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  1. Whoa, you're keeping the Crystal Wyverns? Any guesses as to whether they will ever be transferable?
  2. Perhaps they don't have much more to show, we've already seen nearly as many new creatures as there were in Extinction.
  3. That's what mods like Human NPCs are for Yeah, this mod reminds me of Sim Settlements mod for Fallout 4, I actually wondered if it wasn't the same author when I heard about it
  4. In a way I agree, she did create the player character, but only in a way. Due to her tampering the Ark's system creates Survivors that can respawn. I imagine what's happening in the trailer is something different. If Genesis is going to take place in a simulation running from Arat Prime then how do you expect we're going to get there? We're certainly not going to be riding a dino all the way from Extinction to the other side of the planet where Arat Prime is located.. no we're going to be digitized and teleported in the same way we have between the Arks. Much easier on the devs that way. A specimen is a sample of any material being experimented on, including rocks. So it doesn't have to be a lifeform. However the specimens being mentioned are undoubtedly the assorted lifeforms associated with the 'glorified patient monitoring.' The AI's previous job was looking after some sort of specimens for uncounted years between the Earth getting wrecked and us arriving from an Ark. I suspect this means that as well as facilities for running a simulation somewhat like those running on the Arks, Arat Prime must also have some systems similar to those the Arks use to create living creatures and store them in tubes, that's where the patient monitoring comes in. Perhaps prototypes for those found on the Arks. As to your last statements.. here's something to think about; All these characters leaving explorer notes everywhere have had memories, But the Player character? You are never given a backstory of any kind.. your first memory is waking up on The Island.
  5. You got this mixed up, and it changes the entire premise of the conversation on the pages afterwards. While LOG_TRANSMIT is indeed Helena, LOG_RECEIVE is not a person but an AI system, look at how the conversation proceeds. She starts an uplink to Arat Prime, she logs in and gets herself authorised with the command elevation, the AI runs through it's startup procedure with all the power core checks, and then Helena starts looking around in the system. *Helena* is the one that mentions the AI being a glorified patient monitor and proceeds to "teach it new tricks", note the way Helena speaks. She updates the AI's personality as seen in later messages when it responds to her more eloquently. Helena is not being changed, what she did here was begin the process to upgrade the Glorified Patient Monitor into an AI capable of creating the simulations that we're going to be playing through in Genesis. You can see with the later updates, Helena found a genetic sample and has the AI integrate it, it complains about personality traits messing with it's neural core. ""Specimen Simulation Mode: Cooperative Specimen Maintenance Protocol: Updated Host System Directive: Updated Resolution Schema: Updated AP Secure Connection Change Authorization 724EA9458ED40FBF Verified Ecological Conditions: Predictive Specimen Guardian Subsystem"" This is a breakdown of the simulation itself being created, the creatures they've spawned are cooperative, the directives of the simulations have been updated, the plan for what the simulation is suppose to train us for has been set, the environment is predictive to simulate what we might face in the 2nd coming DLC and the Guardian subsystem are the giant bosses we have to defeat. Later again the AI is inside the simulation but doing much better than the 'patient specimens' it used to monitor trying to survive the simulation. It's reporting back to Helena, testing the simulation before we get there, it's talking to her like a person.. is it possible this whole thing was Helena creating the mini-HLNA that will guide us through Genesis?
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