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  1. Every server is a duping paradise, WC just used duping as an excuse to reduce server numbers by a bit more than half. Nothing has changed.
  2. Unridden Megalosaurus AI Problem

    Here's hoping! I don't believe a wheel option would be a very difficult fix to implement.
  3. Can we get a fix for the unridden tamed Megalosaurus AI bug? Unless you are riding them they mostly just try to use their alternate grab attack, even on opponents that they cannot grab, hence doing very little damage and can be quickly overwhelmed by lesser creatures. At the least make it so they just use primary attack? Or not try and grab things they can't? Or even a wheel option "Enable/Disable AI grab attack"? They have so much potential but this issue is crippling them. Imagine Rexes that just roar all the time instead of attack. Or Daedons that mostly just heal without the wheel option to turn off auto heal. The Megalosaurus seems to be the only creature to prefer its alternate attack which is kind of strange when you can't disable it.
  4. It's time to add boosted official servers.

    There is always the option of: 1. Play on dedicated unofficial 2. Just play single player and use the commands to EZ mode everything the way you want. Officials seem fine the way they are. If you learn to be efficient you can get a lot done. I mean I work and study and have a baby and still play on official no problems.
  5. Repurposing legacy servers

    When they "repurposed" servers last time they just deleted them all and added back in about 1/3 of the servers as new. That's why everything is so crowded. Also there was an exodus from legacy because people were afraid their work was going to be deleted in a few months.
  6. We need kibble to tame and imprint in Aberration

    But that's just how the map is designed. You needing those extra 12 levels is an illusion in your mind. You don't even need a 150 doed. Even low level doeds get more stone in Aberration than perfect kibble tamed doeds on the island do.
  7. So this happened....

    Yeah i hear of it happening quite often but of course people don't want to report it for fear of being accused of duping.
  8. Aberrant Megalosaurus in Boss Fights?

    Yes, the wild ones do carry in pve. It seems they need to clean up the AI on these. Perhaps against foes they can't pick up they should just stick with regular attack.
  9. Aberrant Megalosaurus in Boss Fights?

    Very interesting, do you know if they try to grab even on PVE? (Considering they aren't supposed to be able to). Sounds like a bug if they are trying to grab on PVE or trying to grab something much larger than themselves.
  10. If used at night on the other maps is it a better alternative to rexes? Has anybody tried?
  11. update right after 2 x breeding ?

    Download faster
  12. Awesome thanks... I should have been checking here instead of on steam
  13. Are these the old patch notes?
  14. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    The number 1 reason for servers reaching cap these days was because when they deleted 430 servers they only replaced them with about 170.