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  1. DMSO

    Its possobile to have small base on surface ?

    that's as far as you can go on entry to redzone, didnt test all spots on the actual surface, but didnt find one where it is possible to build without the base being destroyed by sunlight.
  2. not going to do it because i dont play on that cluster, BUT: raiding involves some tames beining killed in the process of getting in oO? no base is unraidable, just look at some megatribe bases send me some screens and i'll tell u a weakness if u rly want to^^
  3. DMSO

    Tell your favorite time for an earthquake

    building... always during building, it seems ark knows when im about to place some stuff
  4. DMSO

    pve Boss recommendations

    currently testing 18 spinos + 1 yuty + 1 daedon vs rag dragon seems kinda promising so far, especially regarding the river in the arena^^
  5. DMSO

    pve 3 players kill dragon alpha?

    atm testing bossfight with spinos^^ seems to work quite nice so far
  6. DMSO

    pve 3 players kill dragon alpha?

    Rag strategy: dinos: 1x yuty, 19x rex (or 18 + 1 daedon) tasks: 1 players guides rexes, 1 player kites manticore, 1 player kites rockgolems away before fight: split the rexes in 2 taming groups, that way its way safer to kill the boss^^ spawn inside arena: 1) whistle passive on all dinos, wait till dragon lands, buff up with yuty 2) whistle rexgrp 1 to atk dragon, ignore manticore 3) whistle rexgrp 2 to walk behind dragon, then whistle atk: kill dragon (burst) 4) whistle passive, wait till all rexes got unstuck, 1 guy kites the manticore (take aggro with shotgun), noone can atk manticore besides the guy kiting it 5) let manticore land, let it melee atk a dino, then whistel atk all rexes 6) at 75% there are rockgolems spawning: 1 player takes aggro, kites and leads them away on the other end of the arena, noone else atks the golems (whistle passive when u dont atk manticore with rexes) 7) rinse and repeat till its dead most of the time the player on the yuty kites the manticore
  7. get more hp, u wont need that much dmg anyways, ur rexes will take care of that^^ yuty just needs to survive and tank the manticore while u kite it, stam should be fine i think
  8. DMSO

    Best location for aberration ??

    on PvE: we first built a temporary base near the river, then moved up to one of the floating islands and completely built around it^^ on one of them there are 3 big metal nodes, no water though. With progressing more and more we built a farmbase in blue near one of the lakes for metal, a redgembase in the radiationzone (used for lvling dinos aswell) to park the anky during x2 and a base near the surface to farm element ore and drops^^ on PvP: search for a small hidng place, dont tame alot of dinos when ur solo or a small tribe and put focus on near metal nodes^^
  9. DMSO

    what food for ravenger is best?

    pls dont use a metal AXE, use the pick^^
  10. we'Re breeding spinos/megalos atm, maybe ill try bossfights then, ill add u if im on it^^
  11. DMSO

    pve Alpha dragon boss

    is it possible to kill alpha dragon with aberrant spinos? 51 melee, 47 hp
  12. DMSO

    SOTF needs revival ;-)

    <-- needs sotf trophys yet, so bring it back pls
  13. DMSO

    Bring Back SotF

    maybe its just too complicated to import new stuff and balance it for br modus?