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  1. This is a great idea. The obelisks right now are parking lots and create a lot of unnecessary animosity between players. Up Voted.
  2. It doesn't take long to travel Ragnarok on a griffin or wyvern. It's a nightmare on an argent or quetzal.
  3. I agree that there appears to be room for both to coexist initially. Gradually though I think you will see the legacy servers wind down through attrition. Additionally I think you will see 30-70% of current PVE players insta-switch to new servers when they are launched. Why be third fiddle on a legacy server when you can use what you learned and be a big hitter on a new server? With those new players leaving, there will be far fewer up and coming players to trade with.
  4. Thanks for the thorough explanation of what is coming. I am not sure that segregating legacy from new in PVE does much besides create added complexity for you and your players but we will work with whatever we have to.
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