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  1. Yes but it didn't show up the Replicator to craft, also I think terminals doenst have enough slots for crafting it
  2. Replicator crafting Hello guys, does anyone know where to craft a Replicator on Genesis ? Terminals etc. doesn't work. So where do we craft a Replicator then ?
  3. Hey Shadow thanks for your reply. I changed some stuff a couple of hours ago thats the problem. If someone have a default copy of the "expert settings" as I said above that would be amazaing. Cant find the default ones myself..
  4. Help Please Hello guys. I need the default "GameUserSettings.ini" and the "Game.ini" for PC. Would be awesome if anyone could send it to me. Thanks
  5. Maybe it didnt show it to me cause im not a member only "early bird". But I would like the join and pay the Dragon.
  6. Yeah and then I can visit your profile. But there is no option for an private msg.
  7. How can I send you an private msg? Can't find the option
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