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  1. Wyvern Milk........are you guys serious?

    pbbbbbt I'm just going by the "Next Unread Topic" and that's the comment I happened to see :3
  2. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    what about just dramatically increasing the amount of food dinos need to eat?
  3. best way to kill Deathworms?

    The OP stated he plays primitive. They cannot construct cannons to knock out golems.
  4. Desert/ deep sea loot crates

    Bigger radius just means a slightly longer flight time to the drops. The best way to get the drops is to actually play the server and not drop hunt like everyone else. These are unfortunately standard issues for PvE and enlarging the radius won't solve the issue.
  5. Wyvern Milk........are you guys serious?

    You can utilize a trap and tranq it from a distance. I find movement speed and high health to be very beneficial to this cause.
  6. should I start in scorched earth or transfer

    Here's my pros and cons from playing nothing but official on all maps. Scorched earth Pros: No/low population of players. High reward via drops. (lots of reds here) Materials are generally easy to access (pearls and such don't require angler fish to get to.) Cons: Map is pretty drab overall, not many things to look at like swamps and forest (it's a desert so....yeah....kinda boring) Huge contest against predators, there are loads of wolves and terrorbirds scoured around the map with a destinct lack of basic dinos like trikes and the like. Learning the new dinos strengths and weaknesses is time consuming IF you're looking for the possibility of doing PvP while mostly playing PvE (simply because there's nobody to fight) then scorched earth official is a good choice for you. As it enables you to still fight other people in other servers, but most of your time is spent away from other people.
  7. Flying into the scar

    Firstly, unless you're positive about the scar or have a reason to actually go into it. Don't bother. Otherwise, know there there IS second entrance by the beach spawn where the wyvern don't go that gives relatively easy access along with a ground based escape route.
  8. Damage + areas on Scorched Earth

    Caves with one entrance are multiplied damage caves. OR An easy way to check, is if you look into the cave and it's unrendered OR you get a loading delay when entering it. It's a damage multiplier cave. Here is a video by the way that might be able to help you
  9. PVP Tips?

    No issue, if you're on xbox we can chat about your base and such. :3 Red Harvest Rio
  10. Tek Wyvern Saddle

    Nah man, I'd love to see a fully metal wearing dragon J.S
  11. Spoil timers Scorched earth

    Unless you're like me, clutching your hatchet in your tent and hugging your sabercat hoping for the best.
  12. I just had an idea for egg-stealing!

    You can use ptera's to get eggs. Just have to observe where wyverns are. Or you know. Use your friend as bait.
  13. READ THIS! More Weapons

    I can support the majority of this idea, Not really sure about the dual wielding firearms though. However, I think knives and waraxes (great axes) would be a fantastic idea. So much of the game revolves around firearms, I feel like there should be a crit multiplyer or slash damage for using melee weapons (making them more viable in combat beyond firearms)
  14. PVP Tips?

    First off, note that if you get one foundation piece down, you can build a ceiling off it. Then, with a little manuevering you can place a pillar under the same ceiling piece to support it. Doing this strategy can help you make bases as large as you need them to be and be relativly flat. (minus the bumpy floor as the tops of the pillars will always stick out through the ceiling pieces) Do note, that pillars/ceilings are weaker that foundation pieces so they're easier to blow up, but they provide a nice crawl space under your house for hiding if you need to.) Your house should always have layers. Having a big box even with all the turrets in the world will be nothing but a cash cow. Having separate rooms with doors and hallways makes raiding harder, especially if you stick the occasional turret inside your base (or dilos, you know whatever you have at the time.) I would also recommend making "faux vaults". Rooms like they have a lot of material in them (like boxes/tables etc) but have relatively little or inexpensive loot. Though the raiders will still probably kill your tames, if they happen upon one or two faux vaults and find you're harboring nothing but crap items, usually they'll end the raid. Leaving you to enjoy your real materials elsewhere. (like in the crawl space beneath your house or in pestle and mortars near your home) If you become set up well enough, I would always recommend turret walls or death walls. Built in weaknesses to your base that when destroyed, provide a strength. For instance, you should never make a dino gate leading into your main base. Dino gates are weaker and easier to blow up than normal walls and doors. Due to the fact that hitting them with grenades and explosives is easier because of the larger hitbox and bigger subsequent gap they leave behind. However, if you were to utilize this to your advantage, for instance, making a dino gate that led into a turret nest, it might just be the thing to give your defenses the advantage over a raider. A quick anecdote, I had such a defense set up in a breeding pen of mine. When the raider opened the door, my turrets were set to survivors only. When the door came down. My turrets open fired on the survivors. They did bring soakers (stegos) but my turrets didn't shoot at them and the barricades between the turrets and the dinos effectivly just made the dinos useless. The survivors couldn't get back to their supplies and my tribe demo'd the foundations around the turrets (the encompassing walls) and allowed for a wider field of view. We raided the bodies we could find and killed whatever stegos we could until our rex's showed up. Which leads to another point. Use dinosaur gates (no doors just the frames) to make barricades against rex's and gigas. Stone ones are fine but they make decent "tank" barricades. Metal spikes are too easily stepped over or destroyed. dino gates are just super annoying to destroy and relatively cheap to produce.
  15. This is a DEFENSE against raiding. My level 10 beach bob has no say whether or not a wyvern rider comes to turn my day into a soggy potato.