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    Hey, I was really hyped when I saw the info that we could get the items without the game itself. The 70$ is ok for such items, but having costs from nearly 100$ letting it send to me is just insane, i think it was 164$ in total to get me the CE items that feels just bad

    got any suggestions @Jatheish @lilpanda ?? not fun!
  3. Server 210 again....

    will the newest servers ever get patched on time?
  4. 210 offline!! Pls Talk to us
  5. I just had an idea for egg-stealing!

    yeah of course, but getting eggs or even milk with a ptera is possible, we have like 2,2k healt as you and around 900 stam - we had some dead pteras as well, but when u get decent spawns from the wyvern its possible to drag her good, just dont go for lightning basically anyway (with griffin/wyvern u can tho)
  6. I just had an idea for egg-stealing!

    if your pteras are bad of course
  7. pve Public taming pen on new scorched earth

    We alrdy have on opened at SE193 if we dont use it ourselves to get milk. (which is only every 2-3 weeks on the weekend) you are welcome to use that as well (near one of the loot crate drops 80/25 around after a bridge from the trench)
  8. Best Way To Kill Bosses?

    Whats easy to breed for you? I dont think you will find a dino with less than 2 days breeding on normal rates that can do what you are looking for (if u want gamma only it can work)
  9. Best Way To Kill Bosses?

    Best dino is still a rex for Bosses, since they have the best combo of hp+dmg. But i dont want to disencourage you, with good bred spinos it could work too, i dont know about allos tbh
  10. I just had an idea for egg-stealing!

    You can outrun a wyvern on a ptera (3 barrel rolls will do)
  11. Omnidirectional Lamppost Bug

    Hey there, we are encountering a bug involving our lampposts. Everytime we set the light intensity to "medium" and change server/log off it sets it back to "high". Its really annoying tbh greetings
  12. Haha, well it's sad to see such low server amount, but i have to say on our server we have a nice mix of completely new people and the "old dogs". which is really nice to see
  13. How can u be so sure about how much NEW Servers are listed? In My search i get mixed legacy/new servers under the Official filter list, so I can not look up how many are new or old. But good to see that my server is up and running
  14. We went from our legacy ragnarok server to one of the new official servers "the island" feelsgoodman, i kinda missed island. we are a 4man tribe (3 active) and as of right now we are not expecting any lag/rubberbanding what so ever. We do have also the issue with a full server, but its managable. We do play PVE but as of right now, we are doing great in terms of getting forward (first quetz/forge etc) nerding pretty hard
  15. Day One! Launch & More!

    you know that the sign on the left is the legacy icon? because right now there are only legacy up, no new servers at all - maybe im wrong...