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  1. How can u do such an event when ur server as this **** ? Do u think ur server will handle it this time better?
  2. So today.. well today was a bit boring. I hatched 10 Theri Eggs killed 7 of them cus no female.. So I just stood there for 8 hours handfeeding them.. Well and I hatched 6 featherlights , 1 died due to foodbug while I was cooking a meal rip marsy.. We powerleveled our finished argent a bit and upgraded our base a bit more, but thats all. nothing special this day
  3. Just around ~630 now did my first boss fight this day. quickly learned how TheIsland is going. Pretty easy. going for SE next with my tribe after getting a bit bigger on TheIsland!
  4. Okay, today was a good day for me and my tribe We started with farming metal and building metal structures to upgrade our base. I guess we upraded 1/5 of our base right now. Thats a good start imo. Then we wen't to Lava Cave and Central Cave, our first time we did caves, besides the lower south cave which is very easy. I died in lava cave cus I fell in lava cus of a lag.. <.< lost all of my inventory .. rip ascendend flak armor yep - I were stupid enough to take my best armor in the cave.. Well.. learn from ur mistakes I guess So we had all 3 needed artifacts for broodmother, w
  5. So far: Farmed meat for my troughs and for the dinos I will hatch in some minutes, farmed stone for our builder, so he can exchange our woodwalls and ceilings with stone and metal
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