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  1. Currently my official character is stuck on an Asia server and cannot get off because the transfer button is broken. I go to an ob, go to the transfer server section, and click transfer with survivor just like you normally would, but it just doesn't respond. Hopefully if I click the button enough for the next 72 hours it will do something eventually
  2. I can assure you that you were not a factor in the decision about the changes to longnecks. You're incoherent. Nothing you say makes any sense.
  3. Still no info on season 2 sadly it's been a month and a half now
  4. Classic PvP Season 2 It has been nearly 5 weeks now since the devs announced in Community Crunch 189 that there would be a Season 2 for Classic PvP. Since then, there has been no news surrounding when a wipe would occur, or if there would be any changes to the game mode with the new season, nevertheless a date when the wipe would occur. Ever since, Classic PvP has essentially been dead. The playerbase had already started to quit the mode because of the lack of endgame content, and Season 2 when it was announced was exciting for us since many enjoyed the game mode a lot. However, it also removed any purpose in continuing to build up on the current servers because a wipe was said to be imminent. Week after week passed with all of the tweets and community crunches by the devs, and every single one had no info on classic PvP and what would be done with the gamemode. This has left us with 100+ dead servers that no one wants to build on, and has fostered an environment like that at the end of legacy. A confirmation that these servers will or will not be wiped would be great, since much of the playerbase for classic isn't sure at this point whether or not to stop playing on the current servers.
  5. Any info on Classic Season 2? Its been almost a month since its been announced and the gamemode has died as a result.
  6. So no news about Classic PvP season 2? The game mode is dead right now because of the announcement of the second season, and we haven't even heard of any updates regarding a wipe date or the specifics in 3 weeks. Would be nice to get some info.
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