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  1. NyanRose

    Center keeps crashing

    well so far it hasn't happened and hopefully it stays that way. Should it happen again I will let you know! Thank you!
  2. NyanRose

    Center keeps crashing

    So I never have this problem on the island or SE, or at least it's rare. But I am constantly crashing on the center. Any ideas to help? Here is the most recent crash log
  3. NyanRose

    Ragnarok Servers

    yah, I did finally get in and noticed that. There was a massive line of thatch walls blocking the path, for no reason. It wasn't a fence, there was no house, just thatch walls in the way. Then when I got somewhere decent there were pillars as far as the eye could see just enough so that it was impossible to set up anywhere.
  4. NyanRose

    Ragnarok Servers

    Could there maybe be more of the PVE servers? I can't even get into one because they are all incredibly full. And if I do it has been brought to my attention that some people have been pillaring the island, and around the obelisks so you can't even put a bed down. Can something be done to make the process less frustrating?
  5. it's always varied for me, but once when someone had locked up my tribe's golems on PVE they didnt' respond until nearly a month and we had found a way to get them out(not easy mind you) then when we were being griefed it took about 3 weeks for a response
  6. Yup, what the mod said. You submit a ticket then wait about a month for a reply
  7. NyanRose

    Offline Protection for PVE

    well and honestly even if they DID remove it, it should just make them eat normally. But they SHOULDN'T remove it until they fix the 'babies not eating when food is available and starving themselves' bug. As a dev stated the ORP was causing dinos to slowly sink into the water when tribe members are offline. Which ultimately made them drown.
  8. NyanRose

    Dimetrodon bugged? all dead

    except for all the dimetrodons that are now dead, and the only reason the water glitch was used by many of us in the first place is because of the war worse food glitch where babies stop eating even with food readily available. That's the only reason I used it. I watched too many babies just starve and die.
  9. NyanRose

    Water breeding removed

    wooooah so sorry tech! I know after your last loss this is massively bad. I am really sorry
  10. NyanRose

    Dimetrodon bugged? all dead

    I agree, considering a glitch that was only really an issue on PVP caused a massive rollback in the past, this is a major one and we need a rollback.
  11. NyanRose

    Dimetrodon bugged? all dead

    I lost 5 dimetordons. They drowned because of this stupid update glitch. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/764896815833630974/1E3D857A4BD97B7EF61F21F43F97F8ACD27513AE/
  12. Was at work with the first post so let me go more into detail about why I like this. I have always felt that the dinos and how they interact should be adjusted. In all honesty the carnivore AI should be changed because being a carnivore doesn't mean you run around killing everything in sight. They should have possibly a secret hunger bar, or heck maybe theirs does actually drop. But the hungrier they are the larger the radius on where they will attack. Pack based dinos should have an ai that keeps them within a certain distance of their pack, so they are harder to separate if you want the good one. You should have to kill it's pack members to get it. And many species of herbivores should have a pack mentality. Now the giga, has always bothered me. I am with you that having one dino 'reign supreme' is beyond ridiculous and unrealistic. There needs to be a system of balances and considering the giga wasn't the massive powerhouse it is portrayed at, just strengthens the idea of matching with with the other large therapod counter parts of the spino and rex in the very least. And being that massive as a carnivore doesn't actually make a whole lot of sense because it takes a whole lot of food to sustain a body that large, and when you have to hunt keeping yourself fed becomes more and more difficult. That is why many carnivores may be large, but usually herbivores are larger. And if the carnivore wants that food it has to risk the heavy injury to take it down. I like the idea of the therizino being a nice 'pray counter part' because that can often be the case. Buffalo kill lions all the time, but he lions still hunt the buffalo. Sometimes they succeed and get their prey, but sometimes they die or get injured. I want more dinos to get a chance to shine. Under the right circumstances almost all of them should have a chance to be really useful and powerful. Rather than boss fights being a dps race, I wan to see more ways to have fun with it. And modifying the dinos is the first step. From the very beginning the giga has been ridiculous, and honestly I don't like them. I keep powerful gigas around, but mostly for protection. I rarely use them for anything other than killing titans or other gigas, or golems. Plus, I am a huge spino lover and it makes me sad that it is basically useless right now =( I want more checks and balances, I want more dinos to get use. If I prefer spinos I should be able to use spinos rather than it being all abou the rex or giga. And something other than another giga, should be able to take it out. The fact that even 100 alpha rexes die to a wild giga is beyond ridiculous.
  13. I am 100% on board with this.
  14. NyanRose

    Fun Times in Scorched Earth