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  1. Very well said @Cran3s SMO was an awesome guy and glad I had the privilege of knowing him.
  2. Horrible ping/lag as well. the element veins didn't help and now especially since we have titans out on the map and constant titan battle music playing in the biomes.
  3. ^^ For base levels yes. Then you can take a few grinders (we use 16) + tribemates sitting on dinos with grinders running to level up the necessary HP/MD/etc.
  4. There are videos embedded into the breeding and mutations pages on the wiki. There is a lot of information there but it's useful; https://ark.gamepedia.com/Breeding https://ark.gamepedia.com/Mutations Also, If you really are getting into breeding I highly suggest Ark Smart Breeder that can be found here;
  5. It seems to have started for me after I hit 129/130. At first it was just a simple solution of popping out of the pod, crafting anything to get a little xp, then going back into the pod. However, at 132.5 xp basically all but stopped. Looks like I'm going to be "grinding" my way to any higher levels.
  6. wi110w

    Gas Collectors

    Could be a default message that a GM uses and has used multiple times? I know the one above was from earlier in the day when I posted it.
  7. Same but i managed to get to 132.5 before it stopped giving xp. I am on official, tried pods on different servers, etc and still no luck. Looks like if i want the last couple of levels it'll be manual.
  8. wi110w

    Gas Collectors

    Yeah I'm not going to stress over locked gas collectors, or any other item that is auto locked as soon as you place it. That is an intended mechanic of an item in game and is ultimately the devs fault if they didn't intend them to be that way. However, GMs can do basically whatever they want and the most the player base could do would be open a ticket to appeal. -- Not that I see an appeal actually working, but who knows.
  9. wi110w

    Gas Collectors

    I'd be willing to bet that it was charge nodes and that the OP's ally was exaggerating about gas collectors. I know this went out on one official abberation server early this morning.
  10. wi110w

    Gas Collectors

    Yes a GM can add a "reason" for wiping structures in the tribe log. I have seen this in the past for people who have enclosed charge nodes.
  11. wi110w

    Gas Collectors

    Did your source show you tribe logs of this? I seriously doubt a tribe would be wiped for simply having locked gas collectors.
  12. I usually struggle with smithy/forge/fab placement depending on base layout, but using catwalks to stack them does help. As for the fridges and/or preserv bins, this is something i did for my small SE base that works well. They are almost flush with the floor so you can walk on top of them. It does take some time getting the heights correct though.
  13. Unfortunately, I don't know of any tricks to get around that. However, I have 0 fort and use ghillie in my metal base on SE and I'm usually fine.
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