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  1. yes u can do both the bloodmother and monkey whit prim saddle sand 6 player,s jsut depends on the dino setup, dor bloodmother, breed some megatheriuns and ur good to do alpha and for monkey, pick some velos rided to does some serious dps and ofc, ALWAYS USE A YUTI TO BUFF UR DINOS, but whit ~25k/800 melee megasloth u can do Alpha bloodmother solo
  2. Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 28th of June at 1 PM EST until Monday the 1st of July at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers: The valguero included?
  3. So.. Nothing to us by supporting the Bu... Ark for 4 years? Bring back the dodowyvern/dodorex and the zobies!
  4. Yeah sure, the chocolates are neat and all, tammed a lot of slugs over lvl 230 whit less cakes (no sorry, same as if was 2x), but, the annoying PASSIVE tames keept on 1x, so no, wasint a really good event at all if u take on accout that the Chocollate was an EXTRA item (and really limited on ammount) used besides the 2x... so sorry, I'd trade the chocollates for a 2x taming anytime for some new cool collors... missed 2 phoenix to tame ( all over 60%, due 1x) due ppl comming over and lightinging they inside my traps by pure jealousy...
  5. Well, THAT is why they told they gonna SEE how things goes, also, if u are afraid of sum1 comming and raid ur base, theres always the PVE mode to play
  6. Every "ark server" whit an almost exclusive map (generated on generation, maybe via world seed) it seens
  7. Sure thing removing the lone pillars gonna fix the "ISSUE" whit players claiming lands, but, how abbout greenhorns killing almost every alpha spaw on the map? Castoroid spaws, spino spaws? Also when a server reach around 30~40 players, the dino spaw basically vanishes and they start to DE'SPAW to release resources to the massive number of player actions... Once I saw a PVE server running 3 hours whit 70 players, NO MEAT SOURCE anywhere... Hope we dint have the carnivores starve to death inside the bases.
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