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  1. well... why not deactivate the chair for pvp, it has literally no use deactivate being able to place sleeping bags in enemy territory no cryoing while being grabbed this would be rly easy to do and fix a lot of meshing methods. Im aware that people will always find a way to break the game, BUT... cmon there are so many holes in the maps, how about setting a map up properly. When extinction was released i myself found like 5 holes in the first day by accident... BY ACCIDENT, i didnt even look for it. Some where like "oh, theres mesh looking through the texture, big enough to even fly a ptera through the hole"... No need for meshing methods, just fly through the map. Idk why any game developer would publish maps with that amount of holes... Its not about fixing meshing, its about making it as hard as possible and all wc did was implement stuff that makes it even easier
  2. pff, i reported the insulting, no reason to go that route... the fun thing is going to be: how fast will wc actually react, normally it takes ages until someone official replies this one is gonna blow up under them bigtime, like RLY, whoever decided to ban a youtuber this big without a warning for a video thats not even showing himself a 100% certain... welp, i guess: lean back, get popcorn and watch wc forums, twitter burn €: He's not showing anything new. There is nothing in his video that people don't already know about, at least those that play PVP. He is just being greedy trying to up his viewer count by attracting a certain kind of player and its backfired big time. its not about showing, its about publishing, apparently thats the only way wc actually reacts and fixes their stuff, worked before
  3. oh yeah, bc its so much easier to ban a ytuber who is showing the bugs in their game in singleplayer instead of banning the actual meshers that exploit it in pvp, thank god i quit this game
  4. DMSO

    PVE Servers Crashing

    466 not playable, the server is still online, but you have an abnormal high ping and cant do anything or disconnect due to timeout all the time:
  5. uhh, the yellow on the mana is nice
  6. Breed: Manas Velonas Gigas get BPs: Tek-Armor Tek-WEapons Tek-Mek Enforcer / Scout Go and explorer the other Maps with those possibilities, like doing alpha dragon with velonas and so on. Extinction is not planned as a map that leads to more stacking of dinos, its the end of the ark story.
  7. DMSO


    just walk up to it with a mana/owl: freeze and place spikes around it, start shooting, done
  8. DMSO

    kiting corrupted

    if you have no prove: none
  9. just used one, works fine for me, official
  10. extinction is actually not that hard, its not meant for new players, its for old "veterans". if u know what youre doing, its rly easy to find a good basespot, find the resources and good strategies, in pvp AND pve
  11. As alrdy posted: there are ways to defend your base, its not even that hard^^. So im for "keep them in, dont reduce reduction".
  12. We crafted the replicator at titan terminal on official servers with hardpoly.
  13. DMSO

    Water jets info

    i bet it doesnt work, test it in singleplayer, done^^
  14. well, by the time we did the full rpute, first fish were respawning^^ 1 tribemate farmed, 1 crafted
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