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  1. If we hide the post and get rid of the server number (since it was in the topic), then nobody knows that they let official servers stay down for hours without any notice. *sigh* The server was 932. I kinda understand now why so few of my friends play anymore. I just recently came back and was having the time of my life again, until now. Now I am super depressed and starting to remember.....
  2. I am guessing it is not just a reboot, but the official forum list of down servers is not showing it as down. Is it a case of "if we don't admit it, it is not down."?
  3. Got stuck between an alpha and 5 wyverns while getting milk. Lost nice lightning wyvern, full set of tek, 5 element, 298% damage xbow and various other things. Just another day on the ark ? The xbow is what I am most upset about. One of the last ones I had from gacha, before the nerf.
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