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  1. Thats not the case at all because multiple tribes can fob the same base location but only one tribe can defend against it. Within a week of servers going live there are going to be 75 people fighting against one tribe defending, and because of the new rule its very likely that there will be 75vs10 fights, which is a ridiculous imbalance. Any base will be wiped in 4 hours with an imbalance like that. And basically what you are saying is that because of personal responsibilities people are going to log off? I thought the fact that people were getting up 2 times during the night to imprint wit
  2. I'm just concerned because they have NEVER changed any of the rules of a Conquest or Classic season during the actual season. Its pretty clear to most of the larger groups playing that this rule is just going to make everything more annoying in general, on top of making it impossible to defend any base from an attack (basically whoever attacks first wins since they can get 25 people and go to a server while the defending tribe cant do anything if they dont have many people online). Just the logistics of managing a tribe like this are disgusting because of how its formatted. In previous conques
  3. 24 Hour cooldown with + No cave building will not work. If someone has a base on land it is going to be impossible to defend it when 2 different tribes of 25 people each show up to your base show up while there are only 5 or 10 people online. Normally, if there weren't a 24 hour cooldown it would be somewhat possible to defend since you would actually be able to get 25 people online to defend. However, the fights that are going to happen are going to be severely unbalanced because of this if this rule stays, since it would be so easy to get 50 people to attack someones base, but impossible to
  4. Currently my official character is stuck on an Asia server and cannot get off because the transfer button is broken. I go to an ob, go to the transfer server section, and click transfer with survivor just like you normally would, but it just doesn't respond. Hopefully if I click the button enough for the next 72 hours it will do something eventually
  5. I can assure you that you were not a factor in the decision about the changes to longnecks. You're incoherent. Nothing you say makes any sense.
  6. Any info on Classic Season 2? Its been almost a month since its been announced and the gamemode has died as a result.
  7. So no news about Classic PvP season 2? The game mode is dead right now because of the announcement of the second season, and we haven't even heard of any updates regarding a wipe date or the specifics in 3 weeks. Would be nice to get some info.
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