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  1. magmasaurs are much better at getting metal
  2. parcer with plat saddle + tek forcefield
  3. Did the tribe that was doing the element vein go up to the main center vein at the beginning, hold 'E' on it and select 'Claim' before doing the vein protection?
  4. sounds like you were killed by the anti meshing measures that were put into the game
  5. its probably because u can take things off crystal islands but you can't bring things into crystal isles yet
  6. PVE or PVP server? offical or unoffical server?
  7. it will most likely be character in only for a while like most maps have been in the beginning
  8. dire polar bears will have those issues the ice wyverns on Valguero have been fixed to transfer to other maps
  9. NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-SmallTribes41 is this the one u mean @rhymingreason
  10. File a ticket and wait is the only way
  11. you need to upgrade to at least 16GB of ram btw
  12. You have to be there to render it in almost immediately after it is tamed otherwise the game registers at as 0 hours 0 minutes left until it autodecays
  13. If this was on a unofficial server you will have to talk to the admin of that server
  14. Its iSO, android doesn't have that option yet
  15. did u knock the space whale out with cannon balls or the mek cannon
  16. If its happening on genesis, do the hunt for the Gold nuggets mission that is in the Arctic Can't remember what it's called but it does give you quite a bit of meat and hide
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