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  1. Malko

    Bionic/TEK Preorder Skins

    i think its only available for console https://ark.gamepedia.com/Mosasaurus_Bionic_Costume
  2. Totally agree with this player a bary is a nice dino to have, work both underwater and on land. a good jack of all trades that can stun enemies. This one can be optained with pachyrhino kibble pachyrhino is tamed with bug repellant (quite easy to have). I even used the bary to go to the brute underwater cave (all movement speed) it goes really well and you can walk with it negating underwater threat.
  3. Malko

    Obelisk parking or boss summon?

    No I dont agree, why giving items to manage something that should just be common sense? It will not solve people storing dinos to obelisk, remember the murphy's law "anything that can go wrong will go wrong", I don't believe people will change their habbit if they are not obliged to. And people using the obelisk to get engrams or other things will be still facing those tribes storing their dinos on obelisk. We cannot build on obelisk, but we can create walls consisting of Rexes, Yuti rock golems, and wyverns, it doesn't make sense. I think if people have to choose between having their dinos being killed by a game mechanic or storing them properly, they will change or facing their dinos killed. No need to have new tek grams, no need to the good players to change their habbit.
  4. Malko

    (plz help) Hyaenodon Taming Trouble

    And this type of pen can be used for horse taming too, and big foots
  5. Malko

    Obelisk parking or boss summon?

    Well if me and my 3 neighbors we decide to put our set of rexes on the same circle because we do bosses, it would be our choice too i guess. Bringing rex home no matter where you live is not a long task compared to the rest of the week when dinos are a nuisance for people. People instead of using circle could just put the rexes on the bottom... or on the sides of obelisk, or even using drop closer to base for the fight... This is not hard to do neighter long. I got plenty of solution for people that thinks it is the only solution storing at a common area. this is not normal that you have hard time moving your rex, or it gets stuck into other ones when its laggy and whistle go wierd. I dont wanna make you feel my post is aggressive, but for real, the actual situation on most server are hard to live with. People get upset but, they dont create post or anything because its the way it is.
  6. The only thing I'd add is that if you pick an egg, fly towards cliffs and go into argy or any herbivore you see. Wyverns will prefer those instead of you. Don't raise low level wyvern as in my opinion the food is not high usually, so it needs more care for what it gives in return. Even if it is your first time raising wyverns, taking care of few of them is pretty much the same task as only taking care of 1 as 1 female gives 5 milk. So if you can make more than 1 do it. If you get milk for the first time i think going for Fire or Poison is the easiest. Fire you just have to have a little bit of timing and move from right to left and it will not shoot you. Poison "bubbles" are even easier to dodge.
  7. Malko

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    30 days raid protection, than 1 week of PvP than a procedural wipe. Increased rates would be interesting on this option.
  8. Malko

    Transmitter question

    In PvE you can unlock them or put pin codes.
  9. Malko

    Industrial Grinder Is a Joke

    1/4 of the ressources is better than 0 in my opinion. Grinder definitely worth, when i need polymer quick i just grind those crappy gear you get into caves that you don’t do anything with. I almost have a vault full of little guns, helmets and stuff like that. It is also a nice way to get experience while you do things at base. The ressources needed is not something i would change. If an industrial grinder is hard for you, you won’t have the will to have any pf the tek gear later
  10. Malko

    Boss Rexes

    Hi, It is complicated to have good answers on forum as most of the people are trolling a little bit, so I will give you my point of view. Island Megapithecus (easiest boss for rex imo) : up to beta with 20K + 500MD with Yuti and 60 armor saddles. For Alpha I'd say 85 armor saddles 30K + 600 MD + Yuti (daedons can help) Island Broodmother up to beta : 85 armor saddles 30K + 600 MD, Alpha id say 40K HP + 600MD +90 saddles (but I personnally dont do it with rex i do it with megatherium, they are tougher due to the bug killer buff) Dragon: Look how most people do the fight, the requirement is more about shotgun, ammo, good flak gear. Center Arena: Look post above. You can also use a mix of megatherium and rexes to do it. Overseer/tek cave: I'd say 35K HP + 650 MD we done the alpha with those stats Regards' Koffi
  11. Malko

    PVE - Obelisk usage

    Well yes i did put my base near obelisk in order to use it obviously. And if it’s fine to store the animals around the obelisk like that, what could be done is to get an agreement with all tribes, and store our boss dinos like that too! Lets push the idea! This would be none sense obviously. And its not the problem about using drop or obelisk the problem, it’s about limitating other people’s use. Its a comon area that everyone should be able to use fully. Same as if i block a cave, i could say you can still farm massive on center and transfer it! So this argument unfortunately is not valid to encourage people storing their raptors, rex, wyverns, quetz, rollrats, rock elemental... honestly, i try hard, but on pve you don’t need poop tons of elements, and the main reason i see is that people is maybe too lazy to get their dinos back home. But at some point why do majority of people have to pay for the laziness of a specific tribe?
  12. Malko

    PVE - Obelisk usage

    Hi all, I just wanted to have people point of view about obelisk usage on PvE. I know me I'm used to store my dinos in my base, but, on many servers, the obelisk is full of people dinos around the terminal. Some tribes I've asked in the past told me "we are doing boss fight". My answer to that is... Just like everyone! Why some tribes feel the needs to put all their boss dinos around the terminal? How do you manage it on your server? To my point of view, sometimes people even put wyverns, rock golems, rollrats and all that kind of stuff around the big circle, so it makes difficult if you come with hord of rex. I don't think it is fair on most, because there is tons of tribe doing boss and if everyone store their dinos near the terminal... It wont be possible to circulate correctly. SUGGESTION : Why not put the environment around the obelisk dangerous? If the environment is really dangerous, people wont put their rexes there. Like an air mini boss attacking standing dinos. When you need to do the bossfight, kill the miniboss, than do the boss. The mini boss could have increased damage on standing dinos, or being able to get through the offline protection. What do you think about it? I'd like to have people storing their dinos perspective please, I won't mean to you guys (people storing rexes and stuff on obelisk), I'm seriously trying to understand why. Thank you 🙂 Koffi
  13. Exactly you cannot breed scorpions, bugs and snakes. But the chain of thought is right, you can use rare flowers for micro raptors, chitin for archas, rare mushrooms for procoptodons...
  14. Only exception is Daedons. You dont need raw meat with daedons as it gets less food value.
  15. Malko

    Cave Diving Against Onycs

    for megarabies for onyc, you can just bring a good superfood, and it is fine i don't even use medical brews for it, if you are mounted it wont be a problem killing them, if im not mounted i do runs and 180 flickshot them. And i dont think megalania can get you sick if you are mounted. I know it is written 10% chance, but for me its maybe 50% chance i got rabies from onyc. Idk if people had the same luck as me with onyc