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  1. No. Putting items into an obi to remove them from the map is exactly what the obi and transmitter are intended for. Period.The devs could easily enforce whatever limitations they wanted. For instance not being able to transfer trophy items.
  2. Using game mechanics as intended is not an exploit. Period. An exploit involves using game mechanics in a way that isn't intended. Uploading stuff into an obi or transmitter temporarily removes the items from the map; that's all intended functionality.
  3. Herbivore Island is a pretty nice place to start. I like the base I've created on the backside of the island. Built a sizable castle/fortress, breeding area and barn, plus water pen. Lots of stone, wood/thatch, metal & food. Nothing aggressive. Easy to trap megs & basi. Brief pteradon flight away from other more interesting places. (PVE)
  4. On our 'The Island' server, where we have closer to official settings, I set the ptera I ride to 'passive' so it will always stay where I park it, allowing me to jump on and get away quick. I also set it to ignore whistle commands. Then I fly with a squadron of pteras as 'wingmen', set to neutral, which I will whistle to 'aggressive' as needed, then back to neutral again. It works fantastically. You can just about demolish anything with a good pack of pteras at your side. Depending on circumstances, my 'wingmen' are either whistled to follow me, or my ride. The key is to use the whistle changes carefully, being thoughtful of position to target, and not letting them continue wandering away on aggressive. A quick whistle to passive will get them to all fly back to you, even if in the middle of a fight. Think of pteras as like bees. Not individually strong, but powerful as a group. They lay out good damage quickly as a group.
  5. Up until recently, you still had to have the Tek Replicator to make them (and the cryo-fridge), which means you had to complete a Boss fight that granted the Tek Replicator engram. That may have changed? I think I recall someone saying you could now craft them in the obelisks? Anyone know if that's true?
  6. On Rag, for the quantities of cementing paste I needed, raiding beaver dams was not an option. I could crank out my own cementing paste in way bigger quantities. But that also meant I needed a lot of chitin. Best place to get chitin on Rag = mantis'. So just as a by product of slaying many mantis on a wyvern for chitin, I had a dozen fridges full of organic poly, and was dumping the excess in the street. With S+ running, you can keep the poly good in a fridge for a long time by adding preserving salt.
  7. After listing the top harvesters as beign 'chainsaw' & 'pelagornis' (among others), the Ark Gamepedia page says this... "Moschops is actually better if used with high Harvesting Points into organic polymer." So Moschops, but conditionally.
  8. We recently fired up a new iteration of 'The Island' map, without all of the boosted settings... back to basics. We've since adjusted a few things slightly, but generally we wanted a more challenging server to play on. We also decided 'no transfers in'. Brand new survivors only, no transferred dinos or equipment, etc. After a few weeks I'm around level 73 with a pretty nice base on 'Herbivore Island'. We just completed our water base / pen, in addition to converting the bay into a water base. Today we managed to capture a lvl 1 Alpha Leedsichthys. Initially we tried to lure it in with rafts, but in the end, it was way easier just to agro it on one of our megs and lead it into the trap.
  9. The irony is, he's essentially agreeing with the people who cry about the game being ruined after being raided. They basically say exactly the same thing, that other players ruined it for them. 'Man up' cry babies of all sorts.
  10. Unofficial is the way to go, regardless of whether PvP or PvE. But 'fun' is so subjective. Some people prefer the 'fun' of a fresh start with lots of challenges. Others aren't having fun unless they can ride a wyvern into battle on their first day.
  11. This thread kind of sounds like someone discussing the results of a physical examination with their doctor.
  12. Whatever changes could be made to improve defense, would also likely be exploited and used against you. Defense is always tougher as your strengths & weaknesses tend to be static, where as a determined attacker can always adapt to leverage new exploits against you.
  13. OP: I'm guessing you mean a server where the tribe member # are super small, basically each tribe would be two people max, but you could still have tons of people playing on the server?
  14. You don't need to be admin, but the server does have to be configured to allow transfers (edit: and not be clustered). It's set to allow transfers by default. If transfers are allowed, simply upload a Dino from the server you play on. Then leave the game and fire up your own non-dedicated hosted session. Go to an obelisk and download your Dino. Then you can run a backup locally of your game files and store them on separate discs for safe keeping. While your Dino is uploaded, you can also backup the file where uploaded Dino's are saved locally. I should add that if the private server you want to transfer from is clustered, it won't work. Need's to be unclustered private server.
  15. Have you tried increasing the number of AC units, or tried using the heat method (20 x torches + couple of camp fires)?
  16. Once when I was feeling overwhelmed with Dinos, I thought it would be funny to plant signs around other player's bases that advertised "DeHammer's Dino Emporium". "You need a stone bashing dino but have bad credit? Need a Doe, but have no dough? No problem! Come on down to DeHammer's Dino Emporium where we have new & used Dinos of all sorts. Come on down and 'dicur' with us for your 'Doe'." It got a few chuckles.
  17. If you haven't played Ark PVE on a private server, alone or with friends, you've missed the best Ark has to offer. I have several characters going on private dedicated servers now, and I also have several going on local non-dedicated private secured sessions. One of the many great things I've discovered about private servers, along with being able to tweak settings, etc, is that you can transfer items & Dinos from a private hosted (dedicated) server into a local non-dedicated game for 'archival' purposes. At any point, I can 'resurrect' any of my dinos or breeding lines that have been 'archived' and bring them forward into a new map.
  18. Join or host a private server. It's the best way to experience Ark.
  19. It's still a bit of challenge to breed Gigas on your own, but I play on a private server with somewhat boosted settings, so nothing like the challenge of breeding Gigas on the official servers. That particular mutation was a bit of a fluke as I got when I first started trying. The odds of nice color mutation on top of Melee Damage mutation (which is the only stat mutation worth getting for a Giga) is quite low. I still have do it all on my own, taming, breeding, etc. Gigas on any server are still a hell of a lot of work.
  20. My personal favorite Griffin color mutation.
  21. I'm not going to say this is 'the best' mutation, but its one Giga mutation I quite liked. Lime green full body color mutation + Melee Damage mutation.
  22. Tamed Gigas are very nerfed, and there's very little difference between a lvl 30 wild Giga and a lvl 150 wild Giga.
  23. Server roll back or offline for a time?
  24. Two words. Baby sitter. Even just to keep things in render.
  25. We've since done the same with one of our two servers, just the other day, so we could run a more conservative 'survival' game of Ark on 'The Island' map. It's kind of refreshing to go back to the basics, grinding everything out the hard way with no mods and no transferred items or dinos. Just tamed a lvl 150 ptera and its cool because that's a big deal again. I'm protecting it with my life.
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