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  1. PVE OFFICIAL Need 7 more Riders We killed hard ape last week~ Recruiting for hard brood now. Must bring your own 11k+ HP/414 birth rex with 60%+ imprint and 80+ Armor saddle. The rex must be leveled above 25k hp 650 melee. Before boss fight we will invite you guys to alliance. We will provide the summon We will keep the elements. Still looking for more potential riders for dragon in the future. If interested add me on steam: eymonlanxd. Then I can add you to discord group.
  2. pve Hard Ape Interest Post

    Your rex stats are similar to the ones I used when I killed it the first time. We had 7 riders and rexes were down to 1/3. Shouldn't have any casualties if we have full 10 riders.
  3. pve Hard Ape Interest Post

    Yeh I'm recruiting 7 meaning we will have 10 riders. rex with riders bite 1.5-1.7x faster than AI.
  4. pve Hard Ape Interest Post

    How many riders did you have?
  5. pve Hard Ape Interest Post

    you right! haha was talking to tribemate in discord about hard brood soon too
  6. Hey guys! We are a tribe of 3 playing on official new server. Planning on recruiting 7 people whose willing to bring a rex with at least 25k hp 700melee and want to come with us to unlock engrams. We can provide 12 rexes and 1 Yuty to fill in the other 13 dino count. If interested add me on steam: eymonlanxd. Requirements: Have discord! (communication is key!) Bring a rex with 25khp 600melee Rex 70 armor+ saddle Fur gear Estimated time would be this weekend 11/11 eastern time around 5-7pm if we get enough people. Artifact: Missing Artifact of the Pack Tributes: We have it gathered! P.S Looking for active crew for other bosses in the future too!
  7. Server Caps

    We demand more new servers! As a legacy player why are the same problems still existing on new server? Rather you guys fix the bugs first instead of introducing new contents.
  8. Top ten favorite Dinos

    I need a tribemate like you to breed my future gigas!
  9. [ Official server] Hard Broodmother SLAIN!

    position them so when i whistle attack theres non stuck in other's asses out of range for attack and losing dps. then the riders go fill in the gaps.
  10. [ Official server] Hard Broodmother SLAIN!

    now did you consider brood turns around and hit her other side? or is this math for when 20 rexes r in 1 exact spot for brood to hit all at once?
  11. [ Official server] Hard Broodmother SLAIN!

    well for hard brood get 10 people in and pin her properly in 360 degrees
  12. [ Official server] Hard Broodmother SLAIN!

    how did you manage to get it glitched in the beginning and wow. risky for 10 rexes only o-O
  13. [ Official server] Hard Broodmother SLAIN!

    Hmmm did you guys do medium before you tried hard? Your dino count seems just enough to do medium with about 2-3mins left. I definitely agree with you on the insane boss damage output though. If you can't pin it you're almost guaranteed to lose all dinos.
  14. [ Official server] Hard Broodmother SLAIN!

    Setting up as in placement of rexes before engage to avoid rexes falling off bridge/losing dps