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  1. Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for 3k hours of fun I had for 15€, Wild Card did make mistakes, some of them not fixed but overall it was a hell of a ride playing ARK. Yes I played PVE - i did enjoy breeding, fighting bosses and just build bases with my tribemates for now nearly 3 years. We always strifed to get better/bigger - counts for dinos and bases. In the 3 years we had a lot of breaks but we always kept resetting our stuff so that one day we can come back and start where we left. But this time it's different, extinction seemed like a good expansion at first - but in the long run is rather boring because there is nothing much to do sadly. We killed all the bosses on Alpha long before Extinction released, so we had all of the stuff unlocked. As someone who is used to farm an army to kill bosses to get element and to unlock stuff, extinction is not fun - yes i can breed, but for colours? I'm not a girl (no offense) but that's not my thing. Getting Element is super easy and boring, drops are fun but without having a titan a purple drop is not doable (maybe now after transfer opened up) - we stopped playing like 5 weeks ago - the lags and the crashes was just too much to keep on going, but we kept on resetting because we were hoping, like always the game get's interesting with a patch, or that S+ and the new kibble system comes online, but thats also not happening. Today we decided we do not reset anymore, the game got boring and nowadays you don't have to work that hard to achieve certain things than it was, the new map gives you easy access to element - the king titan is not relevant at all since it only drops BP for meks. So yeah, a little bit of a rant but also a thanks for the great time and people I met - I shed a tear as well. Gl and hopefully you guys enjoy the game the same as I did. greetings
  2. ah raptor off, another game that won't be released in the next 4 years + it will be buggy and laggy as hell. not gonna play ark ships evolved, you destroyed enough time with failures
  3. still no statement why servers crashed again after you "fixed" it for the last few days? @lilpanda ur the server guy, whats happening with the game?!
  4. When will you fire all those poopty server engineers/programmers that just can't do their job?
  5. It's a raptoring joke, this is the worst gamestudio and the worst game in history. Can't wait for thei ARK poopSTORM EVOLVED 2, wouldn't recommend buying again from this raptoring retards. Snailgame/WC worst Studio ever. thanks bye
  7. Hi, please fix your poop game. Ping 255+ and constant crashes again - if you can't handle sell the game to a publisher which can handle what u cannot.
  8. i meant that devs implement something like a "dinoleash" for the drops, that spawns can't get out of a specific range, that they are bound to the drop
  9. Isn't it always like this during the night/mornings because nearly no one is playing? I don't wanna be the bad guy here but I don't believe it just yet
  10. Hi, the "State of the Game: Extinction Release" changed yesterday with only prim+ and a problem occuring in japan - why is the pve server crashes not on the list anymore? Did WC give up on fixing it? Atleast our Server 493 crashed 3 times in the evening.
  11. U know whats funny - the "state of the game extinction release" note got updated with having the server crashes removed...but guess what, it's still HAPPENING!!!! IM TIRED OF THIS raptorING poopGAME
  12. Thats good to know, that they actually bring flyers down - didn't know that! But you were on them so you could control what they did, I was talking about turret mode and killing the wyvern pretty quick - people on our server have a bunch of velos on their roofs just to be able to deal with the wyverns - but also good to know that they are good to ride on. We also have some people on our server who run around on velos and kill corrupted gigas with them.
  13. The forum gets more maintenance then the actual game, what a joke you guys are. How about you take down the servers for a certain amount of time and fix them?!
  14. So, I don't wanna be rude but are you raptoring kidding me? How can a Game Studio even produce a game that is unoptimized and badly programmed as this. How can this even be a thing in this time, 5 years earlier no one would have bat an eye but nowadays this is not acceptable. So let me tell you the story of the weekend on Server EU PVE Extinction 493. We are used to have crashes every +/- 3 hours but this weekend was the most outraging we have ever seen happen. It all started with x2 being activated at friday 7pm CET - that's when the misery began. I am listing every crash until now, because now I am done with this game and just stop playing it. 23.11 - 19:05 23.11 - 22:13 24.11 - 01:07 24.11 - 09:30 24.11 - 12:35 24.11 - 12:43 24.11 - 12:48 24.11 - 13:58 24.11 - 15:54 24.11 - 16:27 24.11 - 17:42 24.11 - 20:36 24.11 - 22:37 25.11 - 01:30 25.11 - 02:11 25.11 - 05:02 25.11 - 07:45 25.11 - 10:30 25.11 - 13:20 25.11 - 14:06 25.11 - 14:48 25.11 - 16:04 25.11 - 16:42 25.11 - 17:16 25.11 - 17:55 25.11 - 18:34 Yes, 26 crashes over the course of 48hours - this is absolutely unacceptable! The big issue here is, that it came more and more unpredictable - so in the middle of a red/purple drop or a 50k element vein - poof! Server gone and so is the drop/vein aswell. We tamed the Forest Titan on saturday and I am not even kidding but we lost around 1,2k element due to rollbacks + 3 purple drops and 4 red drops. So basically the Titan was useless in the first place cause we were not able to achieve as much as we wanted and with the bad rng from drops/veins we only managed to complete 3 red drops and 1 purple. We also built a lot of stuff twice or farmed 3 times for the same thing because the rollbacks were putting us back where we started. Oh and btw, we lost a lot of asc flak gear in the process of crashing - just a side note. Adam, lilpanda, put up a quick twitter statement that you guys are aware of it and working on it, but that's what you tell us for the past one and a half week. At this point I really believe that you are not even working on it because you got the money from all the people already. You, Wild Card, had the chance to prove all the people wrong with this DLC, you could have surprised your whole fanbase with that DLC in terms of content + server stability but you failed again! Every DLC you released was a disaster, a very big disappointment and even worse, made me quit every time. Sadly I came back, putting my trust and hopes again in your hands. You don't care about your players, you just care about the money - it's a one time purchase, and you can't even refund because when a player starts to see how bad it is to play, and it gets worse and not better because every little spark of hope just gets erased by every crash occuring. I play and have played a lot of different games, a lot of different genres but mostly survival based and I have to say that you guys are a shame to the industry. I rather play raptoring Diablo Immortal on my raptoring phone then spend another hour in your unstable, bugged Ark Crashing Evolved that you can't seem to fix. I hope you will never produce another game or even go on trying to make new games, just stop doing it. When I would suck as much at my job, as you guys do - I wouldn't have a job. PS: To all the people that now come up with "go play unofficial" or "play pvp" go raptor yourself - there's a reason people play PvE and if you don't get it you shouldn't be joining this thread at all.
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