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  1. Ye the dc'ing is getting OLD I get dc every 20 mins on the save
  2. Nice to see u alive mate :D Good to hear from u .. Good good.. lets hope it will help ..
  3. Wildcard . The last 3 days on NA-PVE-Official-Extinction458 Been dc'ing all players on all saves.. And atm running without battle eye.. and kicking ppl.. Can someone do like @Jatheish use to and go to the servers and take a look what is going on.. I seen him on servers 2 times . When he been on a server it seem to be there stuff get fixed.. else not. Outage report is not getting any stuff done.. Did alot of report on the server but ohh well.. Nothing server still run like it is going to die.. The game is nice but the servers are running so bad atm..
  4. i been trying to login to server for 4 hours now and still going strong .. WC didnt care about any of the users.. So we not getting and info or so .. But as stupid as i am i keep playing the game
  5. 2x Egg Hatch and Gestation Speed ? forgot to turn it on ? That must give a day extra of event
  6. how long is this event going to run ?
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