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  1. Is official PvE dead? (short answer) No. (More explained) Yes the spots near spawn are probably all taken, but, look a little bit more i think you will find. Just maybe need to look more than 1 server to find your favourite spot if not, take a plan B kind of spot.
  2. And this type of pen can be used for horse taming too, and big foots
  3. 30 days raid protection, than 1 week of PvP than a procedural wipe. Increased rates would be interesting on this option.
  4. 1-70 is like 2 hours with explorer notes. After you can grind, craft, kill mobs for xp. I like killing deathworms. I read people say you don’t have level for giga saddle at this point but you are close to the rex saddle. Rex is ok against them.
  5. the worst that happened to me was a combo with Purlovia and Arthropluera while i was in radioactive zone with a megalo. I felt like i was in world of warcraft for a moment, Purlovia did the CC than the pulera exploded my armor exposing me to radioactivity. it was an interesting experience but my shinehorn did not appreciated that. Rip Chitin your sacrifice will not be forgiven (that was the name of the shinehorn, i was stocking chitin into)
  6. We done the broodmother alpha with 12 megatherium, 1 yuti. 20K HP and rest into melee damage saddles around 90 armor. We were 2 1 on mega and 1 on yuti. We done the broodmother with rex before, but what i like of the megatherium is how they get empowered by killing the little spiders. Plus they need fewer Yuti *courage* to be at their top of courage, so as the yuti i dismounted and did shoot the broodmother at the same time with shotgun. I think both can kill alpha brood, rex or yuti... Its more a matter of what you have available for you and what you prefer fighting with.
  7. I'd like a cave revamp, making them more fun to do. Making storm, an actual weather with unique features example causing tornadoes that would disturb flyers.
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