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bluexminder's Feedback

  1. invincibleqc left Positive feedback   

    Friendly and trustworthy; I went first and he respected his side of the trade, thanks again!

    bluexminder was Trading

  2. TheJelly left Positive feedback   

    nice and smooth to work with, would recommend.

    bluexminder was Trading

  3. Amanda632 left Positive feedback   

    fast easy trade :D love the new wolf and i will do business with again in the future. i would highly recommend :)

    bluexminder was The Seller

  4. Valys left Positive feedback   

    Great trade and nice guy! Will trade with again!

    bluexminder was The Seller

  5. Massmerize left Positive feedback   

    nice and quick trade - wasn't mad that i killed him. i still owe him a pickaxe, a gps and a canteen which i accidently kept for myself... sry bro. 10/10 would killsteal this trader again :P

    bluexminder was Trading

  6. ikliD left Positive feedback   

    Very fast and smooth trade ^^ and ofc lovely dino ive received <3

    bluexminder was The Seller

  7. Flay left Positive feedback   

    Very fast hamster :3

    bluexminder was The Seller

  8. DeningWei left Positive feedback   

    Great trader quick and smooth 10/10 would trade again

    bluexminder was The Seller

  9. Gt101 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Ark Dino Trading
    Fast and easy trade would definitely trade again

    bluexminder was Trading

  10. Flay left Positive feedback   

    +1 Fast trader.

    bluexminder was Trading

  11. ATalkingRock left Positive feedback   

    Pleasant, fair, and patient trader. Highly recommend

    bluexminder was The Seller

  12. Snowwy left Positive feedback   

    Another smooth and awesome trade, thank you very much again :)

    bluexminder was Trading

  13. Snowwy left Positive feedback   

    Traded some mutations, he even came to my server for the transaction, very good trader! Thumbs up!!

    bluexminder was Trading

  14. Rixsta left Positive feedback   

    Cool and smooth guy and very fast in trade and hoping to trade with him on near future

    bluexminder was Trading

  15. KazukiMar left Positive feedback   

    Great guy and fast to trade with! Would trade with him again!

    bluexminder was Trading

  16. Desilent left Positive feedback   

    Good trader.. trustworthy

    bluexminder was The Seller

  17. wolfbastion left Positive feedback   

    Amazing trader, one of the best trades ever :) thanks a lot

    bluexminder was Trading

  18. K1ngy1 left Positive feedback   

    funny personality, quick and easy trade

    bluexminder was The Seller

  19. Zee left Positive feedback   

    fast buyer

    bluexminder was The Seller

  20. HogTits left Positive feedback   

    Great guy, patient. We had conflicting work schedules, but we were able to work it out in the end. We had a little issue on my end, but he was forgiving and understanding. Will certainly trade with in the future if he'd like.

    bluexminder was Trading

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