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  1. Sorry GPORTAL, you are not invited to this party. 😑
  2. Short answer, you CANT, will need to rent a server or set your own at home with an old PC with anough resources.
  3. One safe way is craft on surface charge nodes, None a single batt has been taken from there since i placed mines.
  4. Only in this game, the free DLCs will have better game xperience than those we payed for, bigger maps, more resources, max lvl dinos and now people ask for more element... whats next?
  5. I was talking about those "Endless Breeder" they keep trying, for their own reasons, to get higher HP and Melee or "cool" colors, all as a personal projects, and this "game mode" is like the icebergs, we see less than 10% of those breeders on forums, because the other 90% doesnt publish or sales their stats, because someone else is one mutation higher than them, but they keep mating their dinos, trying to take the pole of the race in the future. Maybe devs need add a timer to tammed dinos and make them vanish at its end, the timer will increase, just like torpidity does, higher lvls will stay more time on the tribe.
  6. PvE Specific Griefing Additional rule Intentionally filling the server tame limit via spamming tames and/or rafts OK, seems a fair new rule, for those "Sloth Trolls" (For Example: Go Ragnarok 42 PVE, spawn on Highlands N and you will see the best example for this kind of people, more than 100 dodos on a cage, tribe name is Maja Cool...something) But how you will apply this to "Breeders" that have literally hundreds of females to get more chances of mutations? It is not a kind of trolling too? they just want to achieve kind of notority on forums with their colors and stats, but keep servers on their limits, and there are even some "Smarts" that also have alt accounts as ally tribes to store more dinos on their bases, because they all eat from the same troughs, on ly need log 10 secs to reset timer... Those eternal breeders are also limiting new players on some kind of way, dont you think?
  7. Wow Legacy community will be reduced to only 30 server and 18 are Ragnarok servers... whats happens with Scorched Earth? No more Official Legacy Servers? No more Phoenixs? Why Devs doesn't finishish the ascention process from Schorched earth to Aberration? that part of the History is broken, and what happens to the Tek Wyvern?
  8. Are you talking of those same chinese that own Wildcard, and inyected the money needed to launch the game?
  9. Gestational timers on reapers will be 6hrs or 12 hrs on this comming evo event?
  10. 12.3 is the compressed files, then will decompress into 40.5 ish... total is the 53 required...
  11. They used server ranks, see my post about it:
  12. Well this is my research results: WC took servers Ranks and not population directly, I am not sure how Ranks are asigned (if somebody knows how they are asigened, please clarify this). Think this was an automated list, nothing were reviewd with human criteria, looks like they just filetered an excel, just like i did.... they left only 26 from 61 PVE server, THATS MORE THAN HALF!!! I feel Scamed because SE is a PAID DLC SERVER!!! They gives priority to The Center thats is a Free DLC??? COME ON!! #WANTMYMONEYBACK @Jat @TheRightHand @Jeremy Stieglitz @Casanova @Jen Here the list of Scorched Servers PVE, thanks to https://www.battlemetrics.com
  13. Sorry for you man, maybe the game is trolling you because no variety, i am having 2 boxes per day, already have 4 and no big number of tames, but variety.
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