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  1. We took 10 rhinos (bred), all with riders into alpha dragon on The Island and had no trouble at all. 20 sweet veggie cakes in each.
  2. It's really bad and very common, I know several people who've had the same thing happen
  3. I found him and bought from him, thank you very much!
  4. This may have already been addressed, but what about imprinting?
  5. Do you have Bert's steam name? I can't locate by searching and can't view trading section yet
  6. I've been anxiously awaiting this since first preview!
  7. The cool down is til server save which is every 15 minutes... if you add something to your inventory between saves, it will have the timer counting down til the next save.
  8. I am interested in the Tek Cave run and Rockwell
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