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  1. Extinction False Positive Additionally on The Center these coordinates are the same kind of thing. Harvestable rock spawned where my pillar & Ladder was On Ragnarok, before the killzones were made, I had my mana glitch through the ground here. I was in the air and did the boost jet thing from the mountain. It teleported me back to my base (the last place I was on the ground) when I went back over to my mana half its body was sticking out from this spot that my mana is looking at. Not sure if that mesh was fixed or not but when walking around it it seems glitchy. Same thing with a metal node on Scorched Earth, it spawned, clipped the ladder
  2. Facts - or at least the damage to structures. The damage to dinos doens't bother met as much, but a level 10 C Giga being able to munch through your metal in 2 or 3 bites is a bit redic.
  3. I'm sorry but WHAT? Wyvs are supposed to be "kings of the sky" but since they got their stam nerfed they are not. Before the nerf I would fight with a dozen wild wyvs on my imprinted lit wyv and we would fight in the sky for a while and it was great. With the nerf your high stam imprinted wyv gets what 4 or 5 breaths before it has to land? That is not King of the sky.
  4. @JenHow about a spot where you guys let us know what bugs you are working on? The recognized submitted bugs section on the forum seems to be a joke as aside from the Beta stuff there is only one post recognized as a bug. Its annoying for those of us who have submitted legit bugs to not know of any progress or any sort of priority list. Don't even care about timelines, just some sort of acknowledgement they they are on some list to be worked. I think that is what we all thought this was supposed to be https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/21105-currently-recognized-submitted-bugs/.
  5. They are actually community testing it this time, which I give them credit for. Better than them rushing it out and stuff not work making them patch something that causes your build to collapse. If you are antsy in the pantsy to play with it, do the beta.
  6. I think the old submit a ticket page has been nixed. You have to use the Submit PC Bug report thing which basically makes a private forum post. Still takes the same amount of time to get a response it seems. Half the time it doesn't tell me there is a response even though the settings say to notify me of replies. Sorry to hear about your situation.
  7. @Jen Do those raptor, dilo, trike stats include Corrupted variants?
  8. Competitive/Toxic because no one can actually work together like we should be able to because of stuff like this and warehouse/walmart/storage/box tribes
  9. Its because Evo events are no longer events. People expect them to happen as "business as usual" instead of it being an event, IE an additional thing that doesn't have to be done. Don't get me wrong I love 2x gathering and stuff, but when WC does it every weekend people depend on it and so when they have to deal with normal rates, they QQ. I personally think they need to up the current server rates a little, make that the standard and stop having the same evo event every weekend. Event should be things that happen outside of the normal, not the normal. From my POV from what I have seen on the PvE servers I am on, the `standard` 2x event just makes it so people wait til the weekend, then everyone is competing for tames, getting their panties in a twist if someone else gets a tame they wanted (by means of coincidence, not swooping in and getting the last tranq shot), and the atmosphere just becomes toxic. If 2x (for example) were the norm then they could do more of these odd ball evo events like, a crafting skill buff, loot drop increase, hell how about evo event where dinos (including flyers) all move 10% faster? (I know they would probably break the servers doing that).
  10. Darn right this is going to make so many people happy, I am one of them! The tribe ranks for being able to command dinos was a nice addition, but those ranks are completely ignored if you are an admin, so I have to still be very careful around my egg barn when whistling dinos. I hope this comes out soon. It will pretty much make my entire server happy depending on how it is executed. Hopefully we won't have to walk up to each dino like we do for tribe ranking. I'm a little bit if a dino hoarder and probably have at least 400 dinos in my base... probably more... LOL
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