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  1. Complete some missions and buy the element from HLNA store
  2. I u really want to follow the lore of the game you will need to follow this order -- The Island, killing all the bosses u will be able to go into the tek cave to ascend and then move to Scorched earth, at there u have to kill the manticore, there is not ascention because devs just decided there was no time to include that, then u will go to abberration where u have to kill rockwell to ascend again and move to extintion, there u have to tame the three titans and with them u have to kill the king titan to ascend again and move to genesis.... in the process u will be able to transfer your dinos to keep your breeding lines getting better with mutations, every boss require different strategies and dinos, some of them do not require dinos if u know some secret recipes like the cactus broth, wich we use to kill alpha rockwell with no dinos, just shotguns.... I have my personal channel where i share with my friends out boss fights on officials servers. https://www.youtube.com/user/erickicaza GL in your Journey.
  3. This also happens to me, lost a fem 210 by this same glitch.... it was at bog biome.
  4. Electric Generator out of gasoline still runing on stasis mode? I tried to incubate eggs using 5 gasoline into a Generator, it suposed to consume them all in 5 hrs, but for some reason afther 5 hrs the genny still runs on officials, tried several times, even with 4 gasoline with eggs that had 5 hrs to hatch, but always the eggs hatched while i was offline.... anybody else tried this temporized incubation using a fixed amount of gas? I know this eggs hatched because i have the online notifications turned on, maybe the ofline protection reduce the gas consumption?
  5. You cant decide what people can do or not in tha game, the question is what is broken, and endless mutatiin is ruining the game when it was supposed to have a limit at 20/20 on one side of the parents, i think that also will makes breeders treasure more their stats since it will be unique since the end result will depend on the base stats and not the endless mutations obtained without playing the game. But seems works great for selling the game as a trading simulator instead of a survival game.... maybe I am a purist missing the old ark, before mutations when people use to treasure more their tames and boss fights was only a thing for high skilled tribes that was able to find a strat like flying with archas to the top o a ledge at the monkey arena, not as now that require only to whistle and roar your yuty, you have to agree is boring as hell.
  6. If new players decide to spoil themself is not my concern, is a personal desition, but endless mutaton really need to be capped that will makes breeders focus again in tamming to get higher afther tame stats
  7. PVE must have also a dosis of thread for players or the game becomes boring, is about survive against enviroment, thats include the posibility to be attacked by wilds creatures, pvp open more posibilities to be attacked directly by other players, but they cant harm you on PVE, not directly but some people think is funny to grief, there is where CoC comes out, but Offline protection took away the realistic aspect of the game on PVE and dedicated servers, because times stops for players offline, that more like single player mode... maybe this made multiplayer mode more interesting for new players, but in m opinion, ORP should not be active on officials PVE, because makes players doesnt build thinking they need to protect their bases at all and thats should be the point of the game SURVIVE AND EVOLVE all the time.... not only while you are on the first 2 hrs, runing naked.
  8. Welcome to the new world, frontiers and language barriers are falling, dont blame players because ark doesnt have support for asian, rusian, greek and other languages without changing the steam launching options, I know plenty of players from EU and NA that love to pillar servers just because they want to "protect spawn" high resources areas are already protected by devs... they just want to keep the metal and beaver dams next to their bases to massive produce tek structures to trade for more colorful dinos with those chinesse, so is a endless circle, check your dinos ancestral tree and pretty sure you will see some boxes as well, same as your 90% material stuff at your house... they will have a made in china label...
  9. If u get raided by wild or player, build better next time.... there are turrets on PVE for a reason and fence support FENCE.... Build one around in metal ASAP, to kill wild spawning inside just place some turrets inside your base, people on PVE should focus on defenses and strategic building before they start to collect vualuable dinos, its simply as real life, bring childrens to this world too young and with no financial stability and life will......
  10. They just need cape mutation to 20/20, breeding dinos with 0/0 with dinos over 20/20 should not trigger new mutations.... but at this point the damage is done, the only way to fix it is despawning every dino that have more than 20 mutations....
  11. What is really breaking the last few survival experience on this game is this endless mutation system. I mean the real survival experience, now u can see a new player receiving gifted dinos with crazy stats..... and afther three days they are offering you to trade colored dinos, op stats, etc... nowdays is more trade simulator...
  12. Halloween Emotes Removed from Character afther the patch 300.7 - Any body else? As title says, logged on my official server right afther patch 300.7 was ready to craft the third halloween emote and realice that my other 2 that already learned was gone, Dance and Panic are not anymore on my radial menu.... Anybod else with this issue?
  13. One safe way is craft on surface charge nodes, None a single batt has been taken from there since i placed mines.
  14. Only in this game, the free DLCs will have better game xperience than those we payed for, bigger maps, more resources, max lvl dinos and now people ask for more element... whats next?
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