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Legondz's Feedback

  1. DarkAriaN left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Novus Element Gacha Clones!
    Very fast communication, cheap prices, friendly and a pleasure to trade with n_n

    Legondz was The Seller

  2. hermanoark left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Novus Element Gacha Clones!
    excellent seller, fast, practical, efficient, friendly, thank you

    Legondz was The Seller

  3. Hito left Positive feedback for a topic   

    95+ armor thyla saddle bp
    Fast and easy trade and talk, recommended

    Legondz was Trading

  4. Flaminguo left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTB JM GAS MASK (New Servers)
    we did fast trade, and he waited on ark for 30 min to keep me safe :) good trader 10/10

    Legondz was Trading

  5. Malko left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTS - 53 Weight REX STAT (UNmutated)
    Was smooth and fast even though we are not on the same time zone i think :) i recommand trading with him

    Legondz was Trading

  6. FluffyDinoPartey left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTS - 53 Weight REX STAT (UNmutated)
    smooth, patient (difficult because of timezones) but very nice trader! A+

    Legondz was The Seller

  7. Eymonlan left Negative feedback for a topic   

    Wtb rexes with 12k base hp + Will trade rex bp for good hp
    Agreed on 600 metal walls for guaranteed hp/melee rex eggs. A week later after I've farmed everything he tells me eggs are no longer available because it may have a weight stat that he is not willing to sell. Proceeds to raise prices and try to sell a single grown male for way more. Waste of my time + Don't follow through with deals.

    Legondz was The Seller

  8. SuperFreakyBob left Positive feedback   

    Excellent Seller, Cant recommend them more than enough

    Legondz was The Seller

  9. Dreads left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTS - Grown Wyverns (All Sorts)
    Traded a Wyvern. Everything went smooht. Nice Contact.

    Legondz was The Seller

  10. Moradin left Positive feedback   

    one of the best trader attitudes out there, sold me 2 griffens for a great price aswell

    Legondz was The Seller

  11. Razen left Positive feedback   

    And again a fast trade with Legondz. Thanks again mate

    Legondz was The Seller

  12. Razen left Positive feedback   

    Awesome trade with Legondz. Will definitly trade more with him. Thanks once more

    Legondz was The Seller

  13. NyanRose left Positive feedback   

    Fast, easy delivery, great trader. Would use again.

    Legondz was The Seller

  14. Jabbakoid left Positive feedback for a topic   


    Legondz was The Seller

  15. BCMFTaCtIcZZ left Positive feedback   

    Very patient trader. Waited for me to get the metal even though it took longer due to some technical difficulties.

    Legondz was The Seller

  16. Razen left Positive feedback   

    Nice and fast trader. Came to my server. Hope to make more trades in the future.Recommended

    Legondz was The Seller

  17. SushiBoy left Positive feedback   

    Fastest trade ever made ! trustworthy and recommended !

    Legondz was The Seller

  18. Aldor left Positive feedback   

    Deal went smooth, egg hatched as advertised. Would recommend.

    Legondz was The Seller

  19. master33431 left Positive feedback   

    very enjoyable, hope to hear from him more in the future!

    Legondz was The Seller

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