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  1. Talk about QoL? Try fixing things that have been broke forever, like beehives... It is not even funny anymore. Ten beehives spawning on top of each other, bust beehive and no queen bee. A long time ago I decided to tame some more bees, but spent the day putting up with that crap. After turning the game off in disgust, I went on to other things. This weekend I was bored with building, so I decided to tame something. I need another bee, so I decided to try my luck again. After spending the morning tracking down hives and busting through 100 "fake?" ones, I was able to obtain 3 beehives. After placing them and demolishing to get the queen (to upload), I was left with nothing. I am 10,000 hours into this game. I have witnessed so many veteran players turn sour and always shake my head wondering what caused it. Maybe it is the lack of care on the part of the devs? I know, I know.. they care..... about new maps, new subscriptions and the WOW! factor of new content. For the love of <insert your favorite god name here>, PLEASE PLEASE start fixing some of the crap that has been broken for AGES.
  2. It must be nice living in a fantasy world Easier said than done. Plus I have visited other servers looking around. It is not all roses and the grass is not always greener on the other side. If someone says there is an issue and it is one you are not currently aware of, it makes you look silly to say they are lying or that it is not the case.
  3. Wow, very petty of you @Joebl0w13 One should expect much more mature behavior from a moderator. I give your sarcastic reply that served no purpose a facepalm, so you have to do that to all of my posts. Wow, seriously... very petty of you.
  4. I logged in once to a corrupted rex chewing on a tribemates bed, with them in it. It had made it through the walls and was chewing away. I have a seriously bad habit of logging in and going afk. I will log in, go grab a drink, make a snack, talk on phone.... More than once I have come back to a dino in base. Almost lost a cloning machine last week, because a corrupt raptor was inside base, on cloner... just chewing away. Cloner had like 1k left. It just happened to be right outside of aggro range of velo. Now I have velo sitting in front of cloner. I also have mated velo in every corner of the base, a couple tiles from wall.
  5. Yep because I have had it happen logging off and logging on. No programming skill needed Since he did not see theriz in his base or dead bodies, had to have happened when he was logging off. No rocket science there bro.
  6. We need new Rag servers bad. Everyone wants to play them, but always at dino cap so can't. But that won't happen. I am guessing a new map that everyone will play on for a month or two and then it will be barren, like the others. Darn, I am sounding cynical... Stop me please.. I do not want to be one of "them".
  7. During the 15 minutes that it takes for ORP to activate, a theriz spawned inside your base and killed you and your babies. That is 100% what happened. Get turrets inside your base. Sucks, but if you are in a spawn area, it is the only way. This is a known issue that has been happening since the game launched. Nothing can be done about it. I know, there will be 20 couch programmers explaining how they would fix it.... There are always couch programmers waiting to explain that kind of stuff.
  8. Dude, come on.. I was trying for brownie points with the devs and you ruined it.
  9. I'll go ahead and be the voice of reason in this thread. Everyone wants 2x+ breeding, but can you really do it? All I envision is the forums full of people complaining because their server is already at cap most of the time. Add in 2x breeding and..... no newbie will be able to tame anything the entire time the event is active. All vets will be hatching tons of gigas, mosa, etc.. the harder stuff to raise... and in big batches. Don't believe me? You must be new then. That being said, I do all my raising on Extinction, so it won't bother me much. I am just thinking about the island and rag servers I play on. Nothing but constant whining about tame caps, during normal weekends. 2x breeding event weekends, you do not even want to have chat turned on for those servers.
  10. I agree and disagree. Every time I read it, I shake my head... since it is not some special event. Then I see someone complain that there is nothing special about it, but there is. It is double the normal, which is special.
  11. Browser, friends list and chat for me. Just close all 3 and open them back up and they are fine for a random amount of time. It can happen with just browser open or chat open. It is not specific to any one thing. Also can happen on the Wiki, YouTube, Reddit... At first I thought it may be something on the wiki page causing it, as that is what I mostly have open during gameplay, but then it happened on youtube and reddit.
  12. Anyone ever have their Steam overlay turn black? Fresh install of Windows 10, Steam and Ark and my overlay still goes black randomly. The friends list and web browser. I am just curious if anyone else has had this issue. Steam support is blaming Ark I guess, since they are saying it is not them and has to be a 3rd-party app. Considering no other apps were installed, just Ark... I am confused. I have been using Steam for years and have never had this problem, until around the time Homestead was released. I am NOT blaming Homestead, just giving a reference for around the time it started.
  13. I used to do this. Every character is unique. If you move your character to a different server, you can create one on your old server and it will not mess with your old character at all. I have a level 100 character floating around somewhere on some server, no idea where. After a couple of years of doing this, I just forgot where I moved it one day. I have went through steam history, but I jump so much for trades, that list is very long. I gave up and no longer do this.
  14. The one game out there that I like to compare ark with is Life is Feudal: Your Own. That game is so friggin awesome. I mean, damn... so friggin awesome. Anyone who plays Ark would LOVE that game, except it is empty. You may or may not run into an animal while out in the woods. If you are trying to tame an animal, there is no running around killing things to make a high level spawn...... its more like running around for hours just trying to find one. So sad.... very awesome game, but while you say Ark does not feel empty, you can point and say "Like that game" at LiF. Very, very good comparison.
  15. No need to apologize to him. They are well aware they shot themselves in the foot with that one. The fact you could not even lock containers for the first few weeks speaks volumes about the rest of the game. I mean, seriously? Locking containers is like, so friggin basic a concept in a multiplayer game. Seriously.... *shakes head*
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