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  1. EU-PVE-Official-GenTwo930 04.09.2021 = 14 Crashes 05.09.2021 = 12 Crashes Today so far = 10 Crashes And this Clown Dev Studio working on a New Game
  2. Yeah i cant wait for Ark 2 ! It will be all better and just awesome with no Lag, Rubberbanding, Crashes, Bugs and Chinese. I believe in it. #PositiveVibes P.S. Ironic off
  3. Yeah because they Fixed it yesterday...
  4. THIS exactly is what happend yesterday for me too. I was try to tame a Level 85 Stryder and each time when i was on the 3rd Hack the same happen. And we had a ping under 100. So yeah great Fix again...
  5. With almost allday 150 - 200+ Ping, lag and rubberbanding its not possible to do this Mission on Offical PVE Servers. Same for Circuit Chase Alpha. Both Missions need to get more Time to finish them. Wildcard should Design Missions and all for Offical Servers and not for Singleplayer or Unoffical where the Performance is a lot better.
  6. So what ? No 100 Cloning Chambers with 1k Giga Clones infront of it ? I cant even imagine this...
  7. Well they naming the Servers EU while half China is on them.
  8. It need to be more Patched and Balanced for sure. I thought the last Patch was for make it easier but it seems like its now even harder than before. At least a lot of ppl say this. And its maybe just me but it feels like the Stryder Spawn is now very low compare to 3-4 Days ago. Before you could find a lot in a few Mins and now you glad when you find 2-3 in 10 Mins. Losing 2 Stryder because they just disappear after Touch the Ground while be moving with the Skiff isnt cool too.
  9. My Opinions on the Missions in Gen 2 ? Just try Circuit Chase Alpha on any Official PVE Server and you know my Opinions. Wont say more or i will be banned for Insulting the Sh*t out of Wildcard
  10. The last 6 times i didnt had so much troubles to force it to Land. I will try what you said nexttime cause a Crash let it Land. Everybody is welcome to talk here about the Problems which they have with this Bug. They need to fix it. 1 Year is long enough.
  11. Its now happen Already 7 Times. 6 times i got it forced to Land with take all element out and let the Fuel run out. Sometimes it just landing then. Sometimes i was needed to place a Bronto on it and Whistle it to land. This time absolutly nothing worked. I was spend now like 2h to force it to Land but it just wont. Dont have a Giga yet on Gen2 to place it on the Skiff. But still... why we even need to do all that Stuff. This Bug is now 1 Year old. They should finally try to fix it.
  12. @Cedric @Dollie @Jatheish Each time when you are driving a Skiff and the Server Crash the Skiff are buggy and dont want to Land. There some ways to let it Land and all but why the Hell we still need to struggle with this. This Bug exist since the Skiff is released also like 1 Year already. I was now need to force it to land 5 times in less than 24h. Just God damn pls try to fix that because we all know your Servers will never be without Crashes.
  13. Any Idea how to fix that ? Its seems its because the Global Font too. Usually you see the HP and Food untder the Taming Bar.
  14. We have this problem since some Hours too. Ppl on my Servers think too its because of Stryder. And yeah i already forget that this Cap even Exist. Dont saw it for Years
  15. You need wait for a other Crash. After the last Crash the Server turned off Transfering. Dont ask me why... With next Crash it will be probably fine again You can make a Ticket there too https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform But the Crash will be faster Fix it than Wildcard will react on it
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