believe its hard coded. Island is seen as the 'normal' spoil time. than you have SE which is x0.3 and ragnarok which is x1.3 or 1.4 I believe. Center is the same as island. It's mainly about the baby phase of how long you need to handfeed it for. For instance if you leave your thyla's on island at 5% or whatever they should make it to juvy without any more feeding according to the breeding calculator. If you leave thyla's on 8% on SE they still die.
  10. We talked about it beforehand, yet somehow people were still able to download their levelled characters into the new servers. I believe you can guess how frustrating that is right? We're about 12-15 hours into the new servers, people already have unfair advantages which is against the rules. How about you wipe all of the new servers without any announcement (since people coudn't bring stuff in and if they did they were not supposed to) and delay the release a day or 2?
  11. First off thank you for your reply, appreciate that. With all due respect but I've dealt with quite some griefers, the proces for me was up untill now always the same with 1 exception. Griefer -> gather proof (usually 12-20 weeks) -> make a report -> get a reply and for the next 12+ weeks nothing happens. Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about 1 incident or a grief action that was an accident but long term and ofcourse I understand that GM's can't go around and start banning half the playerbase but when there is solid proof it still the same e-mail awnser you get. Usually that ends in a few people of server (PvE) wiping them off the server making them quit the game and solve it that way. The one time that the incident report did work was when litterly 8+ tribes were waging war on this griefer (can't say it wasn't fun :$) Anyways regarding the pillars I fully understand that this is not an easy problem to solve. For example you can't incorporate a max amount of region you can claim because some people (especially in PvE) love to make huge beautifull buildings. You can't make a max amount of pillars either because else people will go to foundations/gates etc. The only fast and easy way to solve this problem (that I can think of right now) is to put the GM's 2 blocks per day on pillar hunting for 1 week straight. Let them wipe all of the pillars at once and put a sanction that doesn't hurt too much on them for instance 1 month no taming/breeding/building or something (not a ban yet). After that week put all of that information in the community crunch on how many tribes have been dealt with and what kind of sanctions they got with the message that every one who gets caught with excessive use of pillars/claimings will get dealt with according to the rules, no more warnings. That way you its not some rule in the books but it's an actual action that will be enforced as shown. That will make people think twice before pillaring the ragnarok beach from bay of hope all the way into the desert biome and around red obby. If you however choose to incorporate it into the game's coding than please don't forget to think about the area's that are claimed against griefers. For example on my SE server I've set up stone dino gates around the 3 main metal mountains surrounding green obelisk. The dino gates do not block spawns, but they do block people from building there. This is to make sure everyone can farm their metal without giving the option to a salty player to block metal spawns. Would be cool if you would just pick out a few people from the trading forum or active forum users (PvE and PvP) and have a session of about an hour or so sparring with eachother exchanging idea's and impacts. I think that would be a huge improvement on some updates. Ofcourse not for every single subject, but more just for these kind of problems.
  12. So if I understand it correct no items can be downloaded into the servers but you upload from it for the first 60 days. But does this only account for items or can people pull shady things and download lvl 130 characters on new servers again? Also what is the long term plan for the PvE servers to clean up all the pillars that are not even near a base (grief pillars), because we both know there will be a poopstorm after the 60 days and probably even faster Or are these extra servers for PvP only and just a few extra PvE because you have to? As only Alpha tribes are mentioned as always and nothing from PvE.
  13. Hey @cad I'm back again I realized this weekend the one last thing that is essential for me that I'm currently missing to be way more efficient in breeding. You probably know crumplecorn's breeding calculator (it calculates how long you need to handfeed it and how long your current buffer is. The only flaw in this app is that I've heard from some people that it is outdated but works fine for the most part, except for other maps. For example on ragnarok the spoil timers are longer and on SE the spoil time is x0.3 (which is where I play) Would you be able to incorporate something like this in the ark breeder app where you could choose the map you are playing and it applies the correct spoil timers for that map?
  14. LOL, thanks They had a few tough questions sitting there for a while now which they skipped the last 2 digests and now they're stopping the whole thing xD. Might be better tho if they live by the words "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything".
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