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    Still no official response. Can I offer you a friendly piece of advice WildCard? This is how you turn supporters into people who constantly insult you and the game. It 100% looks like you just don't care. Seriously.
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    I think its good time to find another game that dont waste our time and not spoil our blood.
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    The following should happen: # backup cron 1/ A daily cron should run which automatically backs up every character # automatic restore cron 1/ A daily cron runs which checks for characters that have been lost 2/ Restores character automatically to last known official server if it doesn't exist. 3/ Automatically emails a survivor the character location and that a restore took place.
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    Why are we being subjected to transport timers? When traveling between maps is so risky? We could loose our character. We need to be able to move fast after the last crash to avoid risk of being deleted. Yet we have to stand waiting for 15 minutes?? Why do we still have these timers? Isn't the risk of getting our character deleted enough punishment?
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    Give ark auto collectors. So you can leave your kibble farm alone but still have eggs not going to waste.And also can pull items out of a Dino’s inventory and set the item into connected storage using transfer pipes also to refrigerates and dedicated tek storage.
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    The one thing I'm hoping will stay is the Rockdrake, they didn't put it in valguero and they haven't put in something like Rockwell or other stuff from aberration. anyone have the same idea, or you wondering something else. and also, don't complain fellas, we get a map and we stick with it. no complaining.
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    Does look like the Ornithocheirus to me and my kids love Andy's dinosaurs, they can't get enough of that show... surprisingly informative too. Anyway... As for that guy who complained about that 10 day window yadah yadah. . . yeah you might want to relook at a calendar to see how long Winter actually lasts for, as for the information WC have given us ingards to release dates and what not expect things to change, expect things to not go as planned, we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and you are not the only ones suffering from it, everyone is, businesses all over the world have to put in safety protocols and measures to ensure their staffs welfare and this comes first before anything else. You don't like it? Tough, you are literally going to have to just wait. Patience is a virtue and one I think we all need to have at times like this.
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    Pachyrhino. Chalicotherium. Hardly anyone plays w/ those, try it out! Become the Chalicotherium King
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    Absolutely! I purchased a simple USB computer keyboard and plugged it into my console. Using a console controller to scroll through the on-screen keyboard to type even the shortest sentence is a laborious task. Thank God that we can use USB keyboards.
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    Resources not respawning is a major bug of single player, it's been in the game since it first launched and has never been fixed, they even tried to claim it as a feature to stop players infinitely farming resources and having an advantage, in a single player mode, whereas in a competitive multiplayer mode you can infinitely farm resources truth is they can't even be bothered to try and fix it and just made some crappy excuse instead Once you exit to main menu any resources that haven't respawned will be gone for good unless you mess around with your settings, set resource respawn and no resource respawn player radius to 0.01, start the game and go to the area you want to respawn then leave render distance, give it 5 minutes or so then go and check to see if everything has spawned back, save game and put the settings back to how you had them It's a pain in the ass and if your PC is up to it it's less hassle to run a dedicated server and either password protect it or use exclusive join so random players can't connect
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    Up-vote this or comment if you have a better idea:
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    I really wish I never saw this game
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    Ok, it is getting late. I give up. Time to go to bed and figure out why exactly I keep giving this company money. Oh yeh, theres not a good alternative............. yet.
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    I think I took like 6 or 7, got tired of breeding the sloths. And I typically heal "during" the fun, my theory is that hopefully everyone makes it out, or if Iv underestimated and trying to makes sure that we make it out of the arena alive. Sides, its no big deal to roll in on the backside of everyone, use all the reserves the pig has, take a step back and devour whats in the inventory for another roll up. Now with that said, mom was on one of the yutys doing the roaring. So the plan is still implemented the same as a megatherium setup, just with a little variety. The yuty's wasn't as high as I was hoping, wanted them over 8k health, I think. The one I gave to mom however was nearly 20k.....literally spent every single point in health and nothing else.
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    What a way to celebrate your 5th anniversary. instead of gathering joy you are causing extreme grief with this negligence. The person rolling out the patch seriously need to be punished
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    its np, just make an appointment and in 2 month u will get your engrams back. not all ofc but at least 3!!!
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    On consoles maybe, not on PC that's for sure. You can say bold and loud you are hacking/meshing and nothing will be done to you.
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    There's some obscure censors.. I remember one of the wyvern levels is censored (like 175 or something) .. so strange. Nothing worse than typing a long paragraph on console then one stupid phrase erases it because filter. I quickly bought a controller keyboard when first playing ARK. Was a life saver.
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    Wyverns and drakes only breedable with mods.
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    This is a hard one. I am not sure if a "ghost" is what Ark is going for. Dino's, Fantasy Creatures, Mythical Creatures, and perhaps even modern creatures to a degree - sure. Not sold on the ghost concept though. Perhaps if the creature wasn't a ghost though... that may work. Such as a new form of bat that hides in the trees and only comes appear at night. They could hide in trees and swoop to grab you and pull you to the skies to drop you. However if you are lit up, by either a glowpet, torch, or perhaps a new form of light to travel with, they will limit their attack to behind you so you have a chance to turn and scare them away. It takes a bit from what what you are offering, but changes it into a creature that would a nightmare to deal with at night. It a bat form was used it could be the size of an Argy or Owl and if tamed, would act as the Megalosaurus and sleep at day with boosts at night light.
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    It would be a game changer for some, but I am not sure if I would want it added officially. Perhaps as a mod? There are ways to possibly use parts of it though. For example: Add a creature that is cute and cuddly during the day. Perhaps a shoulder pet of some sort that turns into a Hell Hound at night. Slightly larger than a dire wolf that can be ridden with a saddle to terrorize across the landscape. Defaults to aggressive when shifts at night and passive at day. Kinda like the shape shifter, only with the shifting limited to the time of day as opposed to the stimulation of element. Add something like a Lycan Disease to the game. It could be a disease that could can catch from creatures, as with those form leeches, that can only be cured by death or the completion of a very specific and hard to craft recipe. If you have the disease and ride a creature your creature could catch as could anything you come in contact with. Creatures with it could glow green as with Alphas and if not taken down, they could infect other wild creatures in the area. So killing them from a distance could be your best bet for survival. I am not trying to take over your idea, just provide some suggestions for tweaking it to fit in a more mainstream manner.
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    I am all for new creatures, but this one is a bit larger. The larger they are the more lag they cause. The titanosaur, as it is doesn't really seem to fit in with the map due to its size and this creature is even larger? It may be a bit much. That is not saying it is a bad idea. If there was a way to fight the lag it may cause, then I would be all for it.
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    The phoenix is a fun creature - but not one that I usually go out to tame. For a few reasons: It is very hard to actually tame. I have set on ledges outside of the Dunes just waiting for a storm to tame one before and it took hours for the storm I needed to show up. It can't be bred. What you tame is all you get. Beyond leveling, it will not get any better. And for that reason, it becomes a "pretty" creature more so than a usable one. The forge concept... sometimes works. Sure if you are on the go and this is the creature you have it could be convenient. It will smelt and cook things for you. Fantastic. However once you get it home, it is really quite sad when compared to industrial level items like the forge and grill. Not only that, but I tried to use it as a line item forge. Meaning it held more so it could smelt more at the cost of time. However that idea was shot when I learned that it wouldn't smelt while the players were offline. Unlike the forge where it would keep going. It is a laggy beast. It can't land, so you constantly have the flying motion at your base that adds the lag. Something that i try to minimize as a console player. It has no imprinting. Like the griffin, this makes it cap out pretty quickly. And honestly, cuts my interest drastically. It has not saddle. So it has no additional protection that you can apply to it. No "phoenix" like rebirth. It does appear out of nowhere in the desert, but it can't be reborn... so doesn't that just make it a fire-bird born through heat? Overall, it is again a cool addition, but even for a PvE player myself, one that is not usually worth the effort. So a TLC to this creature would be nice.
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    Please! This is just another one of the many building aspects I had hoped would come with the Structures Plus update that was watered down to the "Homestead Update". And to be honest, I didn't miss it at first because on xbox we don't have mods so I had never played around with it. I constantly find places it would have been nice to have it with, but just rolled my eyes and found another way to make it work most of the time. But then I played Atlas... Not only do they have ways to flip the sloped walls and triangles - but they have the stacking foundations, roof corners, roof valleys, half stairs, large walls (behemoth sized), and different sized gates (2x2, 3x3, 8x12). They have a different building system that groups together the items of a similar size/style so that you don't have to craft individuals of each, but rather some can simply be selected and placed based off a generic crafting cost (it would require a major re-work so not a likely inclusion, but would also cut down dramatically on the number of engrams you have to flip through). They also have a snapping guide which tells you how many snap point exist for the piece and allows you to flip through them to select the one you want to use. Now all of that goes beyond what this suggestion holds, but it does give an idea. As for the suggestion itself, please. As either and item or as a snap point - it would be nice to have it.
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    Personally I breed what ever I want to breed. For me breeding is fun on it’s own and on pve servers non breed dinos can still destroy wild dinos. I have a non breed lvl 202 argentavis and it destroys wild dinos, if your looking for colors just breed what dino you want to look cool. This is probably an unpopular opinion but this is how I breed on pve.
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    Daeodons, Deinonychus, and Yutys are all extremley useful for boss fights but aren't as commonly bred. They're reasonably strong outside boss fights as well, the daeodon is a nice small mount (I prefer it over bears/thylas), Yuty is great for osds on extinction, and the deinon's bleed is powerful against any dino. Gasbags and procoptodons are great for weight, and gasbags even have some use for sponging damage (titan fights notably).
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    A cool feature to make furniture useful could be that if you lay down in bed or sit in a chair, you stam recharges almost instantly.
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    Don't get me wrong, love to see bugs worked out first, but maybe they can spend some time on in game non mod décor while the rest of the team works on the general bugs.
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    This dude said "we will investigate it". two years later and its still a problem SMH
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    You'll be able to pronounce Ornithocheirus after watching this.
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    Honestly, I'm wondering if Wildcard even gives a damn about their community, it's been like this for 2 years, and as M4Cex said, you can't say it's client side, this is happening on multiple maps and it's a bug that literally makes the game unplayable and an extreme disappointment making a massive base with a lot of time and effort only to realize you can't progress in the game because @Jatheish gave us a comment, but refused to give feedback. You guys seriously need to care about your community more, I spent 300$ on this game alone because 1. i bought everything for Xbox originally, than using the same account i had to buy it for windows 10 from the store as well since steam's version can't have crossplay, which was my mistake originally, BUT I DID NOT BUY A GAME MULTIPLE TIMES ONLY TO FIND THE GAME IS UNPLAYABLE. This bug "originated" after the Aberration patch came in, so it has to be somewhere in the coding section for aberration, this texture bug also happens in different forms in Scorched Earth, but never to the extent it made the game unplayable as far as Progression goes. It's messed up how you guys can give us a lousy comeback instead of any feedback or updates on what's going on with the bug "Investigating" that you're doing.
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    a simple added rotation in our 'e' command would do it. then in the code they just need to adjust the snapping point. This is one of those 2+ yr bugs that annoys everyone in PVE. Just like white on metal walls. Why did it get missed? I was told because of something with colorblindness. Maybe this was for crosseyeness?
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    this was planned but has not been implemented. Was expecting this to come with Homestead update. would be great if we could get this in official.
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    Or just additional snap points for existing sloped walls so they can invert?
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    nevermind, i just picked the correct answer and murdered all my bloodstalkers with a shotgun, thats some garbage raptorin bullpoop
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    So looks like it was not just me. Everyone I know on my gen server with tek engrams is missing them. No word yet from devs, so guessing this is just a "ooops, carry on" type of thing.
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    Wyverns, rockdrakes, magmasuars....
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    In the year 3025 We still cannot find a way to make engine upgrades because Game Engine Makers are to dumb and lack brain cells to make it easy. That's are future we as a human species are not smart enough to solve this problem and no matter how far are tech advanced wee will never beat it to make upgrades easier and instead make excuses to avoid solving it and just say "Better to just make a new game" instead of solving the issue before it's to late in some distant future. But eh, What do I know right? It might be a simple answer to solving game engine upgrades we just don't know it yet or we may never perfect that ability at all or never. But one can at least have hope to at least try. Or maybe the real reason we won't even try hard enough is because if we made games up-gradable, Then the "Better to just make a new game" crowd will die out and have no way to make those posts to end all discussions or they believe if we made upgrading games to easy it will ruin are ability to make new games. ANYWAYS, That's just my perspective of the matter, We won't advance if we don't at least try and make it a reality when more and people makes excuses the further away we will make it happen. I guess an entire population rather not let it happen. Even if they don't put Ark on Unreal Engine 5, Then well it won't be hard to give it Raytracing Ability that be easier than a entire engine upgrade.
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    Has it been fixed now?
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