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  1. SushiBoy

    Server Wipe

    To be honest i know that we shouldnt take this so far ahead since the devs didnt announce any thing but having just the idea of a server wipe is just annoying and it leaves many players on idle like i personally am not breeding or doing much of activities as i used to since i heard the news/rumors,i just go on and off to feed my dinos lol!, i hope they will announce some thing soon. current situation for most of players: 1. Quitting the game IF there will be any server wipes, and going back to real life lol. OR! 2. Look for a new game to get addicted on lol XD. Any ways i dont think the amount of players that will join the game after launch will over take the amount of players they have now to be honest and many players are already enjoying the game, so wiping the server will actually make them lose more players than gaining, where they already have old players who are already committed to the game with a lot of hours already put into it, yeah new players will join and might quit cuz of the PVE land claims and PVP alpha tribes, but is it worth the risk to gamble for the new players who might not even stay ?! thats the real question there lol
  2. SushiBoy

    Server Wipe

    Well.. one thing i know is that IF they wipe im surely quitting ark for good and going back to life lol
  3. SushiBoy

    ARK is life!