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  1. How do we report someone like Dollie? It has been around 12 hours since the patch wiped tek engrams for people on Genesis and for people transferring to Genesis. I had to go to Twitter to see a response, which was made 7 hours ago by Dollie and she acted like it was fixed. This is unacceptable. Anyone from WC could come to forums and see it has not been fixed.
  2. Ok, it is getting late. I give up. Time to go to bed and figure out why exactly I keep giving this company money. Oh yeh, theres not a good alternative............. yet.
  3. Still no official response. Can I offer you a friendly piece of advice WildCard? This is how you turn supporters into people who constantly insult you and the game. It 100% looks like you just don't care. Seriously.
  4. So to confirm, you had your engrams before you jumped to Genesis? Once on Genesis, the engrams were gone? Did you try to transfer back to other server?
  5. No idea. There is currently no official response from them on this. I am assuming they are waiting to see how many people were hit with this. If it is under a hundred or two, they will just not respond, pretend it didn't happen and we will just need to get engrams again. I am not being disgruntled, that is the cold hard truth. Take a look People are missing hard earned engrams due to their lack of testing and there is no response, period, none. nadda... Love the game, have no respect any longer for the team behind it.
  6. Still missing. Whatever that reboot was for, now engrams are visible, but not acquired. Last time the page was blank. So no, that did not fix it.
  7. So looks like it was not just me. Everyone I know on my gen server with tek engrams is missing them. No word yet from devs, so guessing this is just a "ooops, carry on" type of thing.
  8. Servers are back up, but now all tek engrams are missing. I just... dunno Maybe I should call it a wasted Friday and just go to sleep. In the morning this will have all been a bad dream.
  9. Wish I had a cookie to give you, but take my heart instead Opened forums back up expecting one of those other people to just quote and argue for the sake of arguing. I made my initial post to call out the fact that people have had huge bases and tons of dinos for years, without this problem. I am honestly stunned that people with as much play time as some of these have forgotten that. I have played on a server with avg 30 people, dinos without dino cap, bases bigger than you see now.. and none of this lockup stuff. Why blame dinos, when we didn't have this problem before there were caps? People just remember lag back then and cal the server lockups lag now, so just want to point and blame the base with a ton of pretty dinos. I will no longer be replying to this thread. It is pointless. The problem is not the dinos. The problem is not big bases. We had those before we had complete server lockups every 15 minutes. It is not lag. It is not the dinos. It is the server. Please recognize the difference and stop arguing for arguments sake. Think hard on how the servers were back then. A heck of a lot more stable, not counting the bugs and stuff. I'm talking server stability and the ability to actually play the game. I spend more time now wondering why I can't open the smithy (server save, server locked up) than out having fun. That is a problem.
  10. They aren't the problem. They cause lag, not server lockups. Fly around the map and hit a lag pocket, freeze for half a second, base renders. THAT is mega base and dino parking. Be at your base trying to open a smithy, but can't for 30 seconds. THAT is not because of breeders and dino parking. During legacy I had over 1,000 dinos at my park. It was a park, not a base. My neighbor had a mega base that went all the way up to build height limit, full metal. If you flew over near Southeast Shores, you would lock up for half a sec, maybe little more, until stuff rendered. That is lag my friends. Sitting at my base with 20 dinos, rest in pods. Can't open smithy. Walk up same stairs 3 times. Client crashes. Server not in list. That is not lag. OMG. Please quit blaming breeders.
  11. My apologies for nitpicking, but I am correct on every issue I pointed out. When homestead released, servers locked up solid. Ever since then they have never returned to their previous state. For the purpose of my post, yes. It is exactly why the servers freeze today. They did not freeze like this before Homestead and they started to freeze when Homestead was released. They have also never returned to their previous state, so I will stand by what I said.
  12. Search the forums for back when it was released. Was on front page in like 10 different posts. The fact that you mentioned a name implies you are aware of the project, so it surprises me you were unaware of this.
  13. Wow. Every time someone mentions laggy servers, someone else brings up dino parking lots. That is not the problem, come on guys. Everyone knows what the problem is, but nobody knows how to fix it. We are still recovering from the Homestead patch. When Homestead was going to be released, the ark devs were warned by the author that it would lag the servers down hard, but they went ahead with it. After the Homestead patch, the servers would lock up, like worse than extinction does right now. Every. Single. Save. Raise your hand if you were here during this time and remember the horror it was. Within a few weeks (yeh, weeks.....) it got down to 30 second or so saves. It has never gotten better. We were all just so happy to not have the complete lockups, we enjoyed the new lag. Fast forward to now and people just remember there has always been lag. Very few people remember flying a drake without landing from Fertile Lake all the way down to the skely in red. Can't do that now. You will freeze at least once during the trip and find yourself on the ground. Never happened before Homestead. That is how I judged how good on a drake I was getting, when I could fly all the way down. Made the tip many times, but now it is a gamble. Raise your hand if you remember doing a vein or drop on Extinction, without fear of the server crashing. I remember when the greatest fear was meteors during one. LOL..... ah to be young again. But good news!!! Theres a new map with a new dino!!! Soon everyone will forget about the server freezes again for a short while. Quit blaming dino parkers. I was playing this game back when there was no dino limit, servers were at max pop and bases reached the rainbow ceiling. The servers were not near as bad back then. We raced pteras from Carno to Herby and back. Can't do that now without freezing at least 5 times during the trip. It is not dino parkers. It is not people with big bases. All that stuff has been around forever. It is the changes to structures that went in with Homestead that has since caused such dramatic changes in save times.
  14. Talk about QoL? Try fixing things that have been broke forever, like beehives... It is not even funny anymore. Ten beehives spawning on top of each other, bust beehive and no queen bee. A long time ago I decided to tame some more bees, but spent the day putting up with that crap. After turning the game off in disgust, I went on to other things. This weekend I was bored with building, so I decided to tame something. I need another bee, so I decided to try my luck again. After spending the morning tracking down hives and busting through 100 "fake?" ones, I was able to obtain 3 beehives. After placing them and demolishing to get the queen (to upload), I was left with nothing. I am 10,000 hours into this game. I have witnessed so many veteran players turn sour and always shake my head wondering what caused it. Maybe it is the lack of care on the part of the devs? I know, I know.. they care..... about new maps, new subscriptions and the WOW! factor of new content. For the love of <insert your favorite god name here>, PLEASE PLEASE start fixing some of the crap that has been broken for AGES.
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