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  1. ah raptor off, another game that won't be released in the next 4 years + it will be buggy and laggy as hell. not gonna play ark ships evolved, you destroyed enough time with failures
  2. Funny how you guys even bother bringing out another community crunch with the broken game/servers the community is dealing with right now. How even dare you work on something else then server stability getting the lvl 300+ wyverns despawned when they are out of range of the drop they are spawned with. WIldcard didn't learn a thing from past DLC's nor the long Early Access - it's a shame to call yourself Game Studio, to serve customers such a disappointment. How does it feel to disappoint so many people on a daily basis?
  3. As you said already, they don't care. They won't revamp kibble system nor they come out with good ideas for evo events/holiday events. Look at the halloween event or the christmas deal - easter was nice cause of the colour variations but other than that its a big joke what WC is doing.
  4. good that conan exiles releases, cooking event lol... and the collector's edition items is a joke, to get it to my home i have to pay nearly 90$ of shipping....i mean seriously?
  5. What about a server where there are no bugs to begin with? Oh wait.
  6. as if SE servers are full, just try to play on rag for instance, capped every day
  7. Hey, I was really hyped when I saw the info that we could get the items without the game itself. The 70$ is ok for such items, but having costs from nearly 100$ letting it send to me is just insane, i think it was 164$ in total to get me the CE items that feels just bad
  8. you know that the sign on the left is the legacy icon? because right now there are only legacy up, no new servers at all - maybe im wrong...
  9. only NA Legacy up, EU not a single one
  10. Hello, where are the NEW EU Servers? So far only NA Legacy went up...
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