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  1. Global font + "raised by" So I play with chinese and korean players and wanted to be able to read the characters, so I downloaded a global font. The font itself is perfect, but for some reason the "raised by *insert name here*" part of the dinos inventory-hud has disappeared. My assumtion is that the font was created before breeding was implemented, and I woundered if anyone had found a workaround for seeing both "the english" alphabet and other alphabets? I have tried swapping out different files, but havent found a solution
  2. Cant seem to log in, because I use steam?
  3. @JatCan you please stop adding stuff untill all lag issues, bugs and in general stuff that needs to fixed is fixed. It makes no sense adding more stuff when the main game and maps that are already out are so rage-induring at times, especially the 255 ping issue on ragnarok, I lost 1 wyv and im sure many others have lost dinos
  4. iOlsen

    Ragnarok 4.jpg

    @JatNice that you post and everything, but how do I turn off these notifications
  5. Any update from Valve?

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