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  1. FluffyDinoPartey

    Community Crunch 130: New Beginner Servers & More!

    As you said already, they don't care. They won't revamp kibble system nor they come out with good ideas for evo events/holiday events. Look at the halloween event or the christmas deal - easter was nice cause of the colour variations but other than that its a big joke what WC is doing.
  2. FluffyDinoPartey

    Community Crunch 130: New Beginner Servers & More!

    good that conan exiles releases, cooking event lol... and the collector's edition items is a joke, to get it to my home i have to pay nearly 90$ of shipping....i mean seriously?
  3. FluffyDinoPartey

    Hello ARKers,

    Hey Abjure, welcome to the forums. What kind of player are you, did you specialize in anything so far? Myself i would call myself a semi-breeder and trader gl on your adventures!
  4. FluffyDinoPartey

    Tribe recruiting page

    just go on a server/map you want to play on and try to find people that you can form a tribe with or join. I am pretty sure that on a daily basis new people start ark, so you should find some quickly - with joining a tribe on pve, from my expirience and my server you wont have much luck. on my server for instance, people rather play solo then invite a random guy that they dont know. gl on your search
  5. FluffyDinoPartey

    Idk if i should try this

    on pve everything is locked, and you have to accept the war - you dont have to lol
  6. FluffyDinoPartey

    Dragon bossfight (Alpha/Official setting)

    when u can get rexes to 40k hp and 1,5k melee, raise some theriz. veggie cakes into inventory and you should be able to kill it. since its unofficial i guess your rates are way hjigher than on official, so losing dinos shouldnt be a real problem
  7. FluffyDinoPartey


    what do you want to tell us? you cannot just write "#randomstuff" and expect anyone to know whats it about
  8. FluffyDinoPartey

    basilosaurus Basilosaurus Die for no reason on ragnarok

    I have never heard it, we are swimming all the time with basilos into that mentioned area and killing all tusos there. never had an issue with taking too much damage or an insta death. official servers btw?
  9. FluffyDinoPartey

    Question about bosses

    You need to be the required level to get teleported in
  10. FluffyDinoPartey

    Therizino boss babies

    9,7k hp and 410+ melee is a good stat, u can find em in the trade forums (dont know how good theriz perform for other bosses except dragon)
  11. FluffyDinoPartey

    Where is Official Server 1?

    There would be nothing left anyway, move on!
  12. FluffyDinoPartey

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    What about a server where there are no bugs to begin with? Oh wait.
  13. FluffyDinoPartey

    Fresh servers

    unfortunately this "download disabled" does not include characters, we had lvl 130 characters yesterday running around and killing other players, since they can make flak and all that fancy poop, 90% of the people started fresh but some transferred over - even from the banned/dev wiped tribes people came (lol)
  14. FluffyDinoPartey

    pve Boss recommendations

    It says it in the wiki, it is because of it's weight that it cannot be ported in.