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    you could just keep your dinos inside a building till it gets fixed
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    Built another pitfall taming pen, this time near a Rex spawn. Went for a slightly more 'no frills' version with no out buildings or electricity etc. Just the pitfall pen, and some extra space to land a Quetzal and load up any Rex tames.
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    I love when people post about misfit tribes or problem servers like we’re magically supposed to know what platform they’re playing on let alone region, and better yet the tribe(s) in question’s influence/dominance.
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    Gasbag disable abilities until fixed Wild card unless you have a fix for the gas bag rolling out tonight, can you just disable its abilities until you do have a fix for it. I can’t see a reason why a temp hot fix hasn’t been done to prevent players from losing years of work.
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    The goods and bads of ARK (Happy Bday!) There are both many good and bad things with ARK. Where to start? ARK has many creative elements as well as interesting genres, themes, story, and scenery that make it one of the best games I've ever played, if not the best. The game takes 2 unlikely genre types, action-adventure and survival, and combines them into a thrilling adventure. In fact, the only other game I can think of that even comes CLOSE to matching ARK's beauty is Subnautica, and even that had just one map. The game does a fantastic job of combining mythical, prehistoric, and sci-fi themes, which are represented by the scenery, which, btw, is gorgeous with it's lighting and textures. The lore and story of ARK has an outright fascinating concept behind it, and the explorer notes not only introduce us to some interesting and relatable characters as well as an interesting story with some good morals, but the method of obtaining the notes is creative as it inspires the players to explore the game more. ARK has an amazing amount of huge, quality content-filled maps that sets the game apart from other games like Call of duty, where you can spend up to hundreds of dollars on cosmetics and small, simple maps. And yet, ARK does have some clear faults in presenting this story and content to us. Probably the biggest ones are, of course, lag and crashing. This problem alone has led to huge amounts of hate from some players, saying that the devs should fix lag/crashing. Sadly, lag and crashing is different from troodons, wild gigas, and titanosaurs, which can simply be nerfed or removed. It is, like Thanos, inevitable. Think of it this way: lag and crashing occurs less often in singleplayer, and for a good, simple reason. The game has to render stuff like the leaves on tress and the scales on dinos. This is easiest to do in singleplayer because the game just has to focus on the one player and the assets immediately surrounding it. This is why the creatures put next to each other in my brother's every-creature zoo in his ARK world look like low-res PS1 characters and still lag the game tremendously. In co-op singleplayer, there's a host barrier, as the device you're playing on would probably melt if it had to render stuff for both you and the other player if you were a good distance away from each other. Then there is the majority of lag/crashing cases, live servers. Think of servers as 40 co-op singleplayers, minus the host barrier. At the end of the day, these problems aren't caused by the devs putting in bad code, it's caused by the servers (what 90% of the players play on) not being able to account for the insane activities of every other distant player. Thankfully, the devs have made a decent effort in recent updates to make the game render more efficiently. In fact, I don't think my game has crashed once since Extinction was released. Finally, there are 3 smaller problems in ARK that many people may not have thought of. They are basically the reason I made those 2 game suggestion posts. They are: Spoilers: Some new players decide to start playing ARK because they are curious about the story. But because the ARK story is now "over" the devs felt it was okay to make the story more obvious, what with loading/menu screens and such. But by making the game's ending literally the first thing you see as soon as you boot up the game, you in turn ruin the mystery of the game and make the game feel more dated. By making it clear which maps contain spoilers for the story, and by making the truth about the ARKs less obvious from the get-go, you could reverse that. Reward<Work: One of the things I saw in reviews for ARK was that the actual reward for completing the ARKs, the cutscenes, did not outweigh the work needed to obtain it. And I can see where that comes from. Each ARK consists of fighting through the caves, obtaining the artifacts, fighting the bosses, reaching the final boss, killing THAT, and finally be met with ... a 30 second cutscene that doesn't even relate that much to the next ARK. One of the ARKs doesn't even HAVE an ascension. With the cutscenes I mentioned in my suggestion posts, you could at least attempt to make the ARK experience more exciting and rewarding after doing so much work to reach the endgame. They could also give the story... Story continuity: There's plenty of continuity in the explorer notes and the actual game, but little similarities between the two (i.e, king titan's scar, overseer arena terminal, extinction city being shaped like a bowl with small cluster of buildings in it). It's like the explorer notes and actual game were worked on by two different teams. Among other things. The cutscenes I proposed would give intro to our character, as well as the next ARK upon the completion of the current one. You could also try to either mend the explorer notes or adher the game more to the explorer notes. In conclusion, I'm not saying ARK is bad. It does need a little tweaking and polishing, but its still a great game, even in it's current state! (JUST) \/ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARK!!!
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    You'd be suprised how far Greenhouse Walls / ceilings go to add to a place.
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    The best event was the xTaming charity raising money for hospital. The colorful dinos, tho I love them, are kinda over done. Fall back on that to much and people will no longer see having a colored dino as important.
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    Hyena taming tip So I'm sure some people have heard of the vulture taming trick where you plop a tent over it where it can't fly off mid-tame and just tane from there, ta-da! But, this trick can actually be used to tame those sometimes-too-jumpy hyenas as well! Takes a bit to place it right, but have your Ghillie set on, and the tent in your hotbar, as it'll likely take a few tries to place it properly, and it's much faster to have it get picked up back into the hotbar. You'll want to be crouching the entire time, and once placed, the hyena can sometimes just walk up the back of, and out of the top of the tent. Just pick it up and try again. Once it's placed properly, you can usually just go around the back of the tent to see it's head sticking out the back and pet it until tame from there! It will rarely move, if it does, it's not hard to reposition yourself to keep petting it. To be safe, try to remain crouched while petting the hyena, don't want to spook it after all that effort to get it stuck!
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    Apparantly I didnt have the right to pick it up either. Dammit Ark I am tribe leader ! Had to demolish it and build it again a bit annoying. Love the base btw. Functional as always Aberration Today consisted of getting the megalo and spino breeding up and running. Uncryoed all the aberant spinos to find out they were all male, must have lost females somewhere down the line, so I had to go on the hunt for a wild female to tame. Cleared the river to force a high level to spawn. Settled on a 125 female. Rushed back to base and got a temporary trap down in one of the valleys next to the base. Rushed back to the spino and noticed it acting all weird, almost like it was torpored, but spino AI and dino AI in general is a bit weird at times. At which point the shout went out on chat 'dont kill it' as I attacked it to aggro it. Our neighbour had also spotted the 125 and was trying to tame it but he was having problems, it didnt stay in his trap. He lost sight of it but I spotted where it went and downed it in two darts before it did something stupid, like run off the cliff into the blue zone. Tamed it up and the pact was to share the spoils of the tame. So I mated it with my good male spino and shared out the eggs. Everyone was happy. Hatched a female spino with the good male stats and we have a breeding pair of aberrant spinos again. Stock pilled a bunch of ab spino and ab megalos eggs and put a selection into both my and d1nks personal fridges for rasing. Hatched up 2 spinos and 5 megalos to raise and imprint. 1 off the spinos will be a general use spino and the other will be the lead dino for the megalo squad. Finished up with a bit of featherlight breeding too. Want to get the blue colour I have from a wild tame into my current line to go with my gold and red birds, so I have a selection of 3 different colours.
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    I would have guessed Direwolf to be your favorite creature; not sure why.
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    So.. Nothing to us by supporting the Bu... Ark for 4 years? Bring back the dodowyvern/dodorex and the zobies!
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    Racism and bigotry is never normal. You have to be a sad and small person to base how you treat someone off their skin color and ethnicity. It is also against the Code of Conduct so you can submit a ticket with screenshots to report the behavior. Sadly, Wildcard has shown to mostly write hollow words concerning racism. As far as being wiped by bigger tribes without provocation, that is normal. You need to build small and hidden when starting out to possibly stand a chance.
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    We have been doing swamp cave on official with same setup for a long time. 1 Barry 100% imp.with about 7k hp rest in melee (about 800 now. Used to be less.) 124 saddle. 2 frogs 100% imp. 5k hp rest in melee(5-600 melee) 100+ saddles. We send the frogs in first then just follow with the Barry to clean up. With this setup swamp cave is easy and we never loose dinos.
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    Busy day yesterday. So, according to the server admin the 7x difficulty is a rotating event every other weekend. That's great news for taming. The bad news is it makes hunting for stats pointless 90% of the time. I'll have to spend my time wisely to make the most of it. This being an off weekend, I spent most of the day in base making some significant changes. I cryo'd up most of my animals, especially my breeders. Moving my hatchery area up onto what was previously my wyvern platform. One wyvern has since died and the other one is in the fridge, leaving Norothrax by himself, he doesn't seem to care though. Honestly I could pop one of the higher level eggs I picked up last week but I don't really need another wyvern right now so...yeah. The next one I hatch will be a max level, if anything. Anyway. One of the issues with my hatchery was having a separate generator that was constantly running out of gas because I always forgot to turn it off when I wasn't using it. First I widened the bridge across to my main base so animals can now comfortably traverse it. Then I ran my cabling from my base to the hatchery. Now everything runs from one generator. Can't wait to get a tek gen and remove all those unsightly (but hidden) wires but that's a long way off at this rate. I also finally built the rear corner of my base, turned it into a loft greenhouse. It's pretty small, just 4 plots, but I really shouldn't need more than that. I'll let my temporary plots keep producing until they run out of fertilizer and then remove them, they're right in front of the bridge. I took my theri over to the swamp and did a massive run on rare flowers. Got my payment for the manas sorted, plus enough for the promised rexes and more than enough for myself too. Managed to make 40 extraordinary kibble in preparation for next weekend. It sounds like a lot but it's not enough, not by far. Then I started breeding what I could. Side note, my spino grew up fine but my juvenile thorny dragon starved, not sure how that happened. I just have no luck at all with that line. First thing I bred was my argent, popped a female with all the stats I wanted, basically almost a clone of her mother. Imprinted it's going to have something like 900 base weight. Then I bred my mana pair, got a female, again with all the stats I wanted. Side note babies do still jet into the sky when born. Luckily it didn't fly off the cliff... My new friend also stopped by to pick up the flower and also to give me a female spino with the high HP roll so I can try to breed it into my lines. So I bred that and got...another 0 hp spino. Amazing. Every other stat I wanted transferred. I'll keep it though simply because I can pair it with my 0 speed male and work on dumping that useless 48 points from my line. I didn't have too much else on the docket but chatting about breeding and various past projects has me wanting to work on colors again. So I went out hunting argents with the aim of breeding a full white bird. Once I've got the colors I'll breed it with my stat females until I've got a full white utility bird. Only managed to get 2 birds before I got tired. Stocked up my troughs and logged for the night.
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    "immersion" is the wrong term for this case. a lot of guys would sacrifice "immersion" for more action so when you disable gamma via server settings, they'll just jump into their graphics controls, and you can't control it. so, as a server owner, you have to enable it for everyone for the sake of balance. think rust guys are having the same problem where you're supposed to use torches and flashlights and just sneak (whilst ark has more content to counter low-light situations) but people alter their gamma settings to get a few more shots. and it's not even a fully pvp problem. i know "rp" use it too, to avoid being stuck at base for 10-15min and wait for the daylight.
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    Dear devs, Please do not spend any time or resources fixing something that players can easily avoid in the first place. Thanks.
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    honestly i learned more about dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures from this game then i ever did school. i was in another game besidesark and someone was like "I need to find a gigantopithecus, what sort of monster is that?" so i was like "Giant monkey" and they were like "nerd"
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    "As you can see, the Pegomastix is a giant pain in the ass. See my linked video"
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    The irony of what you bring up is you actually showing evidence that supports my point and counters yours. Look at HOD gaming videos about ark. He is raiding for resources! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yB37UCkuTfA Looking for vaults of resources https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yl0pLN2vv4 Looking for purlovia full of resources https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn4mkeQ6UdA Video about getting the biggest LOOT stash from a raid How about more recent ones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hrr1nD3z7A Finding hidden stashes of loot. Again, this is a pvper YOU brought up. YOU brought him up to show he isn't looting for mats rather for lolz. And his recorded actions directly debunks your claims. You should vet your sources a little bit better.... If you think that is the definition of a well defended base then I now see you have no qualification to speak on the subject of pvp. This is exactly what I am talking about. You are not qualified to talk about pvp. You cover your eyes to your own observations so you can hold your opinion as wrong as it is. The plants were still grown and the base had a hole in the side of it. So the base wasn't foundation wiped rather breached with a surgical strike. The plants were still there thus they weren't drained. Draining turrets costs nothing. But they spent resources that have a real cost. Why? They did it because they wanted the heavy turret ammo. You can't loot it if the turrets shot it. They could have drained the turrets with a rock ele then foundation wiped the base with an arthro and cost them nothing. Then laughed at the victims all day long if that is what they were after. But it wasn't. They wanted loot... Once again you provide evidence thinking it supports your claims when it does the opposite.
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    To preserve Abberations uniqueness and balance, you can only transfer in dinos that have a native counterpart in Abberation, such as the desert titan and managarmr. Overpowered Island/Scorched dinos such as the Mammoth or Thorny Dragons can not be transferred to Aberration because of lore and balance reasons.
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    Other than just straight up trolling from the game. Really. They're not necessary. They're annoying and troll ai. There's no reason to constantly add dinos that troll or update dinos to troll. There's no way of avoiding them. They need removed
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    Make Default Dino Stance=Passive Ever tamed a dino then a random wolf bites you and you try to kill it but then your newly tamed sheep tries to help and kills itself? This has happened too many times with too many different types of dinos and it is beyond annoying, so just make dinos come out tamed/fully grown as passive so all that can be avoided.
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    I hate gigas I had a pt but this morning it died because of a giga (read the full story on Dododex). Anyway what should I do work on something else or tame another one. Would A different Dino be better?
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    Thanks for the advice. And I tried to make it follow me but it didn’t
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    WildCard Please read this You should add in a ammo distributer and item collector to the game. This is highly need for the game and I suggest you look at the S+ mod and haw there building system works i the game really needs this to progress and you need to continue to bring new things to the game . Doing will attract more players attention and further Ark Survival Evolved. Thank you for your time.
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