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  1. Its iSO, android doesn't have that option yet
  2. did u knock the space whale out with cannon balls or the mek cannon
  3. If its happening on genesis, do the hunt for the Gold nuggets mission that is in the Arctic Can't remember what it's called but it does give you quite a bit of meat and hide
  4. Are both servers that you are trying to transfer between legacy
  5. Those cryo pods That are given automatically when your dyno is within a mission area that requires you to do the mission on foot And your dinos are automatically put into them are meant to be temporary they only have an hour of power and them you must take the dinos out of those temporary cryo pods or risk losing them Those cryopods are not meant to be kept
  6. Is your Genesis server set up to allow characters in
  7. magmas can destroy all building type, protect them with a tek forcefield
  8. there are magma pools that can be built around in the volcano biome
  9. Try a rock elemental saddle that u learn on Scorched Earth
  10. those dinos probably get teleported to 50Lat by 50 Lon
  11. Are you trying to tame a otter that's by the frozen Lake?
  12. Are your garden plots built on top of an ocean platform or cliff platforms right on top of the water
  13. Find someone who has a deino blueprint in the mean time
  14. The unofficial cluster I play on right now I think has been around for 2 and a 1/2 years
  15. Were u riding the dino or standing on any part of it when u were teleporting
  16. ur best bet if u might go away for a bit is to play on an unoffical that has reduced decay timers
  17. Its a decay timer for all or a decay timer for none system sadly
  18. servers save themselves every so often so roll backs happen because when a server crashes and then starts back up, it has to load the last save that it made so you might lose some progress because of this
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