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  1. Event idea: Once a year, for one week only, all unbreedable dinos become breedable.
  2. thank you guys for all the hard work and time put into ark. never would have imagined putting over 4k hours into a game. cant wait to see what you guys come up with in the future!
  3. Appreciate the support and feedback guys. I think there were some valid points made about CoC being able to distinguish between dino spamming vs legit breeding and as well as otters falling under the category of not being easy to maintain. Definitely feel a lot better about this and we'll probably make the arrangements to begin.
  4. Hello, My tribemate and I are avid otter breeders and we are at a point with the project where we would like to mutate the 47+ stats we have. Our count of wild tamed females was over 250 the last time I checked and all would be used for mutations. Considering we will have so many "shoulder pet" dinos down, we are worried we will be violating the Code of Conduct, specifically the following portion: Intentionally filling the server tame limit via spamming tames (such as Dodo, Jerboa, or easy to ‘tame and maintain’ dinos) and/or rafts There have been reports on the forums here for tribes receiving punishment via wipes for large quantities of other shoulder dinos like glowpets, but its hard to distinguish fact from fiction in an open forum like this. It would be devastating to lose all that hard work between stats (300+ level clean) and event colors. Would love to hear some feedback on this topic, if any mods or GM's have some input that would be appreciated too!
  5. Really great work ark-artists been looking forward to seeing the amazing creations my fellow survivors have crafted. you all are real inspiring keep doing what you do!
  6. Legendary lol. Vday event news so we can plan our schedules accordingly? Going off last year's I guess.
  7. You have to press C and angle your view to where the crosshair would be looking at the berry patch as if the crosshair were present
  8. My tribemate and I have just become accustomed to telling each other times in 2 formats: 1) actual time 2) estimated time with lag "5 hours on your rex egg or 5 hours and 20 minutes with lag"
  9. Only 9 comments and usual whiners lol. Like always WC, thanks for the event and thanks for making such a kick ass game
  10. so much hype!!! so excited had to watch the trailer twice to digest all the details
  11. Thanks for the event and steady 2x devs it's greatly appreciated! Hype for EXTINCTION!!
  12. So glad we're back on a consistent 2x weekend schedule. Thanks wc this is my fav game of all time!
  13. When I saw upcoming structure changes in the title I got so excited I thought it was S+ news
  14. I know it's been previously stated but I am quite concerned that people will start building bases along side mine. Hope this is not the case
  15. previous patch notes listed the spawn as being moved away from the coast on rag
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