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  1. Server Caps

    +1 Couldn't agree more!
  2. After finally making a cloning chamber, we decide to test it out last night on a low level dino due to not wanting to risk a ton of element on a higher level dino. After the cloning process was over our lvl 28 was successfully cloned but only to a lvl 6? I fully understand why imprint would not carry over but why would current xp not carry? is this a bug?
  3. pve Alpha Tek Cave - 5/20 10am PST

    When will we know who has made the cut for the invite and who hasn't? I understand that the blubber is still needed, but I would prefer not to be pushed aside at the last minute in place of someone else.
  4. pve Alpha Tek Cave - 5/20 10am PST

    Sign me up please! -I have carno arm for tribute.
  5. @Keltten joe and I will supply artifact of cunning and hunter
  6. Another ally from our server was having teh same problem but just told me they fixed the server in a patch earlier. I am able to get in now.
  7. My ticket has not received a response yet either. Just received this... It's basically a bullpoop response. I have to wait, at the least, 11 days??? Hello Survivor, Thank you for contacting Studio Wildcard Customer Support. My name is Wildcard GM Aeolus and I would like to meet in game to assist with your Survivor. I have some appointments currently, but if you could please let me know the best day for you the week starting April 16th, Monday-Friday 11am-6PM PST, I would be more than happy to suggest a time! Thank you again for reaching out to me and I look forward to hearing back from you in the near future! Sincerely, GM Aeolus Studio Wildcard
  8. Completely agree. I also think that is CS would work to resolve the server side issues on these few servers that seem to be affected that the majority of their recent tickets would be immediately taken care of. Instead I feel like they are rushing to restore player by player on a broken server and that will not fix anything. However, who really knows what's going on. I just want some info so we can make an more informed choice of how we would like to proceed.
  9. @Jat This is what I tweeted to you about earlier. I have a character that can't be transferred back to my main server as well. This seems to be only for the group (327, 328, & 329). Several people are suffering by not being able to transfer out/in from this server group and I honestly feel that if you all can resolve this issue, a lot of CS tickets would be immediately resolved.
  10. Titanoboa Egg Farm

    Unless they recently changed it, there is a way to pick up boas. You will need a tape and another tribe member. One tribe member flies the tape while the other uses a crossbow and grapple hooks. The player with the grapple shoots a boa while unmounted from the tape, then quickly runs to the tape and jumps on the front seat. Then the player driving the tape flies everyone to the farm. We did this with about 50 boas but there was always combat sounds using a variant of the farm in the video above, so i think the rectangular farm on the ground with a behe gate in the middle might work better on PVE.
  11. Yeah nothing from official sources to confirm they are working on it, no update to my ticket yet, etc. I really do not want to start all over as my character was lvl 103 and we were doing bosses. I could plvl a new character and I may end up having to do that if someone doesn't reach out soon.
  12. My pleasure. I was hoping for an update this morning when I woke up. Nothing yet.
  13. Sin, all three servers seems to affected. See this post where someone can't transfer out of that group: I guess for now we should be thankful that our characters weren't completely erased and pray they fix this soon.
  14. Transfers Down?

    My pleasure.