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  1. They used to have what you're talking about called "Cross Arks." Not sure if they still have them but back when I started playing I tried out PvP. My friends chose CrossArk3 to play on. This was the Island, Center, and Scorched Earth maps. Thing was you could only transfer between maps on the CrossArk3. So massive breeding lines, all the best BPs, etc couldn't get into the CrossArk. Only what was found in CrossArk3 was available to those on that CrossArk. Again not sure if that still exists today or if it ever existed for PvE but that would be the closest thing you're talking about that Ark has done. But then you run into the same issues eventually as others have mentioned. Once the Island, Center and Scorched Earth have been around for a while what happens once Aberration drops, and then Extinction? Genesis? All the breeding lines will eventually infect the new maps despite being on a Crossark. The only real solution is unofficial if that's what you want. Host your own server with the restrictions that you'd want to play with. Build a community of people to play with that will keep playing with you on your journey through new maps as they are released. But I wouldn't count on what you're asking for to happen on Officials, people get attached to their tames they've had for years and want to keep moving forward with them, godlike stats and all.
  2. If this is happening in the bog biome it's because the swarms eat the plants/seeds. Fully enclose the crop plots and that should end that issue. As far as the disappearing fertilizer that I have no clue about.
  3. Tamed 4 bees today (actually 7 but three were meshed on tame ). Basically build a trap around them, destroy the hive and tame the bee. I was using regular kibble (simple is all that's needed) and on 2x it only takes 1 so it's instant tamed. Was using bug spray as well.
  4. Tame a ton of dodos, 1 male the rest fems and breed them. Since breeding has a chance to drop chocolate that's probably the best way to get chocolate fast.
  5. Just to give Wildcard an idea of how often it crashes and how long it's down after a crash: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/1444306/downtime This is really unacceptable at this stage in the game.
  6. All my tames on Valguero auto decayed a couple of weeks ago even though I logged on and fed them well before the 7 day timer. There must have been a roll back and not much can be done since they all were either bred for stats or colors so can't be replaced by GM. A few days ago got a false positive in AB for anti meshing and lost a rock drake I've had since the first few weeks of AB opening as well as a 150 pre tamed Shinehorn that I had just tamed. And tonight I logged into Extinction and my stone base is completely gone but all my tames are still there so it didn't auto decay, it's just gone. And my pillars that were around my base are still there. So Ark'ed hard three times in the last few weeks.
  7. Ocicat

    Base gone?!

    Base gone?! Logged into Extinction today and my base is gone. A base I've had since Extinction first launched. Nothing in my tribe log explains it, not auto decayed, not destroyed by tames, not even destroyed due to the anti messing system. It's just gone. It was made of stone so it should have had 12 days until it auto decayed. All my dinos, which only have 7 days to auto decay, are all still alive and in the same spot. My pillars directly around where my base was are still there. I'm at a complete loss as to what could have caused this. Already put a ticket in but not sure there's a whole lot that can be done. I'm thinking it might be time to move on from Ark.
  8. Yeah not a fan as a PvE'er. Lost a rock drake on Aberration I've had for over a year and a half last night when I landed next to an iguanadon in blue and all of a sudden had to respawn at my base. Respawned and checked the tribe log and there it was, killed by the anti meshing system. Went to find my body and gear as well as my bulb dog and apparently when killed with the anti meshing system there is no body to reclaim your inventory. So good bye to the 150 shinehorn I had just tamed in a cryopod. On a plus side, my bulbdog survived and killed a titanboa that tried to eat it lol.
  9. It took a bit for me to figure out but all you have to do is watch the crystals on the gacha's back. If there are 3 feed it coal or mistle. If there aren't, wait for the crystals to grow back and there are 3 before feeding it. This has worked 100% for me only having to use 1 coal or mistle. That being said, the over all chibi collecting has been awful due to the artificial rarity Wildcard has introduced. In any case hopefully this method helps in the last few hours of the event for you.
  10. Not a fan of the event specifically due to these chibis. They're a neat and fun addition to the game but when you're at 1000+ gacha clause crystals and around the same if not more raptor clause gifts and you're still missing a good number of them it just makes you wonder why you even wasted the time. I'm not saying they weren't a good idea to add to this event, just that this artificial rarity created by Wildcard has deflated any excitement I had for the event over all.
  11. Was getting same message after logging out of one server and trying to log into another. Had to wait about 5 minutes until that message or a timed out message didn't appear and I could actually log into the server I was trying to get into. Pretty frustrating but par for the course I suppose.
  12. @ FieryCat122 What armor saddles are you rocking to take out those reaper queens?
  13. It's a shame that Scorched Earth gets forgotten about, even by the devs. What I would like to see happen is an Ascension added, as well as a side of the map extended with a bigger dune that leads to something. A massive ruined city that makes the Ruins of Nosti look like a quaint little village and even dwarfs the Manticore area ruins. And then add a new dino that can rival the Rex as a boss dino, maybe the Qianzhousaurus with a new mechanic that, like the phoenix, is a SE exclusive dino. There are a ton of things Wildcard could do to make this map relevant again and build the desire for players to want to play there. I doubt it will ever happen though which is sad.
  14. If that's the glider suit, it looks that way due to a mod. On official servers it doesn't look anything like massive bat/dragon wings.
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