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  1. Currently my official character is stuck on an Asia server and cannot get off because the transfer button is broken. I go to an ob, go to the transfer server section, and click transfer with survivor just like you normally would, but it just doesn't respond. Hopefully if I click the button enough for the next 72 hours it will do something eventually
  2. I can assure you that you were not a factor in the decision about the changes to longnecks. You're incoherent. Nothing you say makes any sense.
  3. Still no info on season 2 sadly it's been a month and a half now
  4. Classic PvP Season 2 It has been nearly 5 weeks now since the devs announced in Community Crunch 189 that there would be a Season 2 for Classic PvP. Since then, there has been no news surrounding when a wipe would occur, or if there would be any changes to the game mode with the new season, nevertheless a date when the wipe would occur. Ever since, Classic PvP has essentially been dead. The playerbase had already started to quit the mode because of the lack of endgame content, and Season 2 when it was announced was exciting for us since many enjoyed the game mode a lot. However, it also removed any purpose in continuing to build up on the current servers because a wipe was said to be imminent. Week after week passed with all of the tweets and community crunches by the devs, and every single one had no info on classic PvP and what would be done with the gamemode. This has left us with 100+ dead servers that no one wants to build on, and has fostered an environment like that at the end of legacy. A confirmation that these servers will or will not be wiped would be great, since much of the playerbase for classic isn't sure at this point whether or not to stop playing on the current servers.
  5. Here we go again EDIT: Since I have the first comment, I will try to keep this updated with everything people have figured out about this message for easy access. What we know: Each section of DNA has 8 bases (the straight colored lines), there are 4 larger lines, and 4 smaller ones towards the edges if you look closely Only one strand of DNA matters since (using the first line as an example) Red always has Purple across from it and same with cyan and green. Here is @SuperDodo2's post for more info about this. finally helena made a biological quiz, I wasn't sure if she was a biologist or software engineer for now.... anyway this is how you read the code (i dont have the time to decrypt everything myself): In DNA you have always 2 Strings. To decode it, you need only one String (red circles - helix), because the other one is just complementary (G=C, C=G, R=B, B=R). I guess C, R, B, G will have to be decrypted with W, A, S, D. Unfortunately there is no way for me to find out what is what. The yellow Things that go away from the Helix are weird. There could be another Code only in the yellow Parts, it seems that they dont belong to certain colors (C, R, B or G) Each line of DNA loops around on itself (ie. if the last section is unfinished, it is the missing component of the first section on the same line) The first section of DNA always will have one of the colored lines that is outside of the main helix (The yellow strands in the first line). The color that this strand extends out from will be different than the color that the strand sticks out from for the rest of the line. Take the first line for example. The first yellow strand sticks out of the purple base. After that, the yellow lines only stick out of green bases. This pattern is the same for every line, except with different colors. another one of @SuperDodo2's comments gives more insight on this pattern: The Colors change each lane. I think the things that point out of the Helix are for decoding the color change (lets call them marker). There is a pattern: First lane: 1. Yellow marker is at B --> 2.-6. Yellow marker is at G Second lane: 1. Yellow marker is at B --> 2.-6. Yellow marker is at C Third lane: 1. Red marker is at Y--> 2.-6. Red marker is at G 4th lane: 1. Orange marker is at B --> 2.-6. Orange marker is at C 5th lane: 1. Blue marker is at Y --> 2.-6. Blue marker is at C 6th lane: 1. Purple marker is at Y --> 2.-6. Purple marker is at R So I guess it can mean something like green in the first lane gets blue in the second lane.... there are a lot more possibilities. Possible decoding methods: each base (ie. color) of the DNA might each represent wasd when decoding. There are a few issues with this though, as there are more than 4 colors after you get past the first line, and there are extra strands that stick out of the main section of DNA. However, there are only 4 different colors used in each line of DNA (excluding the strands that stick outside the main code) so wasd may still be a possibility, and colors are just swapped out going through each line. There are 7 different colors, Red, Purple, Cyan, Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue, so it might be a code in base 7 converted to ASCII. This is the same thing as the wasd codes, which was base 4 ---> decimal ---> ASCII. Many sections of DNA have the same pattern, just with different colors. @Jonathanasger made a good graphic to show the relationships between certain lines (shown below). I made something too, that I now realize may be wrong, as I have only taken the TWO CENTER CONNECTIONS in each dna piece into account, but it may still be worth noting what I have found. But again, most likely wrong, do not be confused.
  6. @nintendogamer7 I genuinely don't get your point about +5. There is no addition in e notation. It just means a power. And in this case the power is signed, which is not abnormal at all. And your point about superscripts not being used. It is not possible for them to be used in Thai puzzle. The codes that we decrypted are base 4 numbers representing basic ascii characters, and superscripts are not included in ascii. It is a logical workaround to use E notation in place of superscripts for large numbers, and to use an uppercase T and a lowercase p to denote a common representation of the Planck time unit (tP) Additionally, under the pretense that C2I does mean command, control, and intelligence, it is illogical to say that it is not practical to measure in Planck times. The Planck Time unit is a universal constant that is derived directly from the physical laws of the universe, and nothing else. C2l is term coined by the US Military, which is something much less objective of a meausrement. A few people have also agreed that the message does indeed read e+52, so it's likely that whatever the unit is, it is very, very, very small, since 10e52 seconds is many many many magnitudes longer than the universe has existed this far. One of the few measurements that is small enough to actually give is realistic numbers when multiplied with e52, just happens to have the same exact denotation as we saw in this puzzle, so I think beyond a reasonable doubt we can agree that To does indeed represent Planck Time.
  7. Yeah I'm seeing that page now, it just doesn't seem correct to me though considering it says "Integrity" along with C2I. Just seems like an odd way to put it. "Command, Control, and Intelligence Integrity 89%"
  8. Are we sure C2l is decoded correctly? I think it is worth checking over before we do any large amount of digging into what it might be xP
  9. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planck_time This is what Tp means most likely, considering we are dealing with E52 lmao. So the previous directive runtime is like 2500 years. Also came to this conclusion without seeing arkark's post, so I guess this might be the correct answer.
  10. The longest block of text says "Command elevation request granted"
  11. Any info on Classic Season 2? Its been almost a month since its been announced and the gamemode has died as a result.
  12. So no news about Classic PvP season 2? The game mode is dead right now because of the announcement of the second season, and we haven't even heard of any updates regarding a wipe date or the specifics in 3 weeks. Would be nice to get some info.
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