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  1. DeningWei

    Are we ill? Why do we even play this game

    Because we aren't so sensitive to cry about a handful of silly bugs. poop happens, tame another.
  2. DeningWei

    How to properly use Daedoon (in bosses)

    If you want to feed your pig up quickly, put the stacks in its inventory and derender it for a few seconds, it should instantly eat everything it needs.
  3. Hmm interesting I am going to try that for metal. One issue with the red crystal is that most of these plants you can't harvest. However, they are still somehow blocking the harvest collision.
  4. After all this time mining with an anky is still a very hit and miss affair. In the blue zone trying to get metal is buggy but bearable. There are collision issues with the large clam shaped mushrooms if they are near your anky when trying to farm metal, which can be resolved by headbutting the mushroom first. However, if you go further down to try and get red crystal with an anky you get the same issues without the mushrooms. I believe it's either the spiked plants or those small org poly plants that are causing the collision issues and preventing many of the red crystals from being mined by an Anky until you find the sweet spot to hit it from, if you ever do. Anybody found a workaround for this neglected bug?
  5. DeningWei

    Unicorns, current rule.

    Actually I'm pretty sure Jen has said that's working as intended on official.
  6. DeningWei

    Unicorns, current rule.

    No, any unicorn on the server tamed or wild will block others spawning.
  7. DeningWei

    Let's talk about Element and Boss Farming

    That's making things a little too easy, boss farming isn't hard and you don't need to do it much unless you want to build a tek base. With just the two of us in our tribe we've built everything including a tek base with some ape grinding. Put a bounty on sails and noobs will collect them for you.
  8. DeningWei

    is it me, or new argents are oversized chickens

    It is a vulture though...
  9. DeningWei

    ?s about using a procoptodon for breeding.

    I think how long the babies stay in the pouch or whether they even fit in is related to the drag weight. Some dinos pop out before juvenile, some can stay in the pouch a lot longer.
  10. DeningWei

    easter event EASTER EVENT 2018

    Depends on the player count leading up to it as to if a breeding event is included.
  11. This is a nice story it reminds me of when I first started playing.
  12. DeningWei

    This Raporting Raptors!

    Need a Tek Seatbelt
  13. DeningWei

    Alpha Dragon (Island)

    Oh it works. If you need to swap out "tanks" just get a different deer under it. They last a long time with veggie cakes.
  14. DeningWei

    Fastest Sea Creature?

    Yes the stamina regenerates to fill in a second anyway so you are pretty much sprinting non stop leveling speed.
  15. DeningWei

    x2 this weekend

    They already made 2x permanent... You want it AGAIN??