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  1. How can u do such an event when ur server as this **** ? Do u think ur server will handle it this time better?
  2. So today.. well today was a bit boring. I hatched 10 Theri Eggs killed 7 of them cus no female.. So I just stood there for 8 hours handfeeding them.. Well and I hatched 6 featherlights , 1 died due to foodbug while I was cooking a meal rip marsy.. We powerleveled our finished argent a bit and upgraded our base a bit more, but thats all. nothing special this day
  3. Okay, today was a good day for me and my tribe We started with farming metal and building metal structures to upgrade our base. I guess we upraded 1/5 of our base right now. Thats a good start imo. Then we wen't to Lava Cave and Central Cave, our first time we did caves, besides the lower south cave which is very easy. I died in lava cave cus I fell in lava cus of a lag.. <.< lost all of my inventory .. rip ascendend flak armor yep - I were stupid enough to take my best armor in the cave.. Well.. learn from ur mistakes I guess So we had all 3 needed artifacts for broodmother, we are playing on the TheIsland, so we wanted to start the fight since we had pretty good rexes So we gathered 19 Rexs and 1 Yuty and went to the Drop Point near our Base in the water.. We had to wait for like 30 min till 1 popped up. Looked funny, all this rexes on 1 little spot .. just like a dirty bag of laundry.. never saw that before. We clearly need to think about another way to position the rexs for the bossfight.. dunnow yet.. maybe an obelisc or something but the ppl on our server don't want to have more ppl at the obeliscs. tbf it is pain in the ass to move all the rexes to 1 single drop x) so we did gamma and beta broodmother, was pretty easy. just 3-4 k loss on rexs hp after both fights maybe we are ready for alpha? dunnow yet. will think about it Afterwards I played solo a bit, did the caves solo, way harder than with 3 ppl but I took my time and did it pretty easy. With a pumpgun, compound bow was it pretty easy. Still need to find a workaround for the arthopleura but I guess I will have to look something up.. can't figure out something else than just doing range attacks.. well now I am offline.. that was my day in ark pretty productive I think! have a good evening!
  4. So far: Farmed meat for my troughs and for the dinos I will hatch in some minutes, farmed stone for our builder, so he can exchange our woodwalls and ceilings with stone and metal
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