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  1. Tapajara and Quetzal need some TLC. Both have been made more redundant by other creatures or game features like the ease of podding something instead of transporting it. The Tapa has some cool movement capabilities but those are now available in other creatures.
  2. Thanks! Yea, it works great. You can get them to aggro on your wyvern (though I usually carry a trike to tempt them), then lead them through the gate into the pitfall trap, as you land on the elevated platform. You can stand on the elevated platform just out of Giga reach and knock them out. Then walk down the ramp and straight into the pen with them.
  3. Private dedicated server. We're running a few mods, including Classic Flyers & the Griffin mod.
  4. I use my Quetzal frequently. I got him pumped up on speed and tend to use it mostly for project support like building, or recovering dino's & other things stuck in the air. The big advantage it has is that you can easily dismount mid-air and move around it's platform, using it as a shooting platform etc. It's also a great & fun challenge taming them in mid-air. Example... used him to help build my Giga pitfall & taming trap below.
  5. This works great. I've done it many times.
  6. If you do this and the tame is aggro'd, you can take a risk in moving out of render range then back again. It will lose aggro. The risk is that if it's moving around a lot while aggro'd, it can possibly escape the trap as you move out of render range and back.
  7. It's been said, but 'taming pen'. I usually use pitfall traps I lead them into, and then you have the option afterward of killing the dino (if crap) or taming it. My 'elite' version of the trap uses a wall around the trap area so I can close a door afterward and then tame the trapped dino undisturbed.
  8. DeHammer


    One possibility might be a roll back to an earlier back up of the game. Again, you'd have to talk to the server admins.
  9. There is no 'Best Overall' creature as what's best is relative to your level, creature availability, circumstance (map, environment, early game/late game), and needs. I'd argue Wyvern is one of the most well rounded creatures. Around 5000 hrs of game play under my belt.
  10. Like telling a noobie on here that he might be able to tame an Alpha Carno by hand feeding it berries? Guity as charged.
  11. Fast isn't always an advantage. I've discovered a lot of cool stuff because I was flying over on a wyvern. If I was on a Mana I probbaly would have gone right on by. Though I do really like Manas and took the time to breed a great line of red colored ones.
  12. It gets surprisingly easy once you figure out how to stagger their follow distances for getting through doorways, etc. Also, how to open doors the proper way to get them all through in one try. Watching them buzz through three Brotos in seconds is pretty fun. My fav is taking out Alpha Rexes with them. Battling wyverns is a bit trickier because of the way wyverns circle about in combat, but... I figured out the trick for that too.
  13. Not quite sure how you are defining 'best' but I really enjoyed learning to do mid-air Quetzal taming. And they are pretty useful before you get access to a transmitter.
  14. Best single 'all arounder'... wyvern. But I like the desmodus in small pack for caving. I will say though the funnest is a pack of 25 or so pteranodons. They rip through stuff so fast. But of course they don't count as a non-Island creature.
  15. The funnest part is caging & tormenting them. We once caged a salty tribe member on a barge floating out in the middle of the Rag ocean. When he got too salty about the whole thing we simply detonated the C4 we had planted all over the barge. It was magnificent.
  16. This is one of the big advantages of playing on private servers. You can set things up so you can simply make a copy of the file containing your transmitter items. If you lose them, then you can just drop a copy of the file back in place and they are all there again. At that point, the only risk is during upload, because uploads aren't saved immediately to the file. So a crash during upload can still result in loss.
  17. I have no issues with them, but I'm not playing on official servers. Pod them up when you have to leave? Finish them later.
  18. There's a number of annoying taming processes... for me the Megachelon was super annoying when I tried it. I'll take Giga taming any day over that.
  19. Desmodus. I usually ride one and bring three wingmen. I won't use anything else if I have the option.
  20. If you're on a private server you can mod it for Griffins to be breedable.
  21. My personal preference is to play solo on a non-dedicated server. Way better functionality and greater capacity to apply customizations IMO. When not running time still stands still as per single player mode. Also, I like to load tames and special equipment into the transmitter then save the local profile txt file in it's own sub-folder on my personal game archive. If I ever want those dinos or items, I just drop a copy of the file over the current one. and the stuff is in my transmitter.
  22. Yea, removal of first person would be a major disappointment if they do go that way. Taking away the option to switch views would directly impact the popularity of the game.
  23. I disagree with the idea that playing Ark can't help you prepare for Ark 2. I suspect the Wildcard team is quite pleased with the history of Ark and how popular it's been with players. I don't think they will mess with the 'recipe' much for Ark 2. I think Ark 2 will represent a lot of fundamental game development changes in the way they implement the game, but I suspect they want Ark 2 to be as popular as Ark + meaningful improvements. So they are very likely going to keep what they know works, and just build it differently. We might see more procedural stuff since that's been a bit of a trend that's caught on and seems to make a difference in how 'load heavy' the game software is. But I'm just guessing.
  24. Private servers often use mods, and you may not have them installed. This takes time. Sometimes you'll see a message that says installing a mod. I've noticed this a lot if ever a mod is updated and your game has to first install the mod update.
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