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  1. Hi mate, not sure if it's the right section but I'd like to know your server's number and base coords, I'd like to visit you, see some dino with my eyes and discuss a trade. Ty, let me know 

  2. When you come to my server, I will ALWAYS pick you up with a tapa and make sure you get to the Oblisk. Feel free to add me if you're looking to buy or sell ANYTHING. We are always looking for good trades and can usually come to a good deal. If we don't have it, we probably know who does. Hope to make some more good trades soon! :-)

    1. superghe


      What's your server number mate and coords of your base?  I'd like to visit your home and see dinos you talked about with my eyes. We could talk about a trade too

  3. Hog, This is Tazer on Server 36.  Do you still have 

    Low lvl female mega (Cave Rex) for 7.5k ingots.


    If so i am interested in it.   Give me a shout when you are on.  I have to collect the ingots so give me a little time today.  



    1. HogTits


      As far as I know, I still have it. Should be sitting in the cave still. I may be getting 3 more females and a male today. Have a lot to do first, however.

    2. tazer58


      Can it be taken out of the cave.  and no worries on being in a hurry,  since the community forge is been closed down for 48 hrs.  it takes a bit of time to collect that much.


      Just let me know and thanks




    3. HogTits


      It should be able to. We intend on building a new community forge if the owner of the land will sell it to us.


  4. Currently in search of high HP Pteras. 

    1. Blindsided
    2. HogTits


      2500 HP and 220 MS with 1500-2500 stam.


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