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  1. We found the same thing when our server had a similar issue. We had dino's uploaded when we clustered our servers. The dino's vanished but the counter showed they were still occupying spaces. example: 20/20. At someone's suggestion here (maybe yours?) I fired up a non-dedicated session and checked the obelisk. Sure enough, they were there. When we de-clustered the servers, the dinos showed up again, and we were able to download them. So you can actually transfer dinos between non-dedicated server sessions and non-clustered, hosted server sessions. Once servers are clustered, its a no-go.
  2. Nope and nope. That's an old post you replied to. Since that time I've tamed many a Quetzal. The easiest tames were simply grounding one on a hill or chasing one into a cliff side, then gating/KOing. Second easiest, but most exciting was Quetzal trap in mid-air. The Snow Owl method was mentioned in previous posts and will now probably be the easiest method. I haven't tried it yet, but it's been discussed in several other threads as well.
  3. When you build a raft, before you deploy it, its an item... so I would say it should be up-loadable as an item in that form.
  4. YOU'RE PLAYING ON THE WRONG SERVERS. Try playing on a friendly unofficial PVE server and nearly all your dreams will come true. If you buy a pair of shoes because someone recommended them, but don't find the size that's the right fit for you, then you will be disappointed. Same with Ark. It's a great game if you take the time to find the right server to play on.
  5. Can you recreate the circumstance at the time of upload, then download (go back to same map, with mod installed, etc)?
  6. Once you get a mutation, are you putting it aside, and not breeding with it? In other words, are you certain that they are brand new instances of mutations you're dealing with not just babies inheriting the same mutation?
  7. They aren't frequent, but a sand storm in the desert on Ragnarok can be pretty nasty. I bet they're even worse in SE. Based on what I've been told by other players, the weather on SE poses a real challenge to survival. For the most part the weather is pretty easy to ignore on the maps I've tried. Though on Extinction they there can be meteor showers. That's one shower you don't want.
  8. If its such a bad game why is one of the top ten games on Steam? You need to try a different approach. Try PVE on a private server, or run your own non-dedicated server session.
  9. Personally, I think the name 'Genesis' implies that all will be revealed in terms of the overall story arc of Ark. The story is sort unfolding backwards, so the end of the journey is the beginning - Genesis.
  10. It's nice to see someone else recognizes that the Mana has its limitations. Personally, I'll take a wyvern any day of the week in PVE. Not that I don't think it has its place, but some people seem to think its all you need.
  11. Yea, that sounds intriguing. I have to try that out. Thanks!
  12. That's a very interesting idea. It makes me wonder if a person couldn't also use a Snow Owl combined with a Quetzal platform/trap in some interesting ways. Since the Tek Quetzals damage kind of easily, it might also be useful during the KO process as well, if someone wanted to heal damage or reset the tame. I might have to experiment with that idea some.
  13. Yea, excellent point. Also, on my Quetzal trap builds I found that the platform tends to lean forward when mid-air taming, so I use walls & door frames between the cage and the driving position. The unconscious Quetzals tend to slide forward against the walls. In the image below you can see the slight lean forward as well as the fact that the walls do indeed block the Quetzal's unconscious body from falling out.
  14. Also, if you have a Quetzal already, Quetzals can be chased into the side of a mountain or canyon and be dropped onto a Quetzal platform, like I'm doing in the image below with a Tapejara. We did the same for a Quetzal once that we tamed for tribemate.
  15. If you have access to a Quetzal already, it's far easier not to worry about 'kiting' a Quetzal and just bring the trap to them. The main thing to be aware of is that the trap only becomes solid once you dismount the Quetzal you're riding. So no need to build the trap with an entrance or exit. Just build a suitable cage and maneauver your Quetzal trap so that the wild Quetzal is inside it, then dismount quickly. Trapped! The Queztal pictured below was a lvl 180 Tek Queztal I mid-air tamed over Viking Bay. Probbaly the most exciting Quetzal tame I've done.
  16. That's the easiest solo shooting method. Not the easiest method over all, and not the easiest shooting method. Easiest shooting method is multiple people shooting from a Quetzal platform. Shooting moving wild Quetzals is difficult as they have terrible hit recognition. 90% of the time that it looks like you hit them, you haven't. Since their torpor drops quickly, it makes for a lousy way to get a Quetzal.
  17. I would agree with somewhat situational, but not as situational as you might expect. On Ragnarok there are always Quetzals flying around the mountain areas. In fact, its very common to find them already trapped by trees, cliffs, hills, and large rocks. Like I said, I've tamed a lot of Quetzals, including mid-air traps. You might have missed this... I actually caused the Queztal in those images to fly low to the ground simply by blocking its ability to climb with the hill. It wasn't difficult, I just had to keep the Tapejara flying over it for a few minutes before it turned toward the hill. Regardless, the easiest way to trap them is a stone gateway placed in their flight path. Second is the mid-air Quetzal trap. The advantage of these is far easier solo tame. Thanks to their terrible hit box, shooting them is far more difficult & expensive than any of the traps, and takes the longest. Easiest shooting method is to use biotoxin shocking darts, with multiple people working together. You can take your chances with where they fall, or drop them onto a foundation on the back of another Quetzal (tricky unless they are already stuck flying against something).
  18. I've tamed Quetzals a lot of different ways now... by far the easiest... go to a mountainous area, such as around the redwoods or snowy areas, on Ragnarok. Locate a Quetzal that is flying in the direction of the incline. Place a Tapejara or other flyer over it, preventing it from climbing with the hill. Then as the ground comes up underneath the Quetzal, drop stone gateways around its neck. Then once its flying against the gateway, box it in with other gateways.
  19. Nope. Quetzals aren't affected by rare flowers.
  20. DeHammer


    @overborgReason for the facepalm reaction?
  21. Since I'm not a player of either Zelda or Destiny, HLN-A reminded me a bit of Sparx from the Sypro the Dragon series. Though there's no resemblance and Sparx was more functional than HLN-A is (at this point - hopefully HLN-A will become more helpful). Interestingly, Sparx is about as old as Navi. I'd like to see HLN-A become a bit of an 'early warning system' for incoming attacks. Also, would be nice if they can find the right balance between keeping her out of your line of sight and also being available when needed for interactions. A few times I've been trying to see wild dinos and HLN-A has been floating right where I need to see.
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