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  1. Mantas with a saddle might be a bit OP, maybe the ability to tame piranhas and breed them would be a better solution for a "sea dimorph." Either way I agree with you, it woul dmake sea life much more interesting to have something like this
  2. Was getting same message after logging out of one server and trying to log into another. Had to wait about 5 minutes until that message or a timed out message didn't appear and I could actually log into the server I was trying to get into. Pretty frustrating but par for the course I suppose.
  3. I'd prefer if they left nameless/reapers and basilisks off but added Rock Drakes. All they would need to do is give us another source for Venom and we're set. I do agree that not everything great about AB should be on Val though, otherwise what's the point of even playing on AB?
  4. Well, after getting a set of boss rexes and saddles made, I started to do the Manticore on SE. Did Gamma a few times, Beta once (only took 5 minutes) and started doing Alpha. Did 4 of them just fine then on the 5th one (about an hour ago) boss wouldn't land and the fight timed out. So now wondering if it's even worth it to do this boss since it's clearly still bugged. Maybe it time to focus on Otter breeding lol.
  5. Some sort of cat dragon? Ok, sign me up! Also digging how it's chest looks like it has the corruption from element going on. That is going to be one fun tame I'm betting!
  6. Yep that's what I'm seeing. First time I've been active when events are going on so this is all new to me haha. Thanks for the info!
  7. Is there a list somewhere of all the dinos that have easter colors? Trying to narrow down what I should go out and tame this easter
  8. Hey Adam, NA ragnarok 13 is down again. This is the second weekend during a 2x event this has happened. Please get our server up and running. Also, I've already filled out a server outage form.

  9. Not a darn thing. Server has been down all weekend (NA Ragnarok13) with zero communication from the devs or anyone at Wildcard.
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