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  1. hi everyone, its just me i've problems on official with pelagornis? i cant get my fishing rod when ride, ( before aberration i could do it ) so something goes wrong after the last one patch .
  2. hi guys im the only one that saw dinos disappear? i put 2 megalanias inside my house on my walls and it did just disappear they are on same position but i cant see them , i tried to relog , close game everything but still hide i cant even whistile them to move, litterally invisible but body blocking so they are there! someone got same issue ?
  3. hi guys i have no problem , and i dont know to who ask that on forum , i made some @ ------ name on my threads and i cant remove it when i edit how can i remove name players that i tagged on thread? thanks !
  4. mindwipe questions

    do you think we need fortitude on island ? acutally i got 80 but its just because i didnt know where to put points >.<
  5. mindwipe questions

    yep was doing same too but always play on main character and was thinking to do something balanced with crafting skill too but im not sure
  6. mindwipe questions

    so you dont use crafting skill?
  7. mindwipe questions

    about stats, can i ask your opinion? im alone player , i do everything how should i restat? i mean is worth put damage on pve?
  8. mindwipe questions

    oh i didnt know that so i should rewipe now right? so i can have 1 more rewipe at lv 100
  9. mindwipe questions

    wait so i can get more higher then level 100?
  10. mindwipe questions

    hi guys, im on level 99 (100% exp) and i dont know if use a mindwipe and after do level 100 or just do level 100 and use mindwipe, how much time at level 100 can i re-use it ?
  11. fishing nerf fishing discussion

    i really dont know i cant get salmon 2.0x + its too much low cooldown! for coels no problem but solmon holymoly
  12. fishing nerf fishing discussion

    lol what about cage + pachyrito?
  13. fishing nerf fishing discussion

    wait wait , more huge is more time you have to wait ? isnt randomly? ?
  14. fishing nerf fishing discussion

    DILO never saw coal HUGE LIKE THAT
  15. fishing nerf fishing discussion

    do i ask much if can you post your raft ili?