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  1. Wildcard changed the Printtimer from 8h to 4h in 2017 or 2018. Since that all imprints are higher compare to the 8h imprints.
  2. Well say its not a bug and stop use duped Dinos is easier than to Fix it. That is how Wildcard is working. Ignor bugs or say its not a bug while it is.
  3. Did any Dev ever reply to this Bug ? I want to know if its planed to fix that or if they will let it how it is
  4. The Wildcard Support only give you max Level 105 Char. They dont give ascension back. Same about the Tek Engrams. They only give you Replicator, Generator, Transmitter, Teleporter, and Tek Turret back. But Wildcard Support can make a Imprint Transfer so your Dinos will be again imprinted by your Char.
  5. Support will only spawn you a tamed Giga so dont even worth it to write a Ticket tbh.
  6. I would like to see first some Bug Fixes befor anything else...
  7. Is the bug still not fixed ? Did the Devs even said something about it ?
  8. Ppl pay 500-700 Tek for rare Chibis while the Event...
  9. Who need Bugfixes and better Server Performence when we got instead Chibis ?!?
  10. Same just happen to me like 1h ago.
  11. I feed like 1800 Coal to Gachas. They dont have all 54 Chibis...
  12. The Lag is now so worse that ppl get kicked from Server because of it like 1 time in 1h. @lilpanda @Cedric
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