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  1. Afaik you can fishing while ride a Gasbag
  2. Well the Spawn on 652 is now dead again too. GJ Wildcard, Best Dev Studio ever.
  3. Well we had that on Island too and they was need 2-3 Months till they fixed it.
  4. Your Server problems started just a few Days agos you said. My Rag Server is broken since Months with sometimes 5h+ Downtime. And i did my Post to show you that you not alone with such bad Server Performance and wanted to Support you but ofc lets compare which Server is more broken because thats a lot more useful. But hey Mate dont worry, you will get used to your Server
  5. My Rag Server dont had 1 Day in this Year without a Server Crash. I know that feeling and i sorry to say this but WC dont give a f*** about it.
  6. We had such a "Bug" in Early Acc too. My Island Server didnt had Dino spawn for like 3 Months. Wildcard fixed that problem then (its even somewhere in the Patch Notes) Last Week we had this "Bug" on our Genesis Server too for almost 1 Week but now its all fine. @FSB75 Check the Caves for Meat. When we had this Bug like 3-4 Years ago we was farm the Swamp Cave for Meat runs.
  7. EU-Genesis have 255+ Ping each day almost the whole Day. My Main Rag Server crash almost each day since months. Wildcard dont care and Wildcard will not give you any answer. They are the Masters of ignor complaining about Server Performance. I dont know what @lilpanda do the whole day but its not care about Servers.
  8. Well then i was seems just lucky because i dont had this Problem on any Map Release. Not on SE,Center,AB,Rag,EXT,Valg. The last time that i saw such a low Dino spawn was on the Island during Early Acc. The Devs patched it then. After 3 Monts without spawn... This low Dino spawn is very weird. While the Arctic and Vulcano is empty the Bog seems fine. I see a lot Dinos around in the Bog.
  9. High Ping and low Dinos spawn Hi, on my Genesis Server (652) is each day 200-255+ Ping and on the whole Map almost no dinos spawing. I was hope the Spawn will be better when the Ping is lower and less ppl online but it doesnt maked a Difference. With 100-150+ Ping and like 40+ Ppl it still very low Dino Spawn. You just walking through the Biomes and they are empty. It started to be like this last Saturday. @Cedric @Dollie @lilpanda Does someone else have similair Problems on his Genesis Server ?
  10. Making the Game Free to Play during weekend and then Show off with the Player Amount.
  11. Now lot ppl crash during each Server Save. Good Job Wildcard and you doing awesome Work too @lilpanda
  12. That was in Early Access. Lot ppl seems still not to realize that Early Access is over since some Years...
  13. Ragnarok 196 is each day offline for Hours since the Event Start. That is the first Event since they add The Anti Meshing System and it have problably something to do with all this Lag and Server Crashes. So get used to it Ppl. This is the worse Event ever and its ofc a good sign how Genesis will be released.
  14. Ark isnt anymore in Early Access. You (Wildcard) added a System into the Game which lead to lose Stuff and just Abuse us as your Testers and even dont want to replace any of our Losses. Fixing Meshing was always what PVP Players wanted and not what we PVE Player wanted. Do you want to know what PVE Players asking for since years ? Finally Separate pvp and pve. Its frightening how less you care about the Time and Work from your Community Base.
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