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  1. Am I going mad in Aberration

    Interesting at least, will ask on my server.
  2. Am I going mad in Aberration

    The game have a voice volume into the options, slide complete to left to test if u still hear the voices into the game, maybe your mates are just trolling you.
  3. This guy said he knows how to glitch flyers to Aberration

    Ferts eggs transfers were possible at launching, but Devs fixed on a patch already. BTW the link have no images.
  4. Asked because the guy who start the topic is asking this on Spanish, just wanted to go further on his request. Bueno compa, no veo porque has tenido que hacer Alianza para un intercambio solamente, pues con ello te has metido, creo que sin tu conocimiento, en una guerra entre winter y chubby al haberte unido en alianza eres parte de la guerra. No creo que el soporte al cliente te pueda ayudar mucho, pues es algo que se supone que funciona de esa manera, no has perdido ningún dino por falla del juego, sino por desconocimiento de las reglas.
  5. If my allies goes to war with other tribes on PVE, I can also attack or being attacked?
  6. Rock Drake Maturation

    As wyvern milk, venom cant be stored on Tek Troughs
  7. Rock Drake Maturation

    Try keep distance when fight them, when you kill them too close, the queen corpse can drag you below the mesh. One tip: Dont dismount and let the queen hit your drake with the tail sweep, sometimes can release stucked drakes.
  8. Rock Drake Maturation

    What lvl was the drakes? Low lvl ones just doesnt worth to be rised, low food stat makes them starve very quick, lvl100+ is doable, here some tips: 1) Every 1K food value will last around 200 mins, lvl 100+ eggs comes with more than 1,000 food already, so you dont need stay feeding them, just check every 2.5 hrs 2) Nameless Venom gives 400 food to a Baby Rock Drake, dont store venom, just force feed to the max current value and make calculation for the next feeding. 3) Once the drake can hold 3K food, you will be able to check every 8 hrs. force feed venoms again to the max for another 8hrs. 4) Drakes got lot of imprint bonus, so you will get 100% before they reach 50% of maturation. 5) Hatch all your eggs at the same time to sync the feeding for all of them.
  9. Glowtail Kibble

    Rise any dino on aberration at this moment is a waste of time if u want imprint on them, only drakes are not asking for kibbles. We decide to wait for the patch that they said will resolve this broken kibbles.
  10. imprint Reaper King Rider Bonus Missed?

    TY for the Info, raised one already?
  11. I am rising a reaper and find out that the name of the player is no showed next to the "RISED BY" that means that will have no rider bonus? Somebody playing on official servers can confirm if the fist icon appear when ride an adult reaper?
  12. Asc Ravager saddle BP broken

    Well good luck taking the beaver or the saddle crafted into Aberration Officials
  13. Asc Ravager saddle BP broken

    Lucky Me then? 74 slots if i am not wrong
  14. Hazmat Suit not protecting

    It´s only looks like u are getting damage, but dont lost HP at all, only the suit dura decay a bit.
  15. Asc Ravager saddle BP broken

    Since the BPs are generated randomly by an algorithm in the game, I guess sometimes u can obtain this kind of things.